What most people “fail” to realize about the “hidden backers” of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi’s – is that they didn’t really HATE the Jews, as much as they hated the “GOD” of the Jews, and his endless rules of morality!


Logo of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

What more proof does one who is looking into history need to find to convince them that NAZISM was purely a “Luciferian attempt (created by European Royals and Elites) to form an over-throw of what they saw as a moral strangle hold that man-kind’s historical faith in “THE CHRISTIAN GOD” had placed upon the people of planet Earth?



Hitler’s entourage included the pagan ideologue Alfred Rosenberg (whom Hitler made head of the NSDAP, –NAZI Party– pro-tem, during his residence in Landsberg).
Rosenberg – a native Balt, with an abiding hatred of Soviets, Jews, and Freemasons – had appeared one day at Dietrich Eckart’s apartment in Munich and offered him his services as a “fighter against Judah.”

The two soon became inseparable and it is believed that it was Rosenberg who introduced Eckart to ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’.

It was Rosenberg who agitated for the creation of a state religion based on Odinic paganism and Teutonic magic, and could be relied upon to appear at the meetings of every major Nordic, Teutonic, and Aryan society in Germany both before and after the Nazis’ seizure of power.



Rosenberg, with his impeccable credentials dating back to the early days of the formation of the Nazi Party and its baptism of blood in the Munich Putsch, was a high-profile Reichsleiter – with a blatantly pagan and anti- Christian philosophy, a philosophy which received wide coverage in the German press.

Darre was there to support this platform and, if possible, to do him one better on occasion.

Together, they traveled the nation drumming up support for an official state religion based on the worship of the Old Gods, a religion that included purifying the Aryan race of elements that were in the process of polluting it and diluting the strength of its Blood.

A “return” to the old ways…, the ways of MAGIC, and the ways of interacting with “the gods” or the “elementals” was always behind the push of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party…, because if you will remember from previous posts, the Nazi Party was actually created by the European ELITES as a way to confront the ever growing ideas of socialism and communism.

(The Elites did not want to see their “slave-labor pool” simply vanish!)

I don’t even think Hitler himself knew however, just how much he was being used and steered by men from behind the scenes!  Men who knew EXACTLY WHAT KIND AND WHAT TYPE OF MAGIC they really wanted to “unleash” upon the unsuspecting populations of Earth.