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As much as our illustrious “Q” is reporting/uncovering for us on a daily basis in the purely political arena, if we are going to be totally honest with ourselves, and be the only “adults in the room”, there are far bigger concerns out there…, things that NEED our immediate attention.

The “Bigger Fish to Fry” is most certainly the “alien infestation” at the deep underground base near Dulce, New Mexico.

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The crimes that were (and possibly still are) being committed against human beings at this facility, started in the early 1970’s.

I say possibly, because it could be that most of this has already been moved “off world”…, since it was happening there so long ago already, but what is certain is that both the FBI, and the CIA have known about this base for decades, and had offices there.

“Dulce is a sleepy little town in northern New Mexico.

It’s population is about 900 and it is located above 7,000 feet on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation. There is one major motel and just a few stores. It is not a resort town and it is not bustling with activity.

Yet, according to a few outsiders, Dulce harbors a deep, dark secret. That secret is said to be harbored deep below the tangled brush of Archuleta Mesa. That secret involves a joint government-alien bio-genetic laboratory designed to carry out bizarre experiments on humans and animals.


“In late 1979, Thomas Castello could no longer cope with the awesome reality he had to confront. As a high level security officer at the joint alien-U.S. Government underground base near Dulce, he had learned of and had seen many disturbing things. After much inner conflict, he decided to desert the facility and to take various items with him.

He removed a security video tape from the Control Center which showed various security camera views of hallways, labs, aliens, and ‘U.S. Government’ personnel. He also collected documents to take with him. Then, by shutting off the alarm and camera system in one of the over 100 exits to the surface, he left the facility with the photos, video, and documents.

“Thomas was ready to go into hiding. But, when he went to pick up his wife and young son, he found a van and government agents waiting. He had been betrayed by K. LOMAS [a fellow worker] who was instrumental in the kidnapping of his wife and child.

The agents wanted what Thomas had taken from the facility for which he would get his wife and son back. It became apparent to him that his wife and son would be used in biological experiments and were not going to be Returned unharmed.

“Thomas alleges that there were over 18,000 of the short ‘greys’ at the Dulce Facility. He has also seen [tall] reptilian humanoids. One of us [TAL] had come face-to-face with a 6-foot tall Reptoid which had materialized in the house.

“…The security level goes up as one descends to the lower levels. Thomas had an ULTRA-7 clearance. He knew of seven sub-levels, but there MAY have been more. Most of the aliens are on levels 5, 6, and 7. Alien housing is on level 5. The only sign in English was one over a tube shuttle station hallway which read ‘to Los Alamos.’

Connections go from Dulce to Page, Arizona facility, then to an underground base below Area 51 in Nevada.

Tube shuttles go to and from Dulce to facilities below Taos, N.M.; Datil, N.M.; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Creede, Colorado; Sandia; then on to Carlsbad, New Mexico.

There is a vast network of tube shuttle connections under the U.S. which extends into a global system of tunnels and sub-cities.

“At the Dulce Base, most signs on doors and hallways are in the alien symbol language and a universal symbol system understood by humans and aliens.

Thomas stated that after the second level, everyone is weighed, in the nude, then given a uniform. Visitors are given off-white uniforms. The weight of the person is put on a computer I.D. card each day. Any change in weight is noted. Any change in over three pounds requires a physical exam and X-ray. The uniforms are jump suits with a zipper.

In front of all sensitive areas are scales built into the floor by doorways and the door control panels. An individual places his computer I.D. card into the door slot, then presses a numerical code and buttons.

The person’s card must match with the weight and code or the door will not open. Any discrepancy in weight will summon security. No one is allowed to carry anything into sensitive areas. All supplies are put on a conveyor belt and X-rayed. The same method is used in leaving sensitive areas.

All elevators are controlled magnetically, but there are no elevator cables. The magnetic system is inside the walls of the elevator shaft. There are no normal electrical controls. Everything is controlled by advanced magnetics, including lighting. There are no regular light bulbs.

The tunnels are illuminated by Phosphorous units with broad, structure-less emission bands. Some DEEP TUNNELS use a form of phosphorous pentoxide to temporarily illuminate certain areas. The aliens won’t go near these zones for reasons unknown.

The EVIL activities of Dulce go way beyond genetic experiments!

“The studies on Level 4 include human-aura research, as well as all aspects of telepathy, hypnosis, and dreams.

Thomas says that they know how to separate the bioplasmic body from the physical body, and place an ‘alien entity’ force-matrix within a human body after removing the ‘soul’ life-force-matrix of the human.

Or in more simple terms, ‘kill’ the human being and turn it into a vessel to be used by another entity – whether alien OR para-physical – in order to allow that entity to work and operate in the physical realm. This appears to be a complex high-tech version of the old ‘zombie’ traditions, IF in fact such horrific applications of occult-technology are taking place within this installation.

Genetic Experiments with NO LIMITS…

“Level 6 is privately called ‘Nightmare Hall’. It holds the genetic labs. Here are experiments done on fish, seals, birds, and mice that are vastly altered from their original forms.

There are multi-armed and multi-legged humans and several cages [and vats] of humanoid bat-like creatures (deceased ‘Moth-men’, or those creatures that John Keel refers to in his book THE MOTH MAN PROPHECIES? – Branton) up to 7-feet tall.

The aliens have taught the humans a lot about genetics, things both useful and dangerous.”


“…LEVEL #7 is the worst.

Row after row of 1,000’s of humans & human-mixture remains in cold storage. Here too are embryos of humanoids in various stages of development. Also, many human children’s’ remains in storage vats. Who are [were] these people?”

“[My sources of information include…] people who worked in the labs, abductees taken to the base, people who assisted in the construction, intelligence personnel [NSA, CIA, etc.], and UFO-Inner Earth researchers.

This information is meant for those who are seriously interested in the Dulce base. For YOUR OWN PROTECTION, be advised to ‘USE CAUTION’ while investigating this complex!

“Principal government organizations involved with mapping human genetics, the so-called genome projects are within,

  • the Department of Energy
  • the National Institute of Health
  • the National Science Foundation
  • the Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  • and, of course, the Dulce Underground Labs run by the DOE

“The Greys, the Reptoids, the winged Draco species are highly analytical and technologically oriented.

“The Greys, the Reptoids, the winged Draco species are highly analytical and technologically oriented. THEY HAVE HAD ANCIENT CONFLICTS WITH THE EL-HUMANS and may be STAGING here for a FUTURE CONFLICT…

Some predict an inevitable civil [?] war between the Electorate/Constitutional/Surface government of the U.S., and the joint humanoid-reptiloid Corporate/National-Global Socialist/Underground New World Order government, which incidentally was bought and paid for by American taxpayers and other unsavory money-making projects.


If you want to know how and where they “REALLY” did the mapping of human genetics…, here is where they did it!  NOT IN UNIVERSITIES


He says,

I frequently encountered humans in cages, usually dazed or drugged, but sometimes THEY CRIED AND BEGGED FOR HELP.

We were told they were hopelessly insane, and involved in high-risk drug tests to cure insanity.

We were told NEVER TO SPEAK TO THEM AT ALL. At the beginning we believed the story. Finally in 1978 a small group of workers discovered the truth.



There are many, many eye witness accounts that tell us that agents of the FBI, and the CIA have been working inside of these facilities and aiding and abetting in the secrecy!

This makes these men MONSTERS!

Having committed crimes of treason against their fellow man, they deserve to be punished accordingly, and if the Government won’t do it…, then the people need to!

Keeping this stuff “secret” is a serious act of VIOLENCE against all of mankind!

Let’s just hope that Q…, at some time in the future gets around to telling us about THIS STUFF!


Stay tuned for PART TWO….










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