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Clearly the DARK MAGICIANS that HIMMLER was involved with before and after World War II have NOT gone away!

(Something I just said in the repost of the LONG GAME)

This is the brand new NATO Building located in Brussels, Belgium!  And according to the picture below, brings back to the “front” the SS – Symbolism of the NAZI’s.

And, what is it that Himmler himself said about the duty of “every” high level SS – Initiate?

The action on the magical world of the “astral level” is the true task of high SS initiates, Hyperborean Magicians!

And so now, apparently even the leaders of NATO are taking up the cause of high level SS- Initiates, because their very building tells us that they are!

(Q-Anon has said:  Symbolism will be their downfall)



The worshipers of the Black Sun are still very active in our World, and you can see their SYMBOLS everywhere!

Ben Fulford, former Editor for FORBES MAGAZINE has said on several occasions that they are alive and well, and operating daily in our world.

This article linked below, written by Justin Deschamps (Of Stillness In the Storm) is a very good beginning look at the worshipers of the BLACK SUN!

Note: I always give credit where credit is due, and even though I hardly agree with everything that Justin writes about (because he is still so young, and can be so easily conned at times) – this piece of his is really WELL WRITTEN.  (Please read it).

The only part of this piece that I take exception with is where it says that the DARK ENTITY has left our reality (bringing to memory countless fake and false channeled messages about such false things) by using the Norway Spiral as it’s means of transportation!

This is utter NONSENSE!    Below is that quote.

However, an incredibly powerful light-force entity confronted this black sun and threatened to delete the entire universe into zero and one of black and white unless it backed off. That is because the forces of darkness were getting so strong they threatened the entire structure of the universe. The entity backed off and fled this universe. This was seen as the Norway spiral event.

Here’s the truth of the matter…., when this ENTITY finally leaves our reality…, YOU will know it!  Everyone living on Earth with “FEEL IT”

This means EVERYONE!

(Not just a few Channelers).

No one will have to tell you that it has happened!

Here are some notable quotes from Justin’s article:

According to Mark Passio, the Black Sun represents the dark Lucifer archetype. Lucifer is known as the light-bearer in occultism, the personification of the bringer of truth, wisdom, and knowledge.

….And the dark elite of this world have used various occult rites to make contact with negative forces who gave them knowledge of how to enslave humanity with expert skill.

The Jesuits, in particular, devised several cruel methods of using child human sacrifice to create a heavily traumatized soul that would become a tool for the necromancers once the mortal coil had been shed. Using these specters as emissaries of darkness, insidious groups received intelligence from their dark overlords.

According to some sources, there were legions of ghosts created over the centuries that fell victim to the dark occultists, who use them like etheric spies and mercenaries. Papal Bulls is one example of a Satanic rite that is intended to bind a soul of a child to a dark purpose.

Now some of you may be wondering…, WHY, (if Himmler actually blamed Christianity for the Defeat of the Third Reich), would the Jesuits be worshiping the Black Sun?

The fact is that Himmler did NOT blame the Catholic Church for the destruction of the Third Reich – for you can easily see from all of the pictures available from that era that the church leaders were avid supporters of both Hitler and of the Third Reich (being worshipers of the Black Sun themselves.)

Apparently for thousands of years this entity has given enormous power and wealth to a select few in exchange for having them feed it human and animal sacrifices. This is what I call the Satan worshiping Khazarian mafia. – Fulford

No, Himmler instead blamed the “GOD” Jehova (which the Catholic Church leadership does NOT pray to or worship) as the responsible entity for the defeat of the NAZI’s Third Reich.

He blamed an “Unseen Force”  (and Jehova) for their ultimate defeat!

The time of the world favors (Jehova), and so, Jehova took terrain on all of the planes that act on material reality, and then give it form.


Now…, in case you haven’t figured this out…, this is where all of the pedophilia, ritual rape, ritual torture, and the actual “sacrifice” of young children comes in!

This DEMONIC BLACK SUN ENTITY feeds on this energy! 

It loves and craves this energy! 

And, in return for this energy, “IT” promises to give anyone who is willing to provide it (the world’s Royals and Elites) GREAT POWER, WEALTH, STATUS, and EASE OF LIFE!

This “energy” is transported into the higher realms MAGICALLY! 

This is what DARK MAGICIANS get up to…, and this is the very reason why their “societies” are completely secret in the first place!

Remember that this Symbol represented the Thule

And that this one represents the Ahnenerbe

Well WHAT does this “symbol” represent?


You people have “GOT” to start understanding that this is ALL ABOUT MAGIC!

These people use innocent children in sacrifice in order to GAIN POWER!

(The ROYALS do not want the common rabble to know HOW  it is that they are getting their power!)

Adolf Hitler was NOT a commoner, but in fact was a ROTHSCHILD!

As I wrote earlier…, the NAZI Party was not a “workers” party, but was in fact created by EUROPEAN ROYALS as a way to put down any revolt of the common man whom they considered SLAVES!

I am now going to place important “homework” links at the end of this article (tons of reading) which will show you that not only were the Germans deeply into MAGIC during the 1900’s (and well before that)…, it will also show that Helana Blavatsky (founder of the NEW AGE) played a huge role in forming the opinions of many of the “SECRET SOCIETIES” of 19th and 20th century, (including the THULE) all of which were filled with MAGICIANS…, and so she therefore was quite responsible for the rise of the NAZI’S!

Naturally, it stands to reason this would be the case, because she “hung out” with people who “hung out” with the EUROPEAN ROYALS and ELITES!  (Worshipers of the Black Sun).

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