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[Note:  To the US Military and the White-Hats whose intention it is to help humanity.  I am tired of moving so slowly within my own blog and waiting for “normies” to wake up to just how important what I write really is.  I am speeding up my posts…, humanity is too slow…, maybe YOU can KEEP UP!  Part Sixteen of BIGGER FISH TO FRY is a very important article, and was scheduled for tomorrow. It was supposed to follow the NEW article that I just posted today about PAPAL BULLS called:  Your First Lesson in Magic. Use this article to YOUR ADVANTAGE.]


The average human being has no clue as to how their own “energy” is being STOLEN from them constantly on a day by day basis!


The sheer number of ways that we are all being “harvested” and “stolen from”…., IF KNOWN, would literally stagger the mind!

Because we have not been educated in the ways of the Mystery Schools, we really are no smarter than 5 years olds – (ALL OF US)!

A true education in Magic (aka MAGNETICS) is what every young child should learn FIRST, before they learn anything else, then they should study Harmonics!

If any of us had actually been taught properly…, then none of this would be happening…, NONE OF IT!

Just ONE of the countless ways that our energy is being STOLEN and harvested, is through the BLACK MAGIC SYSTEM known as MONEY!



Moneycontrary to popular belief – is really nothing more than a form of energy!  The “paper” that you hold in your wallet is a place holder, or a substitution for something ELSE!

Money in and of itself, it has absolutely NO value!


It is a “representation” of our actual WORK and our actual LABOR – ie – OUR ENERGY!

This, quite naturally, is why they call it “currency” – as in having the very same meaning as an “electrical” current – it’s all about ENERGY!

This is also why all money is always kept inside of BANKS (as in river banks) which serve to control the flow of the current/currency – as it travels from one place to another.

Note:  A quick thank-you here to Jordan Maxwell (whose work I have studied) for his tireless effort in bringing out this important information!

“Bank” is the perfect name for this type of control because a river is NEVER allowed to move anywhere that the river-bank does not allow it too move!

The control of a BANK/RIVER BANK is pervasive and ultimate!  It totally controls the flow of current…, and where it can go!

Now think about this for just a moment!   Everything that you need to know about the total domination and the total control of the FLOW OF OUR ENERGY is written right into the words we all use to describe these things!

(And you wonder why the Illuminati laugh at all of us, and call us peasants)

This is also why every purchase that you make has to do with a “charge” – because when you “charge” something, you are re-directing the flow of electrical current/currency down a specific pathway – for a specific purpose!

This is also why whenever you end up in a courtroom,  you are always “charged” with a crime!

(Courtrooms have “nothing” to do with breaking the law…, but instead with harvesting human energy!)

This has to happen in order to TELL YOU TO YOUR FACE that your HUMAN ENERGY – or your “electrical power current/currency” is going to be exploited from you and used for a specific reason!

They “MUST TELL YOU THIS”…, which is why they read you all of the “charges” right inside of the courtroom!

If they did not READ the charges to you, then they could not use your energy.

And here is the real kicker…, you always have to agree or consent!

If you have not already figured this out…, this is 100 percent BLACK MAGIC!  Furthermore, look how close the two words:  BLACK MAGIC and BLACK MAIL are!



This is also why when a soldier is “released” from active duty, he is formally “DIS-CHARGED” from his service…, or rather, his “electrical current/currency” (human labor) is no longer being used for a specific purpose!

Needless to say that while a soldier is still in service, he is FULLY CHARGED (not dis-charged) and remains on ACTIVE DUTY!

This means that his “electrical energy service/power plant” is being fully harvested and stolen from him (or her) on a constant DAILY BASIS!


Money is not what you think it is!

Money is just a “place holder” for real human energy, which is constantly and pervasively being “harnessed” or “harvested” from all of us!

Furthermore, they are telling us that this is what they are doing in the words that we all use to describe these things.

We don’t SEE this…, because we are all UNDER A DEEP SPELL of DARK BLACK MAGIC!



MONEY, as a “place holder” or a representation of REAL HUMAN ENERGY is what those men and women who are the DARK MAGICIANS are always seeking to gain, and are desperate to steal from the rest of us every single day.

Now, in Greater Fish to Fry – Part Fifteen, I said that Dark Magicians are “using” other peoples ENERGY to cast the Dark Magic Spells, and so they are!

But, there are countless SPELLS, and countless ways and means to harvest and steal “energy” and money is only one of them!

Anally raping children is an all together different “type” of SPELL and has to do with “feeding” out of body entities in return for FAVORS – WEALTH – and for EARTHLY SUCCESS!

Perhaps it would be prudent here to remind us of something one of the biggest practitioners of BLACK MAGIC said about it’s use!

There, do you see it?



This means that anyone using “Black Magic” on huge groups of people (for worldwide control) would have to constantly “re-cast” the spell because it does not last very long!

Now can you even get a tiny grasp as to why young children ALL OVER THE ENTIRE WORLD are being raped on a daily basis?



There is a GIANT and a CONSTANT re-casting of  DARK BLACK MAGIC happening world wide and on a daily basis to keep all of humanity enslaved – and in a hypnotic trance!

And now…, you have the exact reason for all of the human child trafficking!  

Those who are behind it…, are working toward a much different GOAL than you are assuming they are working toward.

You see, this is where I have every right to be disgusted with New Agers and their idiot philosophies which say that if a child is being raped…, he/she “wanted” that – or “contracted” for that experience long before they got here!

This is perverted – stupid – and just down right evil thinking!


What is really happening is the complete ENSLAVEMENT of our species…, and the ONLY way that this can happen is through the constant stream of DARK BLACK MAGIC being used against our species – which is literally being “powered” by the STOLEN RAPE ENERGY of young children!

Now…, ask yourself…, WHO BENEFITS the most from the casting of these dark spells…, and it will always be the VERY SAME BEINGS that are constantly telling us to just “forgive it all” and look the other way!

Now do you see it?

This “forgive – forgive – forgive them” message is coming directly from our ENSLAVERS – who are simply “pretending” to be MASTERS

But, even this has to be admitted to…, which is why in every single channeled message, they constantly refer to themselves as OUR (Ascended) MASTERS.., or simply OUR MASTERS!



Well, what is continuous WAR…, if not a Dark Magic Spell?

Note: Fighting battles for real freedom is NEVER wrong, but constant WAR “for profit” has nothing to do with fighting for FREEDOM, and everything to do with more ENERGY HARVESTING.

And who are soldiers, if not raw human bodies – with lots of ENERGY – that can be expended, used and directed toward a purpose that is held only in the minds of just a few, wrinkled up old men who are practitioners of DARK MAGIC!

You’ve got to START getting that almost everything that is happening within our “society” is a result of DARK MAGIC!

We have been so completely immersed in it…, that we don’t even SEE IT for what it is any longer!

I have thought and thought and thought about this for a LONG TIME.

As it stands now, and the only LOGICAL CONCLUSION that can be drawn is that there is NO REAL HUMAN anywhere on this planet who would actually set up this type of enslavement system in order to use other human beings!

The logical explanation is that the leaders at the very top of the ENERGY HARVESTING CHAIN are “NOT” human at all!

This is the only explanation!

This means that at some point in time in our past…, we were successfully INVADED…, (probably by Reptiles or worse) and those men and women who are currently seen to be “running the show” are only taking orders from off world beings that consider human beings collectively as slaves, or worse cattle!

At the top of the “human control chain” there are men and women who know what has happened, and what is going on!

They have sold us out for an easy life – it’s THAT SIMPLE!

This entire process is almost certainly LUCIFERIAN in nature, and almost certainly has to do with the BLACK SUN WORSHIP that was used by HIMMLER.

The NAZI “SS” is one of the closest groups that I’ve been able to find, that openly worships the BLACK SUN.

Take a good look at this “pin” that George Soros is wearing on his suit!

Look at it carefully.

Now look at the very center of this pin worn by select Nazi SS  who worshiped the BLACK SUN.

The very “center” of the wheel is an exact match for what is on Soro’s lapel!


Remember this quote from DEEPER FISH TO FRY – PART THIRTEEN?

They (the Karotechia) were identified by the red ‘sonnenrad’ rune worn on the lapels of their black Allgemeine-SS uniforms.

This insignia and the men that wore it – were equally feared and respected throughout the SS.


Who wants to “make a bet” that this “pin” on Soros is the new BLACK SUN WORSHIPING INSIGNIA that men and women who are “in that order” are wearing to identify each other!



Because almost every single “magician” of consequence is also an ALCHEMIST…, then it stands to reason that those magicians who are in the business of stealing and harvesting human energy would naturally WANT to have a “neutral form of storage” that accounts for all of that STOLEN ENERGY that they are taking from us.

As sick as it sounds, ALL accounting is nothing more than accounting for the stolen human energy that these off world – dark entities are taking from living and breathing human beings.

“Money” serves this purpose very well because all it is really, is a numbering system used to “account” for how much of YOUR ENERGY has been taken from you!

Once again, money in and of itself – really isn’t anything at all!

It is just pieces of paper cut to a certain size that has ink stamped on them!

They literally are quite MEANINGLESS other than that they ACCOUNT for the energy you’ve expended.

In the grand scheme of things…, any “paycheck” that you get is a very tiny portion of your total expended energy for the week, the largest part of which was STOLEN from you…, and is being re-directed for the purposes of those who are stealing it.

Money is your actual hard work “transmuted” into another form through a certain “type” of ALCHEMY!

Don’t kid yourselves people…, this type of energy conversion is a TYPE OF ALCHEMY – thus, placing it squarely under the heading of MAGIC!


Our MONETARY SYSTEM was given to us – only so that our LABOR could be measured – and so that a tiny portion of the energy we all produced could be given back to us for our basic needs.

If we put forth NO LABOR…, then those who have hi-jacked and stolen this planet see absolutely NO NEED to feed or to house us – because we are not giving them any energy to harvest or steal (or TAX).

And, we can plainly see that this is TRUE by looking at all of the homeless people living on the streets in every CITY in the entire world!

This type of “system” would NEVER be allowed or found in any Star System or Galaxy that is advanced above a level of PURE EVIL.

You see, enlightened beings see LIFE ITSELF as the only true “value”.  

LIFE which has been created by PRIME CREATOR is the only real value, and therefore it is VALUED in enlightened societies above all else!

Here on Earth…, we have been “given” a substitute (MONEY) as a place holder for TRUE VALUE and thus instead of valuing LIFE…, which all enlightened beings do…, we value the paper in our wallet!

THIS IS A BLACK MAGIC CON…, and is why our world is suffering so greatly!   It is backwards, and reserved only for those who practice PURE EVIL.

Those who are running Earth are in fact PURE EVIL!

They are the ones who are running the scams and the cons surrounding their “money creations” which are really in use ONLY for their own personal benefit – NOT OURS!

We, as the unsuspecting populations of this Earth, are simply allowing our hard work and our labor to be STOLEN from us in countless ways that are so profound, most people can not imagine them.

High Level BANKERS therefore, are in matter of fact – PURE EVIL!

Hear it from Roland Bernard in HIS OWN WORDS!!

Here is the same video with an ENGLISH voice over:


Oh…, and lets get one thing straight once and for all!

Judges – Priests – and Bankers are ALL the exact same thing…, because they are all “ACCOUNTING” for stolen human energy!

There really is no difference between them, because ultimately they ALL serve the same MASTERS!

They “work” for the same higher ups…, and could be seen as nothing better than glorified Accountants to the Masters.

They are merciless, vacant, and lifeless husks of human beings who do not CARE about life…, (which is the real VALUE) but only about the worthless dollars that they count for their masters!

From the very moment they get involved in your life, they are taking huge “fees” and “cuts” from your labor – in order to “transmute” your labor into THE ENERGY STORAGE FORMAT called “money”.

There are FEES for:

  • Every check you write…
  • Just for having an account….
  • Transferring money from here to there…
  • Etc, Etc, Etc,….

So what does a “banker” really do all day and every day?

They spend all of their time “transmuting” your real labor into MONEY and then counting it, and then ACCOUNTING for how much they have collected for the higher ups…, all of which ultimately shows up in the hands of the off world controllers.

Bankers are in every sense of the word “MAGICIANS”, because they are “transmuting” through a certain process of remedial Alchemy – our human energy into some else.

But that is not all.



Every child – the moment they are born – are “registered” as chattel property of the Vatican in the form of a Birth Certificate. This is a Banking Bond (written on Banking Paper).

It acts as tradable commodity on the New York Stock Exchange.

STOCK – as in Live Stock.

People who buy Mutual Funds are actually “trading” and “making money” off of the LIFE of another human being.

The human being (the body) is being held as surety for these trades…, and if the trades go bad…, then every single thing that the human being owns can be TAKEN from them by the bond holders to pay for their losses.

Have you ever wondered why so many men and women end up in JAIL having done nothing wrong?

ARREST is simply a term that signals that a certain human commodity had been taken out of circulation for period of time, while the commodity traders decide who shall pay for the losses of that commodity.

This goes very deep, and I am not going to spend time on it here.

All I am pointing out is that MONEY is not what you think it is!

It is a representation of ENERGY!



Dead things, have no energy at all. This is why the dollars in your wallet have NO value at all.

Through the TRANS-MUTATIONAL process…, your hard labor and work has been “transformed” (by Dark Magicians) into another form called:

MONEYwhich they can then controland this is only necessary because as of this date…, they STILL can’t totally CONTROL YOU!

Only living and breathing things have REAL USABLE ENERGY… (See the Matrix Movie)



If you are a DARK MAGICIAN…, and you want to cast real spells that have real effects in the Cosmos (and on the Astral Level), you will need to find an ENERGY SOURCE.

Because living and breathing beings are the ONLY source for real and powerful energy…, then you  must actually STEAL FROM OTHERS the energy you need for all of these SPELLS you want to cast!

Do you want this to continue?


More will be coming….

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