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Parts 13, 14, and 15 are “especially” important to read…, so please…, if you are re-reading BIGGER FISH TO FRY…, pay attention to these three posts!  They were written together for a very specific reason…, which will be clear later down the road!

A “wink” to the TIME TRAVELERS….


Logo of the Ahnenerbe

The Ahnenerbe was a scientific institute inside of the Third Reich dedicated to research the archaeological and cultural history of the Aryan Race.

This led to German scientists traveling all around the world in search of Atlantis and the Holy Grail, and it is reported that the Ahnenerbe even sought “portals” to God.

Growing out of the Ahnenerbe-SS, the Thule Gesellschaft and the general Nazi interest in the occult, was ‘Karotechia’  – a top secret organization dedicated to the research and use of occult forces – and “magic” – for the Third Reich.



The roots of the Karotechia are deep and varied.
When the unit was officially created within the Ahnenerbe in 1939, it drew its members from within the Ahnenerbe, the disbanded Thule Gesellschaft, and a little known section of Archive Department VII of the Reichssicherheitshauptamt (RSHA, Reich Security Central Office) called Sonderkommando-H.

Below is the “symbol” for the Karotechia

Next, we have the “symbol” for the Black Sun below that

Okay…, maybe I’m not the “smartest tool in the shed”…, but these two symbols look an awful lot alike…, don’t they??  Would it be safe to say that the members of the Karotechia were “Black Sun Worshipers”?


So what this is basically telling us is that “inside” of the German Ahnenerbe – a special “unit” or group of BLACK SUN worshipers was placed, and they were looking for Portals or Vortexes either related to GOD, or related to GOD’S POWER SOURCE.

It also states that they drew their “members” from both the larger Ahnenerbe,  AND from the larger THULE Society as well!

Now…, where did we find a symbolic image or “logo” that mixed these very two logo’s (Ahnenerbe and Thule) together into ONE??

Let’s go back to Bigger Fish to Fry -Part Eleven, and re-read what Justin Deschamps wrote in his article that focused on Ben Fulford’s meeting with LEO ZAGAMI

The Jesuits, in particular, devised several cruel methods of using child human sacrifice to create a heavily traumatized soul that would become a tool for the necromancers once the mortal coil had been shed.

Using these specters as emissaries of darkness, insidious groups received intelligence from their dark overlords.

According to some sources, there were legions of ghosts created over the centuries that fell victim to the dark occultists, who use them like etheric spies and mercenaries.

Papal Bulls is one example of a Satanic rite that is intended to bind a soul of a child to a dark purpose.

Did you know that all PAPAL BULLS are written on the “skin” taken from a HUMAN CHILD?

Here is Justin’s article again:

So WHAT exactly was the Karotechia again?


Growing out of the Ahnenerbe-SS, the Thule Gesellschaft and the general Nazi interest in the occult, was ‘Karotechia’  – a secret organization dedicated to the research and use of occult forces – AND “magic” – for the Third Reich.

What did I write at the very top of BIGGER FISH TO FRY – PAR TEN?


All “Secret Societies” revolve around this lost art – Never forget this!


The very moment you hear the word “SECRET”,  then you know something is VERY WRONG with the group that you are about to join – keep this in mind!


Now before we go any further into what KIND OF MAGIC the Karotechia/Black Sun worshipers were using…, it is vitally important that you realize WHERE these men and women came from!  Many of them came directly out of the THULE Society!

Let’s go back to BIGGER FISH TO FRY – PART SEVEN for a moment:

The Thulists believe in the hollow earth theory.

The Thule-Gesellschaft maintained close contacts with followers of Theosophy and with the followers of Helena Blavatsky, a famous Occultist during the second part of the 19th century.

Called the “God-Mother” of the NEW AGE MOVEMENT,  Helena Blavatsky created the THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY for men and women who were deeply into MAGIC – CHANNELING – and ALCHEMY.

Notice the Swastika at the very TOP of her own logo:

See how this symbol below is almost the same as what she has?

Now here are the logos of the GermanenOrden, Thule, and Ahnenerbe…, ALL based on her own logo:




Are you starting to see what is going on here??

These “SECRET SOCIETIES” were all populated with men and women who were dedicating their lives to the study of  MAGIC – CHANNELING – and ALCHEMY!

Ultimately…, the cream of the cream were CHOSEN for membership into the: KAROTECHIA, or service and worship to the BLACK SUN.

There is a deep in indisputable connection between Helana Blavatsky – The Luciferian Agenda – her NEW AGE movement – and rise of the NAZI’s!

For the last time…, the NEW AGE is not what you think (or have been TOLD) that it is!



Karl Maria Wiligut and his Department for Pre- and Early History had been Himmler’s premier occultist, a position that was undermined soon after the creation of the Karotechia.

Suitable members of these organizations were drawn to the Karotechia, as were former members of the Thule Gesellschaft and scholars from Nazi-allied regimes and occupied countries.

Kabbalists and Gypsy practitioners of magic were even forcibly recruited out of concentration camps, as well as those occultists rounded up through Aktion Hess.

More so than any other group researching the paranormal for their government during the Second World War, the Karotechia sought to exploit the occult to its fullest.

The Karotechia was shielded from inquiry within and without by direct patronage of Himmler, who passed certain information on to Hitler.

Members of the Karotechia were known by their initials in SS documents, and by their rune-names in internal correspondence, the names given upon induction into the unit. 

They were identified by the red ‘sonnenrad’ rune worn on the lapels of their black Allgemeine-SS uniforms.
This insignia and the men that wore it were equally feared and respected throughout the SS.
Created in 1935 under direct orders from Heinrich Himmler, Sonderkommando-H (for Hexen, German for witches) collected records of the Catholic Inquisition against witchcraft from libraries in Germany and Austria.
The SS officers that collected the Hexenkartothek came to informally refer to themselves as the “Kartothekia,” and what they discovered were arcane formulae and necromantic rituals.
Enough was learned by Sonderkommando-H to create what some one hundred and fifty known witches, warlocks, and alchemists termed ‘the resuscitating of ye vital saylts’.
The Karotechia never had a central headquarters, as each project maintained its own base of operations, reporting directly to Himmler.
When the Karotechia was required to perform some ancient Germanic ritual for Himmler (Magic), they were called to the SS-order Castle at Wewelsburg.
Sonnenrad Runes Badge – Karotechia – SS – Himmler – Occult Third Reich
More will be coming….
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