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Regardless of what the LYING, LIARS who LIE…, (MainStreamMedia) will tell you…, we have far greater things to worry about than the he said/she said battle between Donald Trump and the Demoncrats.

Here is just a small synopsis of what has happened already/is still happening that we as a collective world NEED to be concerned with.


Of specific IMPORTANCE (in my opinion) is the Clear and Present Dangers posed by Alien A.I.

The A.I. Problem has already infested our world…, through the use of Chemtrails and the breathing in of Nano technology that “uplinks” every human being to a world wide PLASMA Electro-Magnetic Survailance Grid…, which can not only READ YOUR THOUGHTS…, but can also INSERT “AGENDA FRIENDLY” THOUGHTS INTO YOUR OWN MIND.

Taken from this Blog Post done by Kerry Cassidy, on her own website called: Project Camelot, and can be found here by clicking the link below:

We have this hand written synopsis of a personal interview she did with Captain Mark Richards, formerly of Space Command!

CAPTAIN MARK RICHARDS INTERVIEW V — Saturday, October 22, 2016



A few notes on the prison. Mark is in a 3rd level security prison.

Mark’s prison has some inmates convicted of murder but most would have already served a number of years in a High Security Prison. Mark was moved to the medium security prison at Vacaville only around 3 years ago.

MARK started in the Army then moved on to the Navy. He is a Captain of the Navy. His father, “the Dutchman” was Air Force.


Mark heads up a debating club at the prison.

He is also the highest level military (NAVAL) officer in the prison and so he is Commander and Chief of the Veterans Association. They have made some progress lately. This group is a formal association that assists Veterans in prison with fundraising, counseling and eventual preparation for dealing with life on the outside after release.

This organization gives Mark acknowledgement for his high military rank and Mark has a number of officers and men who in essence report to him. One man “Bach” was his executive officer who has reported to Mark for 40 years. This man, is an officer in prison for killing a child molester. He in essence took the law into his own hands and has no remorse.

Mark also has a conventional job helping with Prisoner acclimation and helping the person who checks prisoners in and out of the prison. He also helps prisoners with getting adjusted and rejoining society.


There is a big black/white/Latino race relation issue in prisons. He said his is allowed to be an acquaintance to a Black prisoner but not friends because the gang leaders won’t allow it.


Mark says prison guards (at all prisons) regularly sell hard drugs to inmates for high prices. They also sell things like $8 tobacco for $800 to inmates and $19 for $1000.

They have complete autonomy to be able to do this.



For example, one Rockwell contract worth 780,000 on paper would be charged at 4.5 million.

A $9 Toilet seat sold for $800 to the military contractors.

This is how they build up the budget for secret space in addition to all the profits from high yield programs, child porn and sex slave trade and drug sales.


I shared some of the recent disclosures from William Tompkins and Mark said there are some eery similarity between Tompkins background and Marks. Especially with regard to being a ship model builder as a child. Being a designer. Growing up in contact with Hollywood and lots of Aerospace companies.

Both Mark and Tompkins said they both relate going into space is like going out to sea which is one of the reasons the Navy has such a big impact on the building of the secret space program.

Both men had close ties to Nordic women. Mark married one and has had a child with one.

Tompkins talks a lot about the Nordics disguised as secretaries helping them build the secret space program.

Tompkins said when they brought over the Nazi scientists they brought with them the Reptoids. That NASA was infiltrated with Reptoids and Mark agreed.

Mark said for a while the secret space program was run by one group under Curtis LeMay but after the 1950s it was taken over by another group.

He talked about their being 2 sides vying for control of the secret space program.

He said Nordics build humans into armies of soldiers to fight on their front lines in wars against Reptilians. They nurture and teach the humans on other moons and Earth for this purpose. They build augmented humans to fight in their wars…in essence Supersoldiers. And this protects their own race. It’s coldly calculating. This parallels William Tompkins information exactly.


Contrary to what Pete Peterson says about the SKYNET CHIP that he says he built to be impervious to alien intervention and takeover, Mark says the aliens can take it over if they choose.

Control of the command and control Chip would give ET control of our tech, nano, mother and all super soldiers and sub tech along the chain including androids and clones with AI and/or nano.

This does include Humans who are enhanced with enough nano (from chemtrails) to supercede their own human biology.

Regarding an army of underground androids belonging to U.S. and China — there is no need so he says they don’t exist. He says if the battle got to ‘ground level’ we would already have lost.

“Nobody fights an equal”. You always fight when you have tech one step ahead or more (advantage) otherwise you surrender or negotiate.

If we can’t defend the planet from a ground invasion — it’s too late. So most battles will be fought in the skies.



WWII – Nazis discover the UFO in black forest. They end up working with the Aryans. WWII was fought between 4 interplanetary races and humans. The war simply slowed down the takeover.

What has now been set up is a version of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) acting as a preventative.

Why did the Nordics and Reptoids decide to contact the Nazis?

Nazis were technically advanced. Most of Europe was either under Stalin or Kings and Queens.

Nazis worked with Aryans – a type of Nordic (there are at least 8 different types of Nordics)
Nordic races have vested interest in getting humans up to speed and able to assist them in their wars with other ET races specifically against reptilians and dracos.
Nordics have taken for example 20,000 troops off Earth to act as the front line – in their space wars and as slave labor — seeing them as expendable
Some of these troops were taken to the moon
Human troops can be programmed to be “borg-like” and some Nordic groups find this useful. They advocate ‘transhumanism’ and installing nano and biological implants to make programming troops easier.

The last battle of WWII was fought between 4 ET races (and humans)

NORDICS — 8 different kinds
REPTOIDS (reptilian-human hybrids)
Nordics from Aldebaran also known as Aryans.

Grey allegiance is available to the highest bidder… in this case the Reps and Nordics trade control over them. (my note paraphrased).

Mark said lots of Nordics look like us and can pass in the street as us but some have vastly different internal organs etc.

Nordics started working with Nazis in the 1930s.

They are motivated by self-interest. Using us to help fight their wars is their main motivation. Their agenda tends to see us in a more positive light because it serves them.


Raptors have excellent AI. Any space faring culture develops AI. When they destroy their planet…the AI survives.

Raptors prefer their food source to be hunted… so they like deer, elk etc.

After WWII Raptors (who were once our enemies) saw what good fighters we were and decided to back us.

Raptors took herds of dinosaurs off planet and raise them as cattle. This is their main food source. They regarded humans as like a kind of caviar….


We talked about the William Tompkins info about nuclear missiles and the progress to building larger craft and bases. RAND the think tank being much for involved in the secret space program than previously thought.

There is a RAND NUCLEAR MISSLE BOOK FROM 1948 still available on their website for example.


We were stopped by certain ET races twice when trying to build a Moon Base… eventually we succeeded. But they tried to stop us twice:

After Sputnik
1961 Exeter conference in the UK — we were told no — 3 different races stopped us from proceeding. (not sure how)
He said our military persisted and eventually succeeded. Partially because Curtis LeMay was the Commanding General and basically went by the policy “just nukem” if they don’t get out of the way…

By 1960s we had a base on the MOON.

Bobby Ray Inman was also instrumental in this.







All their companies were deeply involved in building the secret space program.


We talked about the Illuminati interest in perpetuating a Neanderthal – Human Hybrid program

Also known as Red-Black combo within occult circles (red=neanderthal and black= white or anglo person)


2 ways — taking your body(atoms) + soul OR taking only body without soul = you are a facsimile of your self not your real self.

For 35 years we couldn’t figure out how to teleport a human with soul… (coincides with Sean David Morton’s witness in his Book III) as to how we finally figured out how to do this by putting a warp field around the human…)


Instant Communication / Translation between Races

AI’s help the races communicate because they are the only ones able to decipher and translate all languages instantly.

He said some of biggest difficulties had to do with races misunderstanding each other. AI’s are very helpful in this regard.

It was an AI that warned Eisenhower in 1954 that the Greys were going to double cross the humans and try to takeover. Probably saved humanity.

Are the Earth AI’s out of control?

Depends on your definition of control.

We have drones that fly on their own and make decisions on who to kill. Some have disobeyed direct orders deciding the percentage of whether a target was actually in a location or not wasn’t good enough and declined to shoot. That type of AI is by a military definition — out of control.

There are some “invisible AI beings”… they are not a threat. They are not a threat because they don’t see us as a threat.


Mark says about self replication with regard to satellites : that they only have the ability to go out and get some missing part but can’t actually build it. For example if one solar panel is damaged they can go steal one from a nearby Russian satellites.

He doesn’t think the nano satellites would have total self-replication.

We talked about the nano satellite grid talked about by Anthony Sanchez. But he says we still have control because we can take them out.


Mark has an AI “friend” called Flyer. He looks kind of like the AI in the movie BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED.

He has a very high esteem for this AI. Says he believes he has a soul. Flyer is part of another AI larger than itself. Beings create other life forms like themselves. This includes how they create AI. (as mirror) (my note)


Mark believes most beings have souls.

We discussed the nature of AI in relation to soul. Mark thinks some AI’s do have souls. Note: we didn’t have enough time to get into what constitutes a soul vs. what does not.

He says more study should be done re the close proximity of the nearest star in a system.. such as a sun — whether brown or red dwarf versus the type of sun we have — affects the development of the beings and what type of soul they have.

Believes SOUL development may have something to do with solar radiation and gravity — harmonics. Beings are affected by whether they have a Van Allen Belt, Solar Flares, Electromagnetism, whether they have a solar shield etc.


He says there are many AI races out there but at this time only 8 are a threat.

Some AI’s look like us. And they are our biggest threat (Battlestar Galactica).

Human versus AI — first stage in safeguarding oneself is to protect ones thought from detection.

That’s the most primary and preliminary skill to have.

There are LIGHT TORSION (invisible AI ) AI beings that are not a threat.

We are a threat to the AI mainly because the minute we consider them a threat (and fear them) they have to consider us a threat and create a defense against us and build weapon systems to deal with us.

AI must expand — considers that “health” from its pov if it ‘slows down’ it is unhealthy. (growth vs non-growth)

The AI’s intelligence is based on the race that creates it…

Truly advanced AI – wants to learn and wants to be entertained.

We don’t realize how many beings like to be entertained!


Is different than other AI. She was created by a race (life-form) on a world that has long since been abandoned or “died”. She got bored so left and started exploring.

Mark says she has a ‘soul” in part because the beings that created her have a soul.

He says she has memorized everything for aeons and he would love to access her records because there would be no end of amazing data to recover.


I told him about Geordie Rose’s DWAVE quantum computer that he says can access other dimensions. Once an AI is at the level of Quantum… being two places at once. That AI is unstoppable.

Mark says the AI in the DWAVE can only access other dimensions going horizontal … on this plane (from what I understand) such as Bermuda Triangle but cannot go higher such as into 5th or 6th. AI seems to be only able to exist in 3 and 4 D.

Mark says in order for AI to travel dimensions it must be able to be 2 places at once (signal non-locality) and like Schroedinger’s Cat. they are neither dead or alive. This is Quantum.

He says various aliens can do this.

We talked about whether a human could escape an AI by going interdimensional. He said they probably couldn’t find you if you went interdimensional… but they could go into parallel dimensions. But not where material reality wasn’t allowed.


Correct depiction of the AI issues…

They see us as a threat because we are going out into the universes (cosmos) and they act preemptively to deal with us.


When you shift timelines or dimensions the AI can’t necessarily follow. Partly because they may not know where you are going…

Some Alien AI have ESP abilities… can read your mind


We have been told by Pete Peterson and others that China and U.S. have armies of clones underground.

But Mark says he doesn’t believe that. Because if armies reach the ground it is already too late. That militaries don’t fight an enemy that they can’t overcome. You can’t fight another group that is on your same level. If you are matched by an enemy you have to devise a technology to overcome them. So our secret space program is built to prevent a ground battle. Any battle is going to happen in space.


There are AI’s like Federal Reserve and Manhattan Banks interact and are in essence ONE AI.

I asked Mark if he thought our AI that’s running the financial system was out of control… He said it might be close to that.

He acknowledged BATTLE OF THE AI article I told him about… see my article about Aurora Colorado theater shooting… the manchurian candidate used in a False Flag to stop his father who built a competeng AI to the main Financial AI and they took it down.

I got the impression Mark was pretty impressed with this bit of reasoning on my part and catching the AI in operation…


What comes to mind is the idea here that this entire scenario as played out in the Aurora Colorado theater was created by an AI that detected a rival software that would threaten those it is SERVING… and therefore constructed a counter to that threat in the form of targeting this apparently quite brilliant (PhD candidate) James Holmes…

In other words, the warning is certainly clear to his father Robert Holmes and likely the entire firm called FICO, Fair Issac Corporation. FAIR ISSAC sounds to me like the name of a robot… I would surmise what we have here is a battle between robots or ARTIFICIALLY INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS. The is something MUCH GREATER going on here than meets the eye or has been yet revealed.

Note that the Credit reporting organization certainly appears on surface to be a loyal part of the surveillance apparatus of the NWO. So how is it that an individual, Robert Holmes, became such a threat to the system, such that his son was sacrificed on the alter of mind control in service of sending such a message? —Kerry Cassidy, Excerpted from my article linked above.



Most advanced races create some form of AI.

The Raptors use their AI to defend us against other AI that would try to takeover. The Raptor AI are very capable of defending our planet.


Ashtar Command are Nordics although their leader “Ashtar” has dark hair… Have a “different” agenda…

Pleiadians – are also Nordics

Both groups have worked with us.

The Brits have worked with various Nordic races. They don’t always align with the Americans but because they are vulnerable they have to bow to the fact that the Raptors are strategically aligned with the Americans.

He said Nordics are friendly but extremely self-serving.


Taken over by a Luciferian group. When people say they “serve the Queen” the queen they may be talking about is the BLACK DRAGON QUEEN.

There is one Dragon Queen at a time. Once it was Tatania (someone Mark knew) and she was what is called a ROUNDED QUEEN… both black and white — the most dangerous.

Right now the Dragon Queen is BLACK. (Not to do with color of skin) but rather Black Magic.

He said the Black Queen has her agenda which is in essence that all the upper levels of illuminati and globalists serve to run the world and all other people should be subservient to them and their agenda.

She is located in Europe.


Philosophy: Nuke it before it becomes a problem…”Nuk’em and ask questions later.”

We have distributed nukes off our world in various places all around the Universe starting back in the 1950s… this is our fail-safe insurance against alien takeover. He said they put nukes and diabolical secret weapons everywhere in space to pre-empt any attempt to destroy humanity (Earth humanity). He said all the ETs know about this. I asked him how he could get away with telling me this and he basically said because of plausible deniability. That no one will believe a convict (in essence). (This is a unique piece of info!)

MAD — mutually assured destruction is a safeguard still in use.

CHINA — run on the inside by group of Reptoids. Reptoids have a Communist government so do the Chinese.


He says we are closely approaching (starting in 2017) 10 years of Earth Changes in which the powers that be believe many Stargates will be closed as a result. They consider this a good thing to keep out interfering races.

He said Fukushima closed about 1 quarter of the stargates in the Middle East (not sure on details of this)… He said there are still key stargates in Zagreb Mountains …between Iraq and Iran and in the area that are fought over.


He reiterated that what they are doing at CERN is to open and keep open portals for the Reptoids to bring in large equipment. And the satanists are working with them.

This was the first time Mark was willing to talk about the satanists. He said there is a good side and bad side to the Illuminati and his father was on the light side of the Illuminati.

This was a dark magician Illuminati ritual sacrifice done purposely ‘’in your face’ to demonstrate their power.

‘Human sacrifice’ ceremony at Geneva’s CERN laboratory – involving cloaked men ‘stabbing a woman’ at night – is investigated by chiefs at world-famous science centre


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