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In my research to bring historical facts to many of the podcasts that I participate in, I have come across much information involving the early history of the Catholic Church…as well as the Christian world…and the roles of selected Popes, going back to 1213, and the centuries that follow. Also, although not addressed in detail here, aspects of the control of the human race by the Holy Roman Empire (HRE) bleeds into the Jesuit order, founded by Ignatius of Loyola in 1540.

We have previously addressed the role of the Jesuits, Freemasonry and their association with the Illuminati, Khazarian Mafia/Banksters, Rothschilds, numerous Secret Societies, and their participation through several hundred years of the early formation of our country, especially since the American Revolution.

As we examine some of these “Facts of History” in more detail, you have to ask yourself these questions:

1. Am I a “FREE man”…or am I a “Slave” (to the System/Cabal)…”Enslaved”, so to speak? What about my Mind, my Body, my Soul? When and how was ‘control’ of them relinquished?

2. How is my “STRAWMAN” linked to my Cestui Que Vie Trust {CQVT}? What am I worth? Will I ever gain access to the $Millions, Tens, or Hundreds of $Millions…or more? How will that happen?

3. Is this in any way tied to the “Tripod of Power”…the Three “City States”…The Vatican, The City of London, Washington, D.C.?

4. Have you ever considered to think about who might be fighting to restore your Constitutional Republic (for Americans)…your Rights, your Freedoms, your Liberties? How about bringing down the “Tangents of Corruption” …as WIDE and DEEP as they exist all over the World?

The following is an EXCELLENT, factual 2-part history, compiled by Nick Ragone and Jim “Qranker” of the QSI Team, REPRINTED & re-posted with their permission

{Please acknowledge and respect their literary efforts…Thank you!}.


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Declas by Nick “Wall Street Whistleblower” Ragone:

Slavery has existed since the dawn of humanity. Throughout time, people of all races and all religions were born into slavery all over the world. There are many who think that slavery is a thing of the past, but little do they know that slavery still exists in the modern world — yet very few people know that they themselves have been slaves… until recently!

At birth, we are issued a birth certificate — which is actually a contract with Rome — in which we are declared dead and lost at sea. Along with the birth certificate, secret trusts known as Cestui Que Vie Trusts (CQVT) are created under our name.

These trusts have been designed to keep us in financial slavery since the 13th Century, but in reality, the cabal knew it would also enslave us mentally, spiritually, and physically too.

In 1302, Pope Boniface VIII issued a Papal Bull (decree) titled “Unam Sanctum” which was the first express trust. In doing this, he claimed control over the entire planet, and crowned himself “King of the Earth”.

He stated in this Papal Bull that “furthermore, we declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation, that every human creature be subject to the Roman pontiff”.

Ergo, not only did “Unam Sanctum” represent the first trust deed, but it was also the largest trust ever created in history because it claimed the whole planet into the form of a trust‼️

To celebrate, the Pope commissioned a gold-plated crown to be made in the shape of a pinecone.

The pinecone is a pagan symbol of fertility among those who worship Baal. It also signifies the pineal gland, which allows us to connect to Quantum Source, or God. In fact, there is still a giant pinecone statue sitting in Vatican City today. Over time, this headdress became more elaborate, consisting of three crowns on it, which eventually became known as the Triple Tiara, or Triple Crown.

Pope Boniface was the first leader in history to invent the concept of a trust, and the first testamentary trust created with a deed for a deceased person’s estate was invented by another: Pope Nicholas V in 1455 by using another Papal Bull, titled “Romanus Pontifex”.

This Papal Bull included the clause “in perpetuity “, which was used to convey the rights to use the lands from the “Sanctum Unum” Trust to the control of the Pontiff and his successors — indefinitely. In short, it claimed that all land is (Papal) Crown land:


Triple Crown / Triple Tiara

1st Crown: represents the first CQVT created for us when we are born and removes from us any beneficial titles or rights to the land.

2nd Crown: invented in 1481 through another Papal Bull from Pope Sixtus IV is known as “Aeterni Regis“ which means eternal crown. This was the second of only three Papal Bulls with the “in perpetuity “clause included that represent deeds of testamentary trusts. This created the “Crown of Aragon” or “Crown of Spain” and is the highest sovereign and steward of all Roman slaves subject to the rule of the Pontiff.

This Crown was taken from Spain in 1604 and given to King James I of England by Pope Paul V. England then lost the Crown in 1975 when it was returned to Spain, where it remains today.

The Aeterni Regis represents the 2nd CQVT created at the time of our birth and by the sale of our birth certificate as a bond to the private central banks. This represents the loss of our flesh and condemns us to perpetual slavery as a possession of Rome.

3rd Crown: invented in 1537 by Pope Paul III through another Papal Bull, which was simultaneously used to open the Council of Trent. The “Ecclesiastical Crown” is also nicknamed the “Soul Crown” and the third and final testamentary will and deed of trust created to claim all the souls lost at sea.


Quantum Stellar Initiative (QSI)

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This Crown was secretly given to England for the collection and reaping of lost souls. It was then taken in 1816 during the intentional bankruptcy of England and given to the Temple British Accredited Registry (BAR), which eventually became known as the Crown BAR, or simply “The Crown”. The 3rd Crown represents the 3rd CQVT, which is created when a child is baptized. It represents parents giving the baptismal certificate (title to the soul) to the Church or registrar. Without legal title to our souls, we have no legal standing, and that is why we have been treated as possessions, or playthings of the cabal. In summary, at birth we become “cargo without a soul” and subject to the BAR’s enforcement of Maritime Law.


The first CQV Act passed in 1540 and used to give King Henry VIII ecclesiastical (religious) authority. Charles II updated the CQV Act in 1666 and allowed an estate to be affected (managed) for the benefit of a person presumed dead, or lost at sea

All CQVT created since 1933 represent one of the three Crowns or claims of real property according to the Roman rule: land/earth, personal property/body, and ecclesiastical/soul.


Each Crown corresponds to the three types of law used by the BAR, which are: Corporate Commercial Law (UCC) where the judges are the landlords, Maritime and Canon Law where the judges are the bankers, and Talmudic Law where the judges are the priests.

In 1933, the US Corporation declared bankruptcy, allowing foreign entities to confiscate all of our assets, as well as monies from our future labor‼️

From birth, the first CQVT was the one used to hold our Birth Certificate Bonds, which were repeatedly traded on the stock exchanges around the world. They were funded by a loan from the IMF, representing our share of the national debt, which was ~USD$1 million deposited into our CQVT and into our Birth Certificate Bonds

Each country had structured this plan as a public charitable trust in which a CQVT was opened for every citizen using the scheme. The government sold our funded bonds as treasury bonds to the public. We received additional bonds for our achievements, as well as other legal documents, such as a driver’s license, social security card, etc., which were also traded on exchanges and generated huge profits for our trust. The government has been tracking all of our spending throughout our lives through our tax returns, bank statements, credit card statements, etc. They deducted some monies, and when we died, they deducted those remaining expenses from our trust. The huge remaining balance continued in perpetuity.

While the government could not touch the principal, they could earn money off of the principal and take it without our knowing! They could also use our trust money to fund itself. It is estimated that the government can cover ~70% of their expenditures from just the monies in our CQVT and similar programs account. In other words, whether we are alive or dead, the government had been funding itself off our backs, as well as earning vast amounts of additional money that went towards the Federal Reserve, which in turn had gone to the elite cabal bankers, both foreign and domestic.

This is why and how we have been in financial slavery since the day we were born but did not know it.

For further information, follow on Rumble.com their “Tentacles of the Cabal” series (3-part) by Nick Ragone and Jim “Qranker” McCrank, QSI, video by Shane Lott:

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