The simplicity of what I write is only surpassed by the complete lack of understanding of it all by everyone on Earth due to it’s utter simplicity. (Ironically)

C.E.R.N.  is a huge continuous MAGNET that can produce a magnetic field 100 times greater than the magnetic field of the Earth.

The Goddard Tunnel dedication – which took place in Switzerland – was a Satanic Ritual Performance held right out in the open for everyone to see.


It is my opinion that C.E.R.N. was built to open up gateways (portals) to demonic realms in order to unleash demonic entities all over Earth that could torment and “possess” normal human beings.

So YES, we are in a Spiritual War.  Very much so.

Here is the entire Goddard Tunnel Dedication.  Only those who are blind can not see.

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