For those of you who can stand foul language…, and brutal honesty…, here is some “late night” oil for your mental fire.  He speaks logically and honestly about just how insane things are…, AND, about how Barack Obama is on the side of the dark ones who wish to bring about a ONE WORLD ORDER.

After watching his ENTIRE 8 year presidency…, I have to agree whole heartedly that OBAMA has done absolutely NOTHING to better this country or the world.

This is in very STARK contrast to 8 long years of CHANNELED MESSAGES telling us a very different story…, many of which told us Obama was a “high soul” selected to be a world Saviour!

Many of the earlier messages in his presidency were telling us he was going to bring the world together in peace, and give us disclosure!   (None of which materialized)

Here is a message to all of those Channelers…, AND…, to those ridiculous websites who publish these types of messages.


It was always my personal opinion that he was NOT who the Channelers claimed him to be.


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