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All “Secret Societies” revolve around this lost art – Never forget this!

The very moment you hear the word “SECRET”,  then you know something is VERY WRONG with the group that you are about to join – keep this in mind!

Magic is the knowledge that darkly orientated people will always KILL for! 

It is the “power” that every despot wants beyond all other things!

It is the ability to bring riches and status to ones own self, to greatly improve one’s life (at the expense of others) and to have great power over the World – It is the “playground” of the ROYALS and the ELITE! – Bradley

Logo of the Ahnenerbe

Heinrich Himmler, leader of the NAZI “SS”

Heinrich Himmler joined the SS when it was still only a bodyguard unit with no more than about three hundred members.

He marched with Hitler’s men during the Munich Putsch of 1923, carrying the Reichskrieg flag.

After he became the head of the SS in 1929, however, he began to reform it along lines that can only be described as extremely ‘cultic’, while its membership rose from three hundred to fifty-two thousand by 1933.

Wewelsburg Castle

Once Himmler was fully in control of the SS, he began its transformation into a pagan religious order.

The headquarters for this spiritual/religious cult was situated at the medieval castle of Wewelsburg, near the towns of Paderborn and Detmold in the German province of Westphalia, close by the site in the Teutoburg Forest where Arminius made his stand with its famous, Stonehenge-like stone monument known as Externsteine.

Here the secret Chapter of the Order assembled once a year. Each member had his own chair with an engraved silver nameplate, and each member had to devote himself to a ritual of spiritual exercises aimed mainly at mental concentration.

(Channeling and Vortex Manipulation)

Above is the secret crypt below Wewelsburg where Himmler and his initiates worshiped the BLACK SUN!

Just above the stone sub-alter (where the Black Sun used to be) is a Swastika in the ceiling.

The Wewelsburg North Tower’s Crypt has fifteen meters of diameter and next to its wall in circle there are twelve stones seats, one for each initiate of the Order.   In center of the ceiling of the vault of crypt, gathering or canalizing the Strength projected into the interior, there is a swastika. According to the principle of the swastika, the center of the field of Strength created by the Black Sun just below and inside of the crypt, causes a movement or spiral vortex that generates a rotation of the material reality. This it is the Principle Force worked by the Black Order in the North Tower crypt of Wewelsburg Castle.

Himmler kept his Spiritual Order’s Castle extremely private.

No one was allowed inside who was not expressly invited by Himmler himself; thus, only the Inner Twelve and occasionally a select General or two, a Reichsleiter, or some other official would be welcomed, but only at Himmler’s convenience.

Secrecy was the key element in the SS and most especially at Wewelsburg.

Do I need to point out further what they were actually doing at Wewelsburg? 

It was “Alchemy – Black Magic – Black Sun Worship – and the manipulation of Vortexes and Portals

Sounds nice and NEW AGEY..., does it not?  And by the way…, who else do we know of that was interested in Alchemy? 

Can you say St. Germaine? – Bradley

The Black Sun – inside of Wewelsburg

Here is a website dedicated to the NAZI – SS “Spiritual Meditations” done at Wewelsburg.

Taken from the above website:

The magical projection

From the room of the Black Sun, the twelve initiates of the Black Order have descended to the interior of Crypt through some stairs that communicate both stays.
The Crypt is illuminated by twelve candles that burn after each one of the twelve seats that surround the room, being the only illumination of the place.
The twelve knights who are reunited in the interior know previously the ceremony to develop, reason why this gives to beginning without any indication, once each one has occupied his place. In the abysmal silence of the place, sitting, the initiates, according to the principle of the Black Sun, begin to stop the flow of the world doing of the Crypt a space out of the time. Slowly one by one they are entering in astral, projecting the Strength of the Black Sun in the place of the center of the Crypt.
Arrived at a situation in that all have been able to synchronize with the Strength of the Black Sun, the work on the astral level begins.
Now, in center of the Crypt they project the runic ring (totenkopfring) of such form that they give consistency to it, according to the very same mold of the physical ring which they take in their annular finger… The ring maintained on the center of the Crypt by the Will of the twelve initiates is taking form in the astral world, acquiring consistency, “solidifying itself”, being recorded on the astral plane.
In the course of the ritual, the projection acquires real consistency whereas it is not more an individual or particular idealization of each one of the initiates (twelve different projections), but between them have created an astral image of the ring of silver in center of the room.
Hmmm…, the astral ring of silver…, where have I heard that before?? –  Oh I know…

Silver is the weapon of Lucifer, the Lightning of Lucifer, can you wield the lightning bolts of Lucifer?

The holy fire of Lucifer!


Continuing on….
The twelve initiates of the Black Order are twelve Hyperborean spirits, twelve “selbst” working on “the mind” of the Crypt.
In that stopped time – twelve spirits are maintaining one only mind, uniting their Strength in a projection that acquires an enormous power finally affecting and acting on the reality of space-time.
Let us see now how the projection of the ring of silver in astral in the center of the Crypt occurs: in the projection created by the initiates of the Black Order, the ring adopts a position in the air above the stone circle that surrounds the central depression of the crypt.
It happens that in the magical space created by the initiates, the ring acquires “a very great size” in proportion with its real physical size.
In the astral the dimensions of the material world are distorted and they are relativized.
Therefore it happens that in the astral world the object on which works the Will and the attention increases of size, while all the rest of the scene remains in a secondary plane.
Due to its lack of importance, the secondary plane becomes “smaller”.
It is the same sense that gave the old painters to their works when the object, the situation, or the person protagonist or on whom fell the intention of the work, acquired a very out of proportion ”great size“.
The “abnormal” or exceptional size given to certain figures of the work comprises of a language in direct relation with the magical world.
The ring is projected inside the Crypt of such form that the skull watches the north and, as we say, its projection acquires consistency in astral.
Thus maintained by the initiates of the Black Order, participating all of this mystical communion in a single mind or magical reality, the power of the union of their Will and their Strength gets to mobilize springs that activate elemental and astral mechanisms that mobilize “realities” on the material world and in space-time.

Can you say MAGICIAN?    Can you say DARK MAGICIAN?

What is working with the Astral and Elemental Spirit Levels for the conquest of the entire world…, IF NOT BLACK MAGIC?

The action on the magical world of the astral level is the true task of high SS initiates, Hyperborean Magicians.

The Third Reich’s Fight remains for all time recorded in Eternity by its boldness, its heroism, its magical projection… it is part of an essential war.

But “The Dark Lord”of the material world had sent against the Reich all of his agents (Masonic lodges, Communism-Capitalism,…) and its own version of Black Magic!

The time of the world favors (Jehova), and so, Jehova took terrain on all of the planes that act on material reality, and then give it form.

The “allied” terrorist bombings physically destroyed the Earth and killed millions of people. Their own purpose, comprised of their great operation of Black Magic, looking to extend terror, and the world of death of their “Lord”…(Christian)

The harassment of the Astral Agents of the material world of death caused the conditions for the survival of the principle of Life of the Reich to become more and more difficult.

The terrestrial atmosphere became more and more opposed to it. The terrestrial vibration then acted according with the history and the messianic destiny of the world…

After reading the above…, you can plainly see that Himmler and others were not just fighting a “physical war”…, but were also fighting that war on the ASTRAL, and on the MAGICAL levels as well!

And NOW…, you know why NASA and most of the Secret Military are so deeply involved in MAGIC!

As Brett Stillings said to me when I spoke with him face to face about NASA and the men running the Secret Space Program:


The Crypt at Wewelsburg Today

The linked article above talks about Wernher von Braun.  Not only was he a NAZI that was eventually brought over to the United States and placed “in charge” of the entire Apollo Space Program…, he was ALSO a member of the SS! 

Meaning, he would have been well versed in MAGIC – as well as the worship of the BLACK SUN.

The action on the magical world of the astral level is the true task of high SS initiates, Hyperborean Magicians.

Could it be that all of the NAZI SS Agents (brought over to America under Operation Paper Clip) taught the US Military all they needed to know about BLACK MAGIC and the worship of the BLACK SUN?

Could it be that now AMERICA – and it’s own military are doing exactly what Himmler and his SS Magicians were doing at Wewelsburg?

Are they fighting WARS on the Astral and Energetic Levels?

Some would say YES…, because many whistle blowers have said that the Secret Space Program is using super advanced ASTRAL IMPLANTS to be able MIND CONTROL their enemies!

They are also using Directed Energy Weapons in the form of waves – frequencies – Portals and Vortexes  to achieve  “NO TOUCH TORTURE” of those who would stand in the way of their goals and agendas!

Where will it all END??

More will be coming…

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