By: Bradley Loves

ONLY THOSE who are FREE from and operating OUTSIDE OF ‘THE SYSTEM’ have the power to change the situation for the better. –


The above quote is a reference that Branton made concerning the countless military and civilian contractors who have signed non-disclosure agreements or taken secrecy oaths!

They have become so hand-cuffed by “THE SYSTEM” they are working for…, these unfortunate men and women are DEPENDING upon strong and courageous men and women who are OUTSIDE of the governmental system to digg deeply into the TRUTH and then expose it, thus setting them (and the entire world) FREE!

In Bigger Fish to Fry – Part Twenty Six…, we are going to look at just how prevasive and wide spread the DEEP STATE/SECRET GOVERNMENT’S working relationship with the Alien Grays has become.

This relationship has spun so out of control…, that few people working inside of  “THE SYSTEM”  believe that “EARTH” or it’s leaders are in control of the situation any longer…, and that it is the ALIENS who are dictating all policy at this point.

Note: As so many “in the know” have already said, the entire “alien-interaction” scenario is completely “out of control”, which I would guess means that WE are NO LONGER in control of the situation.

In other words the “framework” which was created as a result of the alien-interaction projects when most of the human collaborators believed that the “aliens” were benevolent, is STILL in place, even after “we” lost control of the situation.

Since the aliens now have CONTROL of much of the INFRASTRUCTURE (Deep Underground Military Bases) that grew out of the early interaction projects, the control-structure or “establishment” itself WILL NOT and CAN NOT do anything about the situation.

It is up to those on earth who are NOT bound by security RESTRICTIONS, or fraternal secret society OATHS, or in the case of humanoid “visitors” those who are not bound by non-interference DIRECTIVES — such as the many Nordic-Terran HYBRIDS who have according to Michael Wolf and others been LEGALLY born into this society.


If you read the above Quote with any sort of feeling or empathy at all…, it tugs at your heart!

It is about the saddest thing that you can possibly imagine reading!

Good people, who were so conned, so fooled, and so taken in…, that they can now see NO WAY OUT of the deep hole they themselves dug!

However…, there is also a DEEP PLEA…, a REAL BEGGING for help inside of this quote!

These people are begging the rest of us…, (their brothers and sisters) who have NOT taken security oaths, and who have not signed our lives away in non disclosure agreements to pick up the banner – the torch of FREEDOM and to do everything that we can to SAVE THE PLANET!

The question is this:

Do we pick up the torch and get to work and help SAVE the planet and thus save THEM as well?

Do we see that they were conned and fooled, and thus use all of our FREE TIME and ENERGY to do everything we can to EXPOSE IT ALL?

Or…, do we cower in fear and claim that we need the GOVERNMENT (which is NOT going to expose this) to do the exposing for us?

How many of us have far MORE free time than we are willing to use?

The larger question here is:


Who out there that is reading this article (right now) has decided that THEY are the ones that must take REAL ACTION – and do what is needed to save the entire Earth?

Who is willing to “engage” with this HUGE PROBLEM –  and pick up the banner of freedom for our planet?

Let us read what is really going on UNDERGROUND and what alien Grays are doing here behind our backs!

Tehachapi Mountains located in Southern California

The following information comes from an article written by researcher William Hamilton, titled MAGICAL CAVERNS, which was in turn based upon Hamilton’s book ALIEN MAGIC:

…The first case of subterranean abduction that I investigated occurred in 1988. I never reached a firm conclusion regarding the information that resulted from this investigation, but did receive corroborating reports from other abductees. The incident occurred in the Rosamond area of the Antelope Valley in California up on the sides of the Tehachapi Mountains.

The Tehachapi mountains rise on the north side of the valley. There is a saddle in the mountains and a secret Northrop electromagnetic testing facility is in the area just below the saddle.

The Northrop facility has been dubbed the “Ant-hill” or the “Black Hole” by some of the locals who refer to it as a multileveled underground facility.

Ray and Nancy worked at the Northrop B-2 assembly factory in Palmdale. Ray is a Native American. Ray was an aircraft inspector and worked swing shift.

One June night he decided to take a midnight ride with Nancy up to the cut in the Tahachapi mountains. This cut appears as an inclined whitish mark on the side of the foothills. It actually marks the site of a road that winds up around the mountains.

On the backside is an entrance to an artificial plateau that had been blasted out of the rocks. Ray parked his truck on this plateau. They got out to look at the stars and the city lights of Lancaster and Palmdale in the valley far below. While looking at the stars, Nancy noticed that some of them were moving around and brought it to Ray’s attention.

Ray got his flashlight out of the truck and started signaling the lights. At some point, Nancy noticed a bright basketball-sized orb hovering just above a nearby knoll. They both walked closer to get a better look at the orb. Ray thought it had just risen out of some invisible opening in the ground. It seemed to be flashing and sparkling. Some sort of line dangled from its underside. It rose a little higher and Nancy tried to speak to it, having an intuitive feeling that some intelligence has guided the orb to that plateau for their benefit.

As they watched this strange phenomenon around one o’clock in the morning, they next observed the morning dawn light over the far distant eastern hills.

Something had just snatched four hours of time out of their lives. The orb was gone. They were terrified and drove quickly home. The next day, they felt a vibration going through their apartment. When they went outdoors, they saw two orbs hovering above their apartment. This scared them badly.

I took Ray and Nancy to a local hypnotist and she regressed Ray.

Nancy refused to be regressed, expressing fear over what she might discover about those four hours of missing time. Ray was an excellent subject. When in trance, with little prompting, he fell backwards nearly to the floor before we caught him. The regression brought out some amazing revelations. Ray and Nancy had been abducted and taken underground!

Under hypnosis he kept mentioning the Kern River to the north. “There is an area near the Tehachapi Mountains called the Kern River Project. The upper river is being used by the government for hydro-electric power to power an underground facility at Tehachapi Ranch [actually, the Tejon Ranch].

The mountain next to the power facility is being hollowed out…there is mud all around and it’s so obvious, but apparently people aren’t looking.

All the power is being used for the Ranch, which is the site of underground ‘skunk works’ where highly technical aircraft, spacecraft and all kinds of stuff are being dealt with.

It is a huge underground base, probably close to the size of the one under 29 Palms Marine Base. It has huge hangers and very large elevators as well as technical laboratories. There is a whole city under there, large passageways…the whole valley is full of tunnels. You can drive from one end to the other underground.

You can drive from Palmdale, site of the Northrop, Lockheed and ‘black project’ areas, to California City…all underground. There are tunnels all the way to George AFB.

Aliens apparently have ACCESS…they’ve been seen all over the place. The [corporate] government LETS them do whatever they want.

They’re probing the human brain, trying to find our WEAKNESSES and learning how to CONTROL us (like they’ve apparently ‘learned’ to ‘control’ the secret [corporate] government elite who in turn control these underground military-industrial networks and who have in essence turned these facilities over to the aliens, whether out of fear of retaliation, out of some type of global control agreement, or just plain mind control? – Branton).

They dissect humans…can’t describe the dissections because they are not humane. Really morbid. The ‘government’ knows it…they just turn their heads.

Some people in the government want to STOP this but they don’t know HOW to stop it.”


Ray was disconcerted that Greys had Nancy strapped to a table in this facility. He could see instruments all around. During hypnosis he would freeze up when recalling this scene. He yelled and became very emotional. He was convinced they would rape her and violate her, yet he was helpless to prevent it.

He and Nancy also felt they had contact with a benevolent race of aliens who had observed their capture [by the Greys]. After a few months, Ray and Nancy announced to me that they wanted little more to do with reporting further events. They felt exposed and monitored and feared retribution if they continued talking. They last told me they intended to go to Bible classes to find refuge from this enormous EVIL that encroached upon their lives.

Many witnesses have observed unusual phenomenon over the Tejon Ranch. One night on March 3, 1991 Pearl Schultz and Aric Leavitt sighted five or six UFOs moving in pairs at various speeds and sometimes switching directions over the Tehachapi Mountains. Each had a pulsating light that alternated from bright white to heavy red. Mrs. Schultz noticed orange and yellow colors. Some of the UFOs seemed to come from the saddle area.

A man named Stan saw a bright flash of orange light which seemed to have a cigar-shape. He saw this from Avenue I looking northwest over the Tehachapi’s.

Three witnesses went up to the plateau near the Anthill on January 31, 1991. They saw a green-glowing disk take-off from this facility without any apparent acceleration and climb at a 45 degree angle to the south. They also heard a tone when they sighted the object. When traveling back down the road [170th Street West], they saw two black vans and two black helicopters.

In the morning dawn, a pilot was flying out of Fox Field on Avenue G headed for Merced. His flight path would take him over the Tehachapi’s. When passing over the saddle where the Anthill is located on February 23, 1991, he observed four white rectangular objects hovering over the facility. He described them as being four times the size of a typical highway billboard. They were each separated by about 200 yards. Another observer, who was called on the phone, drove his car out to the highway and observed these same objects before they winked out! (cloaked? – Branton)

One local man who has property on 170th Street West reported seeing the ground open up like a missile silo within the fenced parameter surrounding the Northrop installation. He saw a flying saucer emerge from this ‘silo’ and take off. He also claimed that someone from Edwards had come to talk to him about his story and told him to shut up. I further found out that the man’s name is Chuck and he was a contractor who worked on the underground tunnels in the Anthill facility.

He said the tunnels have round doorways with panels that have red and green lights for ID and entry. There are no doors covering these doorways, but some kind of field is projected from cylinders embedded in the door wall. Tiny globes hovered in the tunnels and followed Chuck and his crew around. He thought they were being used by the Air Force as sensors. But where did the Air Force get the technology to levitate these orbs?

Joe told me a lot of stories. He attended many of my UFOrum meetings in Lancaster. He claims to have had a close encounter and missing time when traveling a road through the south side of Edwards AFB one night. Joe was in construction and held clearances for working in military operation areas. He said that he had worked on an underground tunnel project below Haystack Butte on the Eastern boundary of Edwards near the NASA Rocket Test Site. He also claimed that he saw orbs roving around these tunnels.

He painted numbers inside a box located on a stripe that ran horizontally midway along the tunnel walls. I asked him how far this tunnel ran below the earth’s surface. He said that he and fellow employees used to count as the elevator descended to the tunnel level. From the count and from the elevator speed, I estimated that the tunnel must have been around 3,000 feet deep.

One time he saw a door open to a room in one of these tunnels and he could see a very tall alien standing next to two men in white lab coats. He thought this alien was all of nine feet tall. He claims that he saw two grey aliens inside a hangar at China Lake one day when he went back inside the hanger after finishing his work to retrieve a tool that he had left behind. Joe was always telling me fantastic stories, yet he seemed very sincere. I never knew whether to believe him.

One day Joe told me about two old school buddies he had run across. They both held jobs in underground facilities and had worked at the Anthill, he said. They would work underground for two weeks at a stint. They lived in condos when working underground. These condos were also built into the underground facility. The government even picked up the tab on one guy’s alimony.

One was known as a computer genius. He said that he had seen both grey AND reptilian life forms in various underground facilities.

One of the underground projects was Project Startalk. The work involved lasers. The informer, a guy named Paul, said that he worked in a big underground building [350 feet across]. Project Startalk utilized a powerful laser which strikes a mirror and is sent into space. The laser is modulated with a signal and acts as a beacon to bring in UFOs.

Apparently, the beacon is directed at friendly forces from other systems. He also worked at the Douglas facility near Llano. He once saw a saucer land and go into an underground hanger. Inside the underground building is a huge computer complex. The workers wear white clothing and white socks [no shoes]. The computers use an alien symbolic language. Manuals indicate codes that can be entered. There is a large lexon plastic screen in this complex that displays various star systems and galaxies.

A wax pencil is used to indicate targets for the laser. The technology used is so far advanced that it is beyond known engineering technology.

The laser is also capable of INTERDIMENSIONAL communication.

(Hyperspace or subspace communication? It would HAVE to be so, since laser-light modulated in third dimensional beams would take at least 3 years to reach the nearest star. – Branton)

Security workers accompany all workers, even to the bathroom. Phones are tapped, even worker’s home phones. It took Paul and Gopher [the second guy] two years to get a security clearance.

(Note: If the Military-Industrial establishment or the ‘corporate’ government is involved with the alien interaction as it would seem to be, then the electorate government does not have entire control of the situation… those who control these corporate structures do!

Or those whose motivation is to increase their wealth and power even if it means making “business deals” with malevolent alien forces.

Their motivation would NOT necessarily be to govern the American citizen’s nor uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States!

As they say, the lust for money is the root of ALL evil. – Branton)


Gopher also worked at the Anthill as a computer specialist.

He has also worked at Lockheed’s Helendale facility and at the Nevada Test Site. Gopher says that we (America) are working with aliens and alien technology and it scares the hell out of him. He gets paid well.

He makes $145 thousand a year and the ‘government’ pays his alimony. He says he has also worked at SECTION D, better known as the DULCE facility.

He has seen reptoids and Greys in these underground facilities. He doesn’t have a life of his own. He worked with white-skinned reptoids (probably the “white draco” that Thomas Castello spoke of – Branton).

He has also seem members of the Orange race.


He is trying to find out what is going to happen. He is worried about what the future holds. He foresees an ALIEN WAR. He has a good lifestyle underground. Besides the condo, he has swimming pools, saunas, and a gym at his disposal. He works 14 to 16 days on a shift. He is not allowed to leave the country and must obtain permission to leave the state. He says the main control center in the valley is at Haystack Butte.

A tunnel runs from Haystack Butte to the Anthill.

Gopher believes there are benevolent aliens and says he saw one once. They are from a Federation.

The one he saw was human looking, a tall blond [Nordic] that wore a white jump suit and had a green coat over it. He believes that we are trying to enlist the aid of such friendly beings. This is a very similar scenario to what I received in the letter from a veteran.

My friend’s stepson obtained a job in an underground facility at Los Alamos.

He says there is a tube shuttle that runs from that underground facility to SECTION D.

He worked on Level I which RUNS UNDER MAIN STREET [in Dulce]. One block from the PAN AM building is the old high school, now used as an engineering facility by HAKEN HANGAR [Originally ZIA Corp].


From the computer room a side tunnel intersects the main tunnel transit tube that runs from Los Alamos to Albuquerque.

These levels are protected by PROFORCE Security.

At deeper, more secure levels exist automatic devices that kill intruders.

A security guard accidentally tripped an alarm and was killed by one of these. These tunnels are a minor part of a VAST network of such tunnels.

One other thing mentioned by this source is an underground city which housed a population of thousands who occupied CONDOS.

Many of these people lived permanently underground. Some of the advanced technological research going on involves genetic labs using laser fusion.

The budget for the SURFACE facility [alone] is OVER A BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR, but the underground research projects get MANY TIMES THIS AMOUNT. (Trillions?)

(How much of this comes from our hard-earned tax dollars? Is the America economy and our wealth literally “going down the tubes”? – Branton)

Pam and I were introduced to an abductee named Diane a few years ago. Diane lives over in the Apple Valley area. She had ongoing alien encounters since she was a child. As she grew older, she started experiencing abductions by humans that took her to underground facilities. One of these underground facilities she believed was located at China Lake Naval Weapons test center (just west of the Panamint Range and Death Valley – Branton).

She was taken down to lower levels in an elevator.

Her description of this elevator matched the description given by a man named Thomas of an elevator in use at the Dulce facility.

Thomas’ description of this and other details were never published [at the time] so that we could check out corroborating eyewitness reports.

Evidently these elevators have an unusual shape and operate on magnetic forces in the elevator shaft rather than using cable systems to run the elevator up and down the shaft.

Diane also reports that she was taken on a tour of one part of the facility by a man in a white coat. He showed her humans that had been biologically altered. These humans were housed in cages set about a foot above the floor. She also saw altered animals.

Her story was just as bizarre as Thomas’ story of Level 7 at Dulce.

The story of an underground base on the Jicarilla Apache Indian reservation first came to light around 1980 when Albuquerque physicist Paul Bennewitz reported the crash of an alien ship on the slopes of Archuleta Mountain.

Paul wrote a letter to Senator Pete Domenici and Paul Gilman in Washington D.C.

This letter was accompanied by a report.

He said, “Atomic ship originally outlined in my report… copy to you… several years ago had crashed approximately two miles northwest of Dulce, NM near Archuleta Peak on Archuleta Mesa”.

He believed there was a concern because gamma and neutron radiation could be emitted from the crash site if there had been a nuclear meltdown. Paul’s THUNDER SCIENTIFIC CORPORATION manufactured various detection instruments.

In his PROJECT BETA report, Bennewitz stated that humanoid aliens had a base near Archuleta Mesa and that he had established direct computer communication with aliens at the base. He did not believe the aliens to be trustworthy. Paul became paranoid about the government, the aliens, and admitted abductees whom he believed were being controlled by the aliens.

At a MUFON conference held in Las Vegas in 1989, featured speaker Bill Moore made the statement that Paul Bennewitz was fed disinformation by intelligence agents, that he contributed to this effort, and the WHOLE STORY concerning the Dulce facility was constructed around these bits of disinformation that were fed to Paul (or was it a case of “reverse disinformation” in the same vein as “reverse psychology”? – Branton).

However, testimony from Walter Baumgartner and state police officer Gabe Valdez indicates otherwise. According to them, they had SEEN video images of aliens that Paul had made contact with using his special equipment (that is, a video-radio link utilizing a hexadecimal code with computer printout which he used to ‘interrogated’ the alien’s collective intelligence via ship-to-base communication frequencies – Branton).

These aliens would send messages that would output on Paul’s computer printer. Some of the sentence structure was disjointed. Were intelligence agents taking extreme measure by hoaxing computer communications with Paul? For what purpose? Apparently Bennewitz was using special transmitter coils to send and receive electromagnetic signals to and from the alien base.


Then along came Thomas. Thomas E. Castello who was born in Glen Ellan, Illinois on April 23, 1941.

Thomas was the man who released the Dulce papers.

His good friend, Ann West (pseudonym – true name on file.- Branton), tells his story — as Thomas has not been heard from since 1991.

Thomas had a passion for antique cars, any antique car, but especially Packards, and especially the big-nosed cars of the forties and early fifties. A lot of his spare time was spent modifying his 1949 Packard, and he needed special parts.

His friends told him about an older man in town that had a machine shop that could rebuild antique cars. This old man was Ed West, Ann’s father. He found Ed easy to talk to, not just about cars, but anything. The two spent endless hours discussing cars, planes, and the space program. Tom and Ed found they were both fascinated with flying saucers.

After a few months, Ed introduced Tom to “THE ORGANIZATION”, a group that did deep research on flying saucers and contactees. Tom completed INITIATION into the group and was soon on several assignments.

At that time in 1961, Tom was in the Air Force, stationed at Nellis AFB [near] Las Vegas. He was schooled in photography, and had received a top secret clearance. He was given the opportunity of receiving additional training in Virginia. There, he had his first experience of working in an underground base. When he left that facility, his top secret clearance was upgraded to TS-IV.

His duties as an Air Force sergeant included photographing a runway exercise in Florida. He would meet with Ann during his off-duty time in Orlando. Tom was pleased to discover that Ann drove a classic 1950 Packard straight-eight with a beautiful swan as a hood ornament.

The next year, 1963, Ann moved to Las Vegas to be near her folks.

When she was in Florida, she had a close encounter with a glowing flying saucer and was actually taken on board. The haunting dreams and memories of this incident bothered Ann. Tom introduced HER to “The Organization”. After a few visits, Ann became initiated into the group and started certain assignments. She and Tom began to collect books, articles, and magazines about UFOs. They would spend nights doing research.

Over the years, Tom became like a brother to Ann. His parents were killed in a car accident so he adopted Ann’s parents into his heart.

Tom stayed in high security photography for seven years, then left the Air Force in 1971. He began working for RAND Corp. in California as a security technician.

Within a year, his clearance was upgraded to ULTRA-3.

Tom met Cathy in 1972 and got married. In November, 1974, Cathy gave birth to Eric Scott Castello. They moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1977.

Tom had been transferred and his clearance upgraded to ULTRA-7. He found his new position financially rewarding, but more stressful. He told Ann that he worked in an underground facility that had incredible security, for the photography department.

His job touched on all aspects of photography from large format cameras to mini cameras. It was his responsibility to check, align, and calibrate all the security video cameras, from the doors to exit tunnels.

His position required that he be armed at all times. It was also his job to escort visitors to certain areas of the base. This facility came to be known as the Dulce Base. When Tom finally left his job, he had earned the security rank of Major.

Tom and Cathy, and TAL and Mary LeVesque, all lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1979 when Ann went to visit them. Tom seemed more intense than usual. He said that he wished that he could talk to Ann about his concerns, but his high security clearance prevented him from saying much. The day Ann left New Mexico, Tom pressed a folded piece of paper into her hand and whispered quietly, “don’t let anyone see this.”

She slipped it into her pocket. That night, alone at a motel in Durango, she opened the paper. There were three things on its yellow page: a sketch of an alien; an inverted triangle; and the name Dulce.

She stared at the mysterious drawing and tried to figure out what it all meant. The alien in the drawing had a large head, big black eyes, no nose and no hair. The triangle was shaded black. After looking at it, she flushed the paper down the toilet. That night, she had nightmares about aliens.

The next morning, over coffee, she was looking at a map for a route back to Las Vegas when she noticed the name of a small town near the New Mexico state line called ‘Dulce.’ Were there aliens in Dulce?

What was Tom trying to tell her? Then she remembered where she had seen the black triangle before. The symbol was on a hat on Tom’s coffee table. It was burnt orange with a black inverted triangle with gold bands cutting it in three sections.


Note: It is interesting that this three-level triangle is inverted, but when we consider that some ‘Nordic’ groups use an UPRIGHT triangle with three horizontal lines through it as their emblem, that changes things!

Some ‘Christian’ sources have reported ‘visions’ of the ‘New Jerusalem’ city mentioned in the book of Revelation, as being a vast city of LIGHT and of pyramidal shape and in three levels.

This ‘city of light’ has been reportedly observed — using super-powerful telescopes — to be emerging from the ‘nebula’ far beyond the Orion cluster, and it is said to be on a direct course to earth.

This is reportedly the supreme headquarters of the angelic forces and the Triune Godhead under whom they serve, according to these Christian sources.

This description would coincide with the Nordic emblem of an upright three-level triangle or pyramid, in that these humanoids would no doubt be aware of this Divine center of angelic activity IF our elite scientists are…,

…and the fact that an INVERTED or upside-down three-level triangle is associated with the Dulce base might denote a direct Luciferian connection.

This is especially interesting if the reports are true which state that the Dulce base has its counterparts within the 4th and 5th densities or dimensions of that particular point in time-space. – Branton)

She decided to drive through Dulce looking for something suspicious, but found nothing. She went back to Durango and drove to Cortez. She fell in love with it, and moved to Colorado.

Early in December of that year, Tom paid Ann a surprise visit. He told her that he had walked out on his job some months ago after a major dispute broke out between security workers and a military group. Tom said that the security force used “flash guns,” but the military group was armed with machine guns.

(although an apparent human/alien security force may have possessed flash guns and the military force machine guns — this does not necessarily mean that a weapons dispute was the SOLE ‘trigger’ of the conflict – Branton).

He said it was like a war with screaming and panic in all the tunnels. A lot of people died in the conflict. He wondered what story the government would use to cover-up the deaths. In February, 1980, the media reported a prison riot near Los Alamos and that many prisoners died. Was this the cover-up? 

Tom admitted that he was in trouble. He went back to the base and took photos, papers, and other items. He had entered and left through a ventilation shaft inside an ICE CAVE. After leaving the cave, he Returned to a prepared box, put everything in the box, and buried it. He went back to his car, but security was waiting for him. They questioned him about his purpose for being there, but allowed him to leave. He was on his way to Colorado Springs, and now he was “on the run.”

He asked Ann to have faith in him and that he was still the same man she had always known as a friend. 

The next day, after he had left, three men from O.S.I. showed up and questioned Ann about Tom’s where-abouts. On four other visits in December other men questioned her and she told them she knew nothing about where he had gone. In January, the CIA came to her door. They insisted that she was withholding information. 

Ann had been in a car accident in 1978 and had recurring headaches. In January, 1980 she checked into a hospital in Farmington, New Mexico. She went in for an angiogram, but woke up to find that she had had a stroke. She had to re-learn everything again. At that time the OSI and CIA stopped bothering her. 

It was June of 1982 before she heard from Thomas again. He called from her dad’s house. They talked for hours. He had been running for his life and had been in twenty states and four countries. He showed her medical papers and scientific diagrams, but Ann could not make sense of it all. Tom told her that the ‘government’ had a treaty with an alien nation and that aliens had been on [under] this earth for countless centuries. He showed Ann pages of alien written material and translated papers. It was horrifying.

He told her that Cathy and Eric had been KIDNAPPED and were being’ held CAPTIVE in a subterranean base.

He needed a safe place to hide all the original papers that he took from the Dulce Base and other things of a substantial nature to prove the alien conspiracy. Tom and Ann buried the box of material on a mountain. Years have changed the terrain, and Ann has not been able to relocate the exact burial site. 

Sound like a tall tale? Many think it is.

Ann had photos of Thomas and details of his life in her files. TAL met with him once. He is a real person. He answered some of my questions by mail. He fully believes what he says and has answered the questions when he knows the answers.

Some of this information has been published in hopes of eliciting further witness testimony. So far, I only know of three others who claim they have been to this underground facility. One man is known to a friend of mine and was trained as a nuclear physicist. 

The Dulce Facility is a seven-level underground research base, run by the D.O.E. [Dept. Of Energy] (As is the Nevada Test Site – Branton) and connected to the Los Alamos labs. Level I has garages, street maintenance equipment, photo labs, hydroponic gardens to grow fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, etc., human housing, a mess hall, VIP housing, a kitchen, and a security vehicles garage.

Each of the levels has color-coded electric cars that are used for short-distance transport. Level 6 houses the infamous “Nightmare Hall”; a security arsenal; a military arsenal; military security; and a generator/impulsor. The generator is 200 feet in diameter, and has a two-level Electromagnetic impulse device that can create a perfect clone [duplicate or replicate] of a person. 

Science-Fiction? Abductees have described being taken to similar facilities. 

More will be coming…..

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