By: Bradley Loves


The goal of this series, is bring you right back around to where we started at Dulce!

Trust me…, this SINGLE “god forsaken place” is where most of current day humanities problems started!

THIS  Satanic hell hole – which needs to be “nuked” – is where most of the super advanced technology that is now being deployed against innocent human beings (all over the entire world) was developed…, (with the help of blood drinking OFF WORLDERS).

DULCE ties together countless parts of the larger puzzle which have been considered separate for MANY years.


It ties together EVERYTHING happening in our world today!   You will never look at the world, nor at our HISTORY in the same way ever again once you finally GET what has really happened to all of us!


SS Logo of Black Sun Worship


Everything that I have written so far is a piece that BELONGS in this puzzle – even if you think it somehow does not fit!


Wewelsburg Castle – Wewelsburg is a Renaissance castle located in the village of Wewelsburg, which is a district of the town of Büren, Westphalia, in the northeast of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The castle has a triangular layout – three round towers connected by massive walls. After 1934, it was used by the SS under Heinrich Himmler and was to be expanded into a complex acting as the central SS cult-site.


The “return” to MAGIC, or the return to what many Germans called – the “old ways” is what has brought our entire world (once again) to the brink of TOTAL DESTRUCTION!

The Castle is shaped as a Triangle


It has taken us as an entire planetary culture down a VERY DARK PATH – a path that can only lead to more “death”.

Our advanced weaponry is not really new at all!  

It is merely the latest version of ancient weapons that have been used to destroyed civilizations, moons, planets, and even ripped apart Galaxies.

Just ask “India”…, how their once great civilization looked before, and then after Nuclear Weapons were deployed there over 5,000 years ago in a “magical war”!

Greedy men and women just can’t help but be “captured” by the allure of MAGIC!   

The weak willed and the ignorant “fall for it every single time”!

The desire for MORE POWER…, always leads someone who practices “magic” directly into BLACK MAGIC.       (Every single Time).

This is why the Ancient Mystery Schools…, (Before the days of Babylon) hid the magical powers of the Universe from the base, the lecherous, and the evil!




The SS MAGICIANS at Wewelsburg were involved with worshiping the BLACK SUN.



It is a loathsome, desperate, and evil thing – that can not exist without being FED “death” energy because it totally refuses to align with COSMIC RULES and NATURAL LAWS of the Universal Creator!

However, for those who DO feed it – access is given to many secret powers of the Astral Levels.

Power over others is granted – and the ability to manipulate Time and Space (to a certain degree) is granted in repayment to anyone willing to feed it.

And this, my dear readers is why it is called BLACK MAGIC in the first place, because all of these powers are coming through the BLACK SUN!

If you wanted to be a little bit more clear about this, you would call it BLACK  SUN MAGIC…, and if you wanted to be perfectly clear and totally transparent – so that there was no doubt left – you would call it  BLACK SUN MAGNETICS!



The truth is that you can NOT practice any type of BLACK MAGIC without first acknowledging what “entity” or “deity” that you are ultimately feeding!

It does not matter who it is, anywhere around the entire world…, the very moment that you take your very first step into BLACK MAGIC…, you are walking into the temple of the BLACK SUN!

Floor tiles in Wewelsburg

Eventually, you will be compelled to offer the BLACK SUN a blood sacrifice if you seek any reward of value or significance!

What does it tell us about Greater Europe when the very building recently built to house NATO – is designed like this:

Brand new NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belguim

Do you think Europe has fallen into the same old pattern of BLACK SUN worship that the SS MAGICIANS were doing at Wewelsburg??

And what is “Europe” currently doing to all of it’s people as we speak?

Let’s read the latest Ben Fulford blog article to find out what is really going on in Europe!

Let’s start with the situation in Europe, where governments in Austria, Italy, Sweden, and elsewhere are waking up to the fact that the so-called refugee crisis is actually a Muslim invasion.

This is no exaggeration, since over 60% of the roughly five million refugees who have arrived in Europe since 2013 are men.

Put another way, an army of three million military-age Muslim men has invaded Europe by stealth means.

These statistics come from Eurostat via Wikipedia.

This is not just a random occurrence, either.

The “refugees” are being handed false papers; for example, Afghan and Pakistani men are being given travel expenses and allowances, as well as fake Syrian passports by the P2 Freemason self-appointed social engineers who are behind this crisis.

As we have mentioned before, we were told when we visited the P2 in Italy a few years ago that their plan was to force Islam and Christianity to fight each other in order to merge the two into a single one-world religion controlled by them.

Here is another quote from Ben Fulford located in this article at Stillness in the Storm:

This led to Leo Zagami of the P2 Freemason lodge visiting me in Tokyo and inviting me to visit the P2 in Italy.

There I was taken by Vincenzo Mazzara, a Cavalier of the Teutonic Knights, to a cathedral in Milan where there was a stained glass image of their god, the black sun.

Mazzara told me it was a black hole in the center of the galaxy that communicated to them via the gamma wave spectrum.

Apparently for thousands of years this entity has given enormous power and wealth to a select few in exchange for having them feed it human and animal sacrifices. This is what I call the Satan worshipping Khazarian mafia.

The vision of the future held by P2 members like Mazzara was one of total war and destruction on this planet, something they thought was inevitable.


These “P2” Freemasons that Fulford is referring to here are worshipers of the BLACK SUN!

But there is more!  The BLACK SUN ENTITY has other names in History!

The ARCHONS are the Ancient Egyptian Gods of DARKNESS

Donald Trump has said many times that he does NOT want to see a “Migrant Invasion” of America taking place!

However, every single Democrat (standing on the Lunatic fringe) is desperately trying to crucify him for trying to protect America from what the P2 Freemasons have already DONE to Europe!

But hey…, let’s remember that the BIGGEST shouters and screamers in America are in fact HOLLYWOOD ACTORS and MUSICIANS who are already very heavily involved in Satanism – which is another religion that is deeply “in service” to the BLACK SUN!


So, you see, it’s all one big happy family when it comes to Satan Worship – Black Sun Worship – Black Magic and the like!

More will be coming….








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