By: Bradley Loves


Old World “BLACK MAGIC”…, rears it’s ugly head inside of the newly created NAZI PARTY!



Silver is the weapon of Lucifer, the lightning of Lucifer, can you wield the lightning bolts of Lucifer?

The holy fire of Lucifer!




Do you notice anything strange about the ring shown above?  It is made of pure silver, and has the double zig rune of the Nazi SS stamped on it!


  It is the Symbol of the NAZI SS, and you can plainly see.


This next symbol above is ALSO a symbol for the NAZI SS


Because it stands for: Die Sturmabteilung, or SA, or “Brown-shirts”

The early history of the NAZI Party was such that the SA (Die Sturmabteilung) or Brown-shirts, were really the first shock troops – “Storm Troopers” – of the NSDAP:

Enforcers in uniform that intimidated the opposition and acted as a kind of private army for the Party (a type of Friekorps, such as what was supported by the Thule; indeed the leader of the SA, Ernst Röhm, had already been a Friekorps leader, and was closely associated with the Thule Gesellschaft).

Now…, look closely at this symbol of the SS (or the SA)!

Do you notice that the “S” part of the SA is actually a LIGHTNING BOLT?

Did you also know that the “LIGHTNING BOLT” is the one and ONLY symbol used for LUCIFER?

Can you see in the above advertisement, where the “lightning bolt” is used by the CHURCH OF SATAN as “official logo’s in their PRODUCTS?

The “LIGHTNING BOLT” of LUCIFER looks very much like the symbol that the SS was using, don’t you think?

To the left is Himmler’s (Leader of the SS) personal take on the official logo.

It does not take a “rocket scientist” to see that these men – who were leading occultists of their day – were very into hidden religions and meanings that the public was quite unaware of.


Well…, who else seems to think that LIGHTNING BOLTS are totally cool, and should be used to “flag” others in the know and call attention to their secret religious beliefs besides the NAZI SS.

Here is a piece of Illuminati Jewelry that is very popular in Hollywood.

Here is LADY GAGA’s version of a Christmas tree!   Can you see all of the Lightning Bolts in the tree?

This is the wink, wink that the Satanists always give to one another while PRETENDING to be Christian.  It’s all a big JOKE to them!  Make a Christmas tree out of Lucifer’s Lightning Bolts and then LAUGH at the stupid masses who are just dumb enough to believe someone in Hollywood would even consider a Christian Holiday as valid!

These people would sooner spit on Jesus as look at him!

Next we have the MUSIC INDUSTRY:

You damn right they SOLD their souls!  That part is not a joke or a misprint!






Are we “learning” anything yet?




There is a MUCH DEEPER reason than anyone can FATHOM that the NAZI’s had to be defeated in WW II!

Hitler represented the RELIGION of the ROYAL ELITES of EUROPE. 

This is a religion that is profoundly….. LUCIFERIAN!

(And if you really want to go there…, REPTILIAN!)

Because they did not win the WAR (at least not out in the open) they let loose the NEW AGE upon the entire world as a back up plan…, a PLAN B!

Back to Himmler and the SS…

While it is known that Himmler consulted astrologers, and was interested in various forms of alternative medicine, alternative science, and alternative religion, what is not generally known is the extent to which the government of the Third Reich became committed to serious support of such practices.
Nor is it generally understood just how thoroughly Himmler’s ideas of race, ritualism, and mysticism came to infuse the entire phenomenon of the Third Reich, thus coalescing it into one of the most dangerous cults in the world.


However…, all of this sounds quite NEW AGEY…, doesn’t it?


We will attempt to rectify that situation as much as we can in the space allotted, with constant reference to supporting documentation, beginning in this section with the strangest of all modern governmental agencies, the mysterious Ahnenerbe

Studiengesellschaft für Geistesurgeschichte‚ Deutsches Ahnenerbe


Above is the Logo of the German Ahnenerbe

So, how to describe the Ahnenerbe?
Its name came from a rather obscure German word, Ahnenerbe, meaning “something inherited from the forefathers.”
The official mission of the Ahnenerbe was to unearth “new evidence of the accomplishments and deeds of Germanic ancestors using exact scientific methods.”
Imagine that an evening adult education program had suddenly become an independent government agency, with a budget as big as the Defense Department.
Then one might have some idea of what the Ahnenerbe was, and of the type of people it first attracted to its ranks.


It is my opinion here that the mystical “channelings” that were happening with the members of the THULE SOCIETY, the THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY, and the VRIL SOCIETY had given the German “Elite” the “idea” that “their kind” had come from GREAT places in the Universe (and not necessarily just from Earth).

Because of their channeled communications from the HEAVENLY MASTERS or rather, the MASTERS OF HEAVEN (the ARI-AN)…, it seems to me that the Ahnernerbe was tasked with looking all over the world for proof of super advanced technology and advanced civilizations that came from space!

More will be coming….




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