By: Bradley Loves


This single series that I’ve written SHOULD be required reading in every school around the world!

Children should be taught what has been (and is still being done) underground!


The reason that I am reposting this series is so that peoples minds (which are constantly being distracted by the day to day drama and nonsense occuring in the MSM) can have an anchor of TRUTH to hold on to.

What you see in the News… (on a daily basis) is FAKE!   It is deliberately contrived and formulated to MIS-LEAD YOU!

Make no mistake about this…, we are 100 percent in the middle of an INFORMATION WAR!

And.., it is VICIOUS!

It is a “take no prisoners” brainwashing of COSMIC proportions…, and those men and women working in the Media and Hollywood…, (who support the NEW WORLD ORDER) are leading the pack.

If you still can’t see this…, I’m very sorry…, and I feel pity for you!

You have placed “your faith” where it will do you NO GOOD!

The men and women all across America who are Generational Satanists…, (30 million of them according to Jay Parker) are using every bit of their influence and life energy to DECIEVE YOU!

Get this through your heads!


It never has been and never will be!

“THE VIEW” which is shown daily on ABC/DISNEY…, is a 100 percent propaganda program…, which contains NOTHING but the viewpoint of the NEW WORLD ORDER OF SATAN!

They are following the GLOBALIST agenda as if it was their “bible”.

If you disagree with this…, then you are TRULY BLIND!


Listen carefully…, I’m not making this stuff up…, and YOU as an intelligent adult have got to learn to SEE THROUGH ALL OF THESE LIES!

Get this through your heads!

What do I need to do to prove this to you ??

Here let’s do this…


These people are NOT your friends!

These people are NOT your friends!

These people are NOT your friends!

These people were NEVER who you thought they were!  YES…, that is Anton LaVey…, founder of the CHURCH OF SATAN with Sammy Davis.

A well known Hollywood “insider” says that every POP SONG and HOLLYWOOD MOVIE put out to the public is really a SATANIC RITUAL!

These people are NOT your friends!

These people have “lived” among us for centuries…, PRETENDING to be something else!   They have worked hard against LOVE and worked against normal people from behind the scenes so that no one could fight back against them!


Listen to what Macaulay Culkin said in a recent interview with a talk radio station in Paris, France…

Hollywood executives are “blood-thirsty Satanists” who “ritually abuse children in the industry“, according to Macaulay Culkin, who claims he only got out alive because he was a “smart, suspicious kid” and he “got too famous to be killed like some of the other kids.”

“You learn very early to recognize which of them want to abuse you, and which of them have even darker tastes,” Macaulay Culkin said, explaining that “the worst of them wear shoes made out of the skin of children that they ritually murdered.“

Speaking on radio in Paris, France…, Culkin said…

“Have you seen leather products made from human skin? It has a very unusual, distinctive look. I learned at a very young age to identify it.“  (So that I could stay alive).

During the interview, Culkin claimed that children in the entertainment industry “learn very early to recognize which of them want to abuse you, and which of them have even darker tastes,” explaining that some of the Hollywood executives wear “skin trophies”.

Explaining that he was 11 the first time he saw human leather, Culkin said he was “filming Home Alone 2 in New York,” when he was “ushered into a back room on the set. There was a guy in there, a powerful executive suit type, you know what I mean?“

“He tried to make me relax. Gave me a can of Coke. Started telling me about the nature of the industry. Basically he wanted me to cut my parents out.

He wanted to be my guardian. He said he would make me into the biggest teen star in history. He said I had it all. He said I had to get rid of my parents. I was like ‘Dude, I’m 11!’ and he said ‘You’re a man now.”

Culkin, who has been living in Paris, France since 2003, then explained that the man “began to make his intentions clear.“

He started breathing real shallow. My experience with perverts kicked in. I could tell he was interested in me.“

“He licked his lips and told me I was very handsome. I think I managed to say ‘thank you’ and started thinking about how I could get the f*ck out of there.“

“Dude, I’m 11”  I told him.

“Then he reached into his case and took out a crack pipe. He put it in his lap, took out this huge lighter, and continued to gaze at me with this overpowering sexual desire.”

“I was just staring at him. I think I said something like ‘Dude, I’m 11’ again hoping he’d get the clue.”

“I remember he said to me, “It’s a celebration, little man. To celebrate your upcoming success. Your many successes. Come. Sit back down.”

“He was tapping the pipe on his crotch, smiling this total creepazoid smile. I ran out of the room, but I ran straight into this other guy who was outside the room and he grabbed me by the arm and threw me back inside.”

“He lit the pipe and blew the smoke in my face. He told me to look at his shoes. He said they were made from the skin of children he and his friends had murdered. He said leather made from human skin is the finest leather known to man.”

Culkin then said the Hollywood executive dropped a heavy hint about the provenance of the skin that was used to make his shoes.

“He asked me if I knew Heather O’Rourke.”

“Yeah, I remembered her. I grew up watching Poltergeist. I remembered her in Happy Days. She was so cute.”

“I vomited all over his shoes,” after finding out where the skin came from.

Heather O’Rourke was an American child actress, discovered by director Steven Spielberg when she was visiting MGM’s studios and later cast as Carol Anne Freeling in the horror film Poltergeist. She had the movie’s most recognizable line: “They’re here!“

The news was picked up by French media, with mainstream French newspapers reporting on the explosive interview.

However within an hour of publication all reports had been removed and scrubbed from the internet.

Do I need to say MORE about Hollywood!

Stop listening to and supporting these stupid Hollywood celebrities!


[Note: SNOPES.COM – which has been PROVEN to be owned by the CABAL, (Big Tech) did a “fact check” on this story and claims it is false!  However…, they conveniently NEVER asked MAC himself if it was true! Snopes is being used to “debunk” almost all TRUTH that is trying to come out!]



All my love….




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