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This post is especially important – read it carefully!



Alchemy, in is simplest terms, is the “transmutation” of energy from ONE FORM, into another.

  • Why are all of the great “MAGICIANS” also great Alchemists?
  • Why is Alchemy such an “important” tool to a Magician?
  • Is there such a thing as “DARK ALCHEMY“?


In the “casting” of Spells (especially Dark Spells)…, great ENERGY is required. Dark Spell casters rarely use their “OWN” energy, because that makes them weaker. Dark Spell casters only seek to GAIN in power and strength.

Acting like Pirates and Parasites…, Dark Spell Casters use the energy of OTHERS to perform their dark magic.

  • Where does that energy come from?
  • What “KIND” of energy is the best?
  • If the energy is not usable in it’s current form, then how can it be changed into a “different” form?
  • What “kind” of energy is the most “transmutable“!
  • WHAT kind of energy is the best energy when doing DARK MAGIC or BLACK MAGIC?


A “Chakra” is a spinning wheel of energy located on the human body on the “Astral Level”.  Numbering seven in total, they can be seen on the Astral Level, but “felt” on the physical level! 

If they are “out of balance” anyone can FEEL the energy wheel as it rotates!

The “lowest” energy wheel on the body, or the lowest chakra is the “base” Chakra!

  • Where is that Chakra located?
  • What part of the human anatomy is associated with the base chakra?
  • What would you have to do to the human body to have any kind of real  affect on the base chakra?


Children have the BEST ENERGY by far – Aliester Crowley

ONE plus ONE = TWO

Now do you get it?

Why use CHILDREN???

Re-read the above statement!



For every “SPELL” of any consequence – You “need” a POWER SOURCE!

Do you think that the “SS” Magicians working under Heinrich Himmler, and meeting at Wewelsburg Castle knew this?

Do you think that Alister Crowley knew this?

Do you think that L. Ron. Hubbard knew this?

Do you think that Walt Disney knew this?


Do you think that all of the Hollywood Casting Directors who are Satanists, and are using children – know this?

This video below documents many of the “subliminals” placed inside of Disney Movies for Children!!




Do you think that Marina Abromovich knows this?

Do you think that James Alefantis knows this?

Do you think that Tony Podesta knows this?

Do you think that John Podesta and Seven Colbert know this?

Do you think that Hillary Clinton knows this?


Do you suppose the CATHOLIC CHURCH knows this?


Even Homer Simpson knows this for crying out loud!

The only people who DON’T apparently know this…, are the so-called NEW AGERS who are collectively making the outlandish “claim” to be deeply into “Alchemy” and  “Magic”…, and yet know NOTHING about Alchemy and Magic!



Get a “grip people…, this is what ALCHEMY IS!  

Alchemy is the “transmutation” of energy from one form to another!


How many people out there in New Age land are currently CLAIMING to be “light-workers” and are currently CLAIMING they are working with the “ENERGIES”  and yet don’t even know the first thing about ALCHEMY?

How many people claiming to be LIGHT-WORKERS or ALCHEMISTS even know who Hermes Trismegistus is?

But since they NEVER actually READ A BOOK…, and they usually only go to CHANNELING SESSIONS…, they really don’t know SQUAT….Do they?



Lets say that you and your Luciferian friends had discovered the SECRETS of the UNIVERSE.   (By reading all of the stolen texts taken from the Ancient Library of Alexandria – and now hidden under the VATICAN)

Let’s also say that you’ve learned REAL MAGIC that could make you young again, bring you anything that you wanted on Earth, and how to make your life really GREAT.

But there was only one big problem.

The only way this power works is to take it (STEAL IT) from others…, and then use it on the Astral Level to benefit only YOU and not those you stole it from!

Now lets say that you and your friends had been living the GREAT LIFE for decades (or centuries) on Earth because you knew how to use “other peoples energy” on the Astral Level…, and you had become very powerful in your MAGIC.

What would you do if the entire world suddenly starting waking up and starting figuring out WHERE YOUR POWER WAS COMING FROM…., and THAT YOUR SECRET KNOWLEDGE OF STEALING “THEIR ENERGY” WAS ABOUT TO BE REVEALED TO EVERYONE?

Would you try to figure out a way to KILL THEM ALL?

Would you  be so desperate to KEEP THE SECRETS OF THIS POWER TO YOURSELF and HIDDEN…, and be so unwilling to share it with anyone…, that you concluded it would just be better to get RID of everyone else living on the Earth, instead of having to face up to them and ADMIT what you had done to them?

Can you all see that this is where we are AT?

Do you now see why we can’t just IGNORE THIS like the New Agers are telling us to?

Do you see that if given the chance…, THEY WOULD IN FACT JUST KILL US ALL rather than face us, and admit what they had done?

More will be coming….

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