By: Bradley Loves


What kind of hidden life is Bill Mahar really living?

What is he really into?

Q – Anon keeps showing us Bill Mahar’s links to some of the sleaziest and most corrupt people in both Washington DC and in Hollywood!

And now…, here he is…, standing toe to toe with Anthony Weiner…, who was “sexting” nude images of himself to underage girls!



And…, here he is…, wearing those “cannibal signifying” RED SHOES!

And, Look at all of those VERY PROUD men in the picture in the top right corner who are also sporting and showing you their ELITE LOOKING RED SHOES!

Isn’t it TIME to find out just how evil these people really are?


Oh…, and by the way…, GUESS WHAT

OPRAH WINFREY owns an ESTATE on a “private Island” right next to the “Private island” that the Q400 plane crashed into.


What happens in the UNDERGROUND?

What happens in the TUNNELS?

Are we even close to the end of the rabbit hole?











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