By: Bradley Loves


At this point in the series, I am at a cross-road so to speak.  I could go much, much deeper into the German Origins of Magic and Sex Magic (the western version brought over from the east) – and how the Secret Societies in Europe of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s were desperately “spreading” these newly “rediscovered” human powers among their initiates and literally creating countless “magicians”…

Or, I could presume that my readers have understood how deeply this behavior has impacted our entire world right up to the present day!

I could presume that my readers really “get” that WHERE WE ARE NOW TODAY…,  truly began in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s with people who decided to throw away their traditional Christian Values and Faith, and instead started seeking council with OUT OF BODY ENTITIES!

Instead of staying true to the “teachings” of Christ – they moved back to the “teachings” of  MAGIC and “unknown” entities who claimed to be willing to help them.

Has my point been made?

Ultimately, I think you will find it interesting that even though Himmler was indeed using MAGIC to fight the second world war on the Astral Level, the NAZI’s ended up arresting and closing down any unrelated Secret Societies and groups which did not serve the greater German plan.

However, once the National Socialists began to crack down on the occult groups operating in Germany and the occupied territories, the Golden Dawn – under the German version of its name, Hermetische Orden der Goldene Diimmerung – was included on the list, along with Crowley’s A…A…, and Reuss’s OTO.
The Occult Reich was nothing if not thorough; thorough … and paranoid.
The list of banned societies was probably compiled by one Dr. Gregor Schwartz-Bostunitsch, a self-proclaimed authority on occult societies who entertained a consuming hatred for Freemasonry, Theosophy, and Anthroposophy, and who once counted a youthful Adolf Eichmann among his pupils.

It was probably for this reason that Himmler’s SS Magicians and their activities at Wewelsburg Castle were kept strictly secretive, since most Secret Societies involved in “magic” in Germany were being disbanded or placed under total NAZI control!

Perhaps it was Himmler who discovered just how powerful “magic” could be, and wanted it reserved as a weapon for the ELITE!

Or, it could have been that the European Aristocrats (of which Himmler was a part) wanted to control the more powerful forms of ASTRAL MAGIC – and the ability to manipulate actual time and space with VORTEXES and PORTALS – while allowing men like Crowley and others to spread the far less potent and baser form of SEX MAGIC into the public consciousness.

This type of magic, which although seemingly effective, has very temporary effects only!  And, this was even confirmed by Aleister Crowley himself!

Almost all of the Luciferian/Satanic leaning men and women in Hollywood are into this “lessor” form of MAGIC, which just like any other “drug” gives the user a temporary effect or benefit, but then another “fix” is always needed to “get more of whatever they are looking for.”

And so, just like the great radio commentator Paul Harvey used to say:



Hollywood has always been about a “deviant” or “base” form of Dark Magic!

Why was Hollywood even given such a name?  Are not all “magic wands” made from the wood of the Holly Tree, or Holly-wood?

Planned far back in time, Hollywood was always going to represent MAGIC to the masses, albeit a deviant form of magic of a fleeting and temporary nature!  And certainly NOTHING on the order of what Himmler and his SS Magicians were doing at Wewelsburg!

Now, I was informed that NASA, and those who work at JPL – are also “MAGICIANS”.  These men and women (who learned magic from the high level Nazi’s who came over in operation Paper Clip) are most likely working with the HIGHER and more potent form of ASTRAL MAGIC!

It is very likely that they also are working with VORTEX and PORTAL MAGIC, just like Himmler was – and are using that knowledge to manipulate TIME and SPACE to their advantage!

It is almost certain that this (among other things) is what CERN is up to, and that it is creating ways to manipulate both TIME and SPACE, while even possibly opening up PORTALS or GATEWAYS to other dimensions!

And…, it all started back in late 1800 Germany…, with Secret Societies who wanted to return to the “old” ways of MAGIC!

Are we as a species “better off” today as a result?


The love of Christ within man for his “brother” has almost certainly been extinguished!  (Again)

No one cares for their fellow man any longer, and all anyone seeks is MORE POWER so that they can use it to “get ahead” of everyone else!

This seeking of MAGIC has led our world back to the brink of GLOBAL DESTRUCTION – just as it was in the days of Ancient India!



There are certain “counties” in India where there is a high level of radiation!  This is not natural radiation, but radiation that is a result of a NUCLEAR WAR!

All governments are “very aware” that a Nuclear War was fought in India more than 5,000 years ago!  All of the proof they need is in the radiation levels, and they are fairly sure they know exactly when the war was fought!

The VATICAN of course knows all of this, because they have ALL of the records from the Library at Alexandria!

But WHY are they not telling us?

Perhaps, (at one time) some in the Vatican thought to “protect” mankind from itself and possibly another Nuclear War?

However, I doubt this is the case today.  It is clear that BLACK MAGIC and the worship of the BLACK SUN has crept into those who populate the VATICAN. They worship LUCIFER now, and thus care little for Christ or any of his “teachings” of Love and Compassion!

If the Pope and the Vatican cared the least about humanity…, they would release ALL hidden information and technologies, and try to put the world right once more.

Since they do not do this, then it is CLEAR they have no intention of ever helping mankind, and are suspects in the PLAN of the Globalists to depopulate the entire planet down to it’s goal of 500,000,000.

More will be coming…


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