By: Bradley Loves


This image, which is part of Preston James’ latest article, just about sums up what most people “in the know” realize about the Operational Deep State/CIA!

That is that little Gray Aliens are basically working with the Deep State American Government!

For this reason, they (the Gray’s) might as well be flying around with American Flags “painted” on their ships!

I am saying this because “whistle-blowers” have declared that the Deep Underground Military Base near DULCE, NM is basically a “Joint” Human/Alien Base!

Phil Schneider, Thomas Castillo, Captain Mark Richards and many others have made these claims.

Now, if you refer back to what I wrote yesterday, you’ll see that these “Grays” are just about the most DECEPTIVE, PATHOLOGICAL LIARS that have ever walked on two legs.

You can’t trust them as far as you could throw a house!

And yet, the DEEP STATE works with them at Dulce and at many other Deep Underground Installations underneath American soil.

In his latest article located here:

Secret ET Global Takedown or just another Internecine Illuminati War?

Preston talks about the Grays at length, and talks about a “Global” takeover plan that may in fact have been planned by the Draco’s and the Grays, but has not totally manifested yet!

He also talks about the Illuminati, Black Magic and the Nazi’s!

His article is timely in that it can be used as a reference tool for my own series – BIGGER FISH TO FRY!

First, he speaks about the Illuminati – the worshipers of the Black Sun.

The Illuminati is a Death Cult, specializing in mass human sacrifice in order to purify the human race and obtain power from Satan for sacrificing humans.

This is not theory, but has been repeatedly reported by those who have studied this cult in depth and by those who have been deeply involved in their activities and quit.

He further goes on to say:

Mass death by war and oppression has been the trademark of this group’s rise to prominence using these black arts (Black Magic) – which requires their willingness to give up their very souls to Lucifer for mammon, power and status.

You can’t get any more CLEAR than this!

In order to obtain the “power” they appear to have, they MUST feed the BLACK SUN ASTRAL ENTITY!    They must feed it DEATH and HUMAN Sacrifice!

David Wilcock, who at times does gain access to some very accurate information – explains some of the very “correct” things about the Illuminati here in this short video:

David is absolutely correct when he says that BLACK MAGIC – or rather BLACK SUN MAGICis being done on an “industrial level” or better put, a “Governmental Level”!!

Remember that just as Himmler’s SS Magicians…, who were always dressed in BLACK….

….were doing DARK ASTRAL MAGIC at Wewelsburg Castle…, our own Deep State Military is now using BLACK MAGIC to fight wars on the Astral Level as well!

Many countries also have “SPECIAL BLACK MILITARY FORCES”…, even India, which most New Agers consider to be a very peaceful country.

It is NOT!

See this article:

The Indian NSG is a SPECIAL OPERATIONS MILITARY GROUP based on Germany’s GSG-9!

They wear “ALL BLACK” and are some of the best “killers” that India has to offer.

Those that prove their “worth” as killers – get to go to Israel for further “training”.

What we are “dealing” with all over the ENTIRE WORLD is a huge return to BLACK MAGIC or BLACK “SUN” MAGIC – DEATH SQUADS, whose only purpose for being is to inflict as much “death” upon the world as possible!

THIS is what is coming!  That is, unless the greater portion of humanity says:     NO…, I DO NOT CONSENT!

The black uniforms (as always) are the SYMBOL which must (repeat must) be shown to us…, (just like David Wilcock talked about in his short video) otherwise those who worship the Dark, will NOT be allowed to rule the Earth.

You see…, it is really ALL ABOUT US…, and our willingness to either TAKE ACTION – and physically do something to put a stop to all of this BLACK MAGIC…, or…, to simply do what all of the NEW AGERS tell us to do…, which is to look away (ignore it all) and DO NOTHING!

If we follow this formula…, then as certain as the SUN rises in the eastern sky, the Illuminati will be ALLOWED by the Universe to Enslave all of mankind…, because they (The Illuminati) “told” us what they were going to do to us…, and WE did NOTHING to stop it!

This means we TACITLY CONSENTED to it!

Of course, anyone who has read anything that I have written (by now) knows that the NEW AGE was in fact created by the LUCIFERIAN/SATANISTS as a final “stand down” religion which they truly hoped would HELP them when the time came for their final world wide take over push!

Fortunately, a few of us have called attention to the REAL PURPOSE of the NEW AGE!

They needed the best people to be sitting on the side-lines and REFUSING to engage in the battle!

If you “need” extensive proof…, then the SEVEN HOUR LONG VIDEO posted above from Mark Passio explains it all in deep detail! 

Getting people to “stand down” is a common military tactic which is similar to dropping leaf-lets from Helicopters and Planes and telling the opposing Army to GO HOME and leave the battle field just before the attack takes place.

Getting back to the Preston James article, he says we REALLY ARE locked in an epic battle of GOOD vs. EVIL!   (And the Entire Universe is watching to see what WE will do!)

Many wonder what the esoteric origins of all these earthy battles for group supremacy are?

Battles which then always end up utilizing and producing the mass slaughter of humans.

If one carefully examines the works of Michael Heiser and others, one conclusion that can be drawn using historical guidelines is that there is a Cosmic Battle in the heavens (The Astral Level) going on that intersects Planet Earth.

According to this narrative, 1/3 of the ruling council of angels (e.g. the lesser gods) were cast out of Heaven for following the head angel Lucifer who rebelled against God and tried to displace God Almighty, creator and first cause of all.

According to Michael Heiser’s take on Biblical history, 200 of these fallen angels formed a pact to descend to Earth at Mount Hermon and breed with some Earth women they fancied.

Some Biblical historians believe that these descended fallen angels operated under Lucifer’s authority to take down Planet Earth and capture and destroy all humanity so that Lucifer could install a new race of his own, a mixture of iron and clay, a new race of trans-humans, machines merged with human genetic fragments so they could be hived to direct Satanic control.

Up until Donald Trump became President of America…, “THIS”  is what we would have had as a “leader” in America!   A female who is an avid practitioner of BLACK MAGIC!

And as sick as it sounds, nearly HALF of the country is still yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs that WE (our beloved country) did not get to have a WITCH for President!

And the biggest screamers are the Hollywood Actors and Music Industry people who are already SATANISTS!

What do you think GOD/PRIME CREATOR thinks about this?

There is no way in the entire Universe that HE who created all things is not watching this!  And if WE do not do a single thing to put a stop to this…, then AMERICA WILL FALL!

Why do you think Q-Anon is actually on the scene at this time in our history, and why does he always say: 


Q-Anon is available to us (the entire world is watching this) only because the situation in the world is THAT DIRE!

So don’t keep doing this:

The entire world will get exactly what we “collectively allow”!

Furthermore…, there is NO super advanced civilization anywhere in the entire Universe that will ever SAVE us if we do not put forth the effort to SAVE OURSELVES!

  • This means standing up to the Illuminati once and for all!
  • This means standing up to the Luciferian/Satanists once and for all!
  • This means standing up to those who do Ritual Child Sacrifice
  • This means standing up to the Central Bankers
  • This means standing up to the VATICAN
  • This means standing up anyone who does BLACK MAGIC
  • This means standing up to Hollywood and the Music Industry
  • This means standing up to anyone who is attacking those of us who are tying to SAVE the planet from BLACK MAGIC DEATH SQUADS!

Sink or Swim…, those are your two choices at this point!

Survive or Drown!

Time to get up off the couch…, and out of your little “meditation circle” and do some REAL WORK for humanity!

The EU Parliament Building is based on the design of the TOWER OF BABYLON


Remember, the Illuminati MUST tell us what they have planned for humanity!

  • What does the image above tell you about their PLANS??

See this link:


Replacing Christianity with a NEW WORLD ORDER RELIGION is their goal:

So…, for all of you “nay sayers” about Donald Trump…, who just can’t “get” why he would even want the JOB of being President of the United States of America…

There is really only one single reason that at Seventy Years old…, he took the JOB!

He LOVES his own children, and would do ANYTHING to keep them from having to live in a world run by SATANISTS!

What will YOU DO?



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