By: Bradley Loves


How OLD are the tunnels and caverns that make up DULCE BASE?

If not “built out” in the 1930 and 1940’s…, then just WHEN were they built?

The following description of one of the more ancient tunnels was given by Thomas Castello himself:

“The halls around the Dulce Base are slightly curved, and in most locations you can see what looks like an endless corridor. It is only when you glance up and see the high ceiling of the natural rock covering do you remember you are inside an immense cavern. The place has the feeling of infinity, or a sense of seeing something immemorial.

“I realize this place has been expanded repeatedly over many years. But somehow, a person tends to forget the written history the manual describes.

The place feels ANCIENT.

The Native Races of this planet have used the tunnels and caverns for centuries. Human hands too, added their personal touch in a way that makes you feel the passing of age. Here and there the architectural designs resemble the fantasy of Art Deco. Doors display the designs and angles that recall the playful grace of that era.

From tunnel entrances stare down carved gargoyles and winged beings that cling to your memory much longer than they should. Those grotesque gargoyles are dark and look like a preview of the Nightmare Hall.

Some of the faces of the frightful creatures depicted have lost details in a way that softens the ugliness. History has a way of erasing details and the memory of the original form. Just as well, perhaps the gargoyles were carved from live models.

Maybe from some thing seen on the sixth level.

“One specific tunnel, the long tunnel to Taos, is completely different. The symbol that marks the portal is the symbol for marsh, or wet lands.

The shape resembles the letter ‘Z’ with two cross lines.

It was not until I had to make a ‘goodwill run’ to Taos to escort a foreign dignitary on a tour of the base, did I realize why the tunnel was so named. After a few miles the rock tunnel walls became mostly white in color and were decorated with carved plant life of all kinds. Here, I saw ancient fern trees with huge Rose like flowers depicted in beautiful relief. These beautiful walls portray a dense archaic tropical thicket. Beyond the trees, in the background, some unknown ancient mountains are depicted in the same clear style. I slowed the car, searched the scene, hoping to see animal or humanoid creatures, but there was none. No signs or signatures in sight, unless they were written in a long lost unrecognized hand.

Here is a note from Castello’s interviewer (Branton)…

(Note: Was this one of the more ancient tunnels that was left by a prehistoric race, a tunnel which was already ancient at the time that the U.S. government AND the Reptiloids/Greys ‘discovered’ or ‘took control of’ the original underground systems?

Perhaps a tunnel and an underground system that was excavated in prehistoric times by the ancestors of the Pueblo Indians of the four corners area whose legends claim that they were chased-out of the cavern world by invading reptilian forces – that is, according to Hopi-Apache descendant Robert Morningsky? – Branton)


Once again…, after reading just this much…, one has to wonder just what the hell is going on UNDERGROUND and in and through the countless caverns that crisscross the American Southwest!

Do WE have control over those areas…, or…, DO THOSE who inhabit those areas have CONTROL OVER US???


Perhaps this is where the DEEP STATE gets much of its weapons and power ??


I do know one thing that is certainly TRUE…, because it’s always true!

Birds of a feather…, flock together!


Which means that really evil and bad beings always hang around with really evil and bad beings!

So if the DRACO…, and the Alien Grays who want to control and take over Earth are living underground in these deep caverns…, then the NAZI/SATANIC/LUCIFERIAN HUMANS who want the very same thing, would most certainly feel very comfortable sharing “joint bases” with these creatures!

I wonder if the American Military feels its at least worth a look?

Or…, has the American Military gone 100 percent to the DARK SIDE and basically surrendered (without ever informing the people) that they’ve handed over control of America to Alien beings???


How can these Military types look at themselves in the mirror KNOWING just what kind of COWARDS they really are??

Who takes an OATH to protect others…, and then when the chips are down…, gives up without so much as a whimper?

Which soldier does not at least try to WARN his countrymen of the dangers…, and use his last breath to get out the call to arms???

Is today’s modern military training all of the men and women serving in these forces to COWER in the face of an enemy…, or are they training them to be bold and courageous and to HAVE HONOR???

Just wondering……, because keeping endless SECRETS from the American people when the stakes are very high…, is cowardly….

This is not an opinion…, but just plain TRUTH!

Even a “mob boss” knows what HONOR is…, and what a COWARD IS!

Tony Provenzano once said to a friend of mine:

There is NOTHING more important than FAMILY!  

You take care of your family…, and you make sure they are fed, loved, and well protected!

Even “Tony Pro” gets it!

So how is it that the American Military is not nearly as “smart” as Tony Pro ???

You see…, when they “TAKE THAT OATH TO PROTECT”…, they are taking an oath to protect ALL AMERICANS!

(Not just two or three rich people, or some criminal Bankers).

This oath makes ALL AMERICANS…, their family!!

Am I wrong?

What am I missing here?

What would Tony Pro do if one of his guys came back to him and said he did not want to “protect” someone Tony had ordered him to protect?

Would Tony say:

All right then…, being a coward is good!   No problem…, you took an OATH…, but you don’t want to fulfill it…, so NO PROBLEM….


Do I have to “draw a picture here for the military” as to what COURAGE IS…, and what COWARDICE IS ???

IF you want someone to deal with the DRACO for you….

Pick me…, BUT…, before I do that…, I will be 100 percent fully READ IN to the situation (ALL OF IT)…, and then…, I WILL TELL ALL THE PEOPLE LIVING IN AMERICA EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE UP AGAINST.

Its called:  Transparency and honesty…, which comes from HONOR!

Then.., since you people can’t seem to make a proper deal…, I will do the negotiating FOR YOU!

It’s called COURAGE FOLKS…

LONG STORY SHORT…, it’s time to clean up the UNDERGROUND!

It time to be honest and transparent about what we are all up against!



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