By: Bradley Loves


This article is not a debate.  It is a statement of FACT!

It is an honest telling of WHAT IS!   This is why it has been placed on my blog called:  LOVE TRUTH


Whether you can feel them or not.  Whether you can sense them or not, they are there.

I know they are there because I can feel them.  I can sense them, and I can sense the outcomes of their presence in my life.

It is very difficult to convince good men and women of what can NOT BE SEEN with their own eyes.

Now…., the word “spiritual” can mean NON CORPOREAL…, meaning not having a physical body…., but can also mean something else!

It can also describe certain actions.

One of the biggest mistakes that good men and women make is the OUTRAGEOUS ASSUMPTION that there are only “good” spirits.

There are, as a matter of complete and undeniable FACT, many very dark and destructive “spirits” out there that can NOT be seen.

So let’s repeat what I wrote above in a different way:


So now…, this is far closer to the TRUTH than anything you are going to read in a channeled message.

So…, how do you know which ones you are dealing with?

Let’s take it step by step!



You are a “magnet”.   Your thoughts, actions, behaviors, emotions, and deeds ATTRACT TO YOU either loving spirits or dark spirits!


Let’s add something here before we go any deeper.   A teacher and theologian once told me that there is no such thing as “standing still” on the “spiritual path”.

He said this:

You are either moving forward and upward toward love…, OR…, you are moving backward and downward toward darkness, fear and hate!

Therefore, it can safely be said that being “spiritual” is NOT a “condition” of being.

Now…, please, if you get nothing else out of this article, underline the above statement and post it on your refrigerator!  This is the gold.  This is the jewel.

So…, if being “spiritual” is NOT a condition (as almost every single New Ager in the entire world thinks) or as every channeler in the world wants to convince you…, then what, pray tell, is “spiritual” ?


Being “spiritual” is a PROCESS!

It is a journey that takes place on a moment by moment basis, each and every second of each and every day!

Now…, add to this what I wrote above about what a certain TEACHER told me years ago, and what we’ve learned is this:

Being “spiritual” is a process that takes place every second of every day…, AND you are either moving upward and forward toward that goal…, OR…, you are moving backward and downward away from that goal on a second by second basis!

So I’ve got “news” for a lot of New Agers out there who love to “define” themselves as being “spiritual” people…, meaning they are always in that particular “condition”.

My message to them is this:   You have NO CLUE what being “spiritual means” because it is NOT a permanent condition of your being.


BEING SPIRITUAL is a “process” that is just like saying a “bird” is “in flight”.

Birds are not “eternally” in the condition of FLIGHT!

When a bird is standing on the ground…, the bird is NOT IN FLIGHT!

It is not in the process of flying!

The bird has the potential to fly…., but it may chose to fly or not!  In fact, it may never fly again.

When a bird is on the ground – it is not flying…, and so to…, a human being…, when not in the PROCESS of being spiritual…, IS NOT SPIRITUAL!


Once again, you’ve been conned by the NEW AGE!

So, this brings me to the real topic of this post!





When you are in the “process” of being “spiritual” (which can only happen on a moment by moment basis)  ie.., like a bird being “in flight” – only then you are attracting the HIGHER/LOVING (UNSEEN) SPIRITS TO YOU.


These unseen forces come to you to bless you and to help you…, but because they are loving and “of the light”…, they will ONLY enter into your energy if they are INVITED TO DO SO!


Now…, when you are in the process of NOT acting, behaving, thinking, doing and living in “spiritual ways”…, then you are moving backward and downward toward fear, darkness and hate…, AUTOMATICALLY!

Let this sink in…, because it is the core of the New Agers CON!


Here is something that may help you:

AXIOM OF NATURAL LAW:   You are either moving forward and upward on the spiritual path…, or you are moving backwards and downwards toward darkness.


Does this surprise you?

Think of it this way, and it will start to make sense.

  • Gravity is a Natural Law!  It is always in operation and never stops!

Therefore, if you are a bird…, and you wish to “defy” gravity and go into flight…, you “must” out of necessity FLAP YOUR WINGS.

Now, obviously there are “thermals” and “wind currents” for those who want to pick apart my metaphor.

But eventually, barring thermals and wind currents.., a bird MUST FLAP in order to fly and over come gravity.

There is constant effort involved…, otherwise…, after not flapping for a significant period.., the bird must descend downward DUE TO GRAVITY!

The very same holds true for those who would “FLY” as a process of being “spiritual”.

You must flap…, or rather, you must think, act, do, behave and engage in loving actions at every moment, or you will be DESCENDING DOWNWARD as a matter of natural forces and Natural Law!

Once again…, therefore “spirituality is a PROCESS“…, not a stable or permanent “condition” of your being.

Now HERE is the HIDDEN TRUTH…, that almost every single NEW AGER has been conned into ignoring!

DARK and MALEVOLENT FORCES REALLY DO EXIST…, and just as there are “unseen” forces that will help you when you are in the PROCESS of being spiritual…, there are DARK and MALEVOLENT FORCES that will “attack” you the very moment you come into their “magnetic” sphere of influence!


Now…, here is something NEW!

Where as the LOVING UNSEEN SPIRITS will always need to be asked before they take any action to help you…,

….the DARK AND EVIL UNSEEN SPIRITS do not “require” your permission to ATTACK YOU!    Darkness always follows a different set of rules!

They do this automatically!

They will attack you (without request or cause) the very moment your magnetic vibration comes into their sphere of INFLUENCE!

In fact…, IF you are someone who is normally a very “good” person…, then YOU are considered a HIGH PRIORITY TARGET!

We can compare this to the fields of battle in war…, where a very high level GENERAL shows up on a battlefield.   The opposing forces will stop shooting at low priority targets and focus ALL of their attention and bullets on the single HIGH PRIORITY  TARGET!

Therefore…, the people…, (human beings) who are the MOST LOVING…, and the MOST KIND, and who do the MOST GOOD…, are always the HIGHEST PRIORITY TARGETS for the dark unseen forces!

So a word to the wise here…, if you consider yourself a spiritual individual…, and you read channeled messages and go to “gatherings”…, but have NEVER been attacked by any DARK FORCES…, you are NOT AS LOVING AS YOU BELIEVE!

Here is also something you should be aware of…, those who are attacked the most…, are the ones who are doing the MOST GOOD!



Even though I was not going to put this into the post…, I have to say that there is NO BETTER PROOF of the authenticity of Donald Trump than this alone.  He is under constant ATTACK from all corners and all levels and this is due to the fact that the forces of DARKNESS consider him a HIGH PRIORITY TARGET.

You have to realize and to understand that the men and women who are lashing out at TRUMP are basically “POSSESSED” by dark and unseen forces!

This causes them to lash out and spew HATE…, in the face of any and all rational thought, discussion, and behavior.

POSSESSED PEOPLE do not think or act rationally.

They are being controlled by the dark, malevolent, unseen SPIRITS that they have allowed into their lives simply by their ACTIONS, THOUGHTS, BEHAVIORS, LIVES.

Democrats…, sadly, have become huge “magnets” for dark forces!

Now…, before you get upset…, lets figure out HOW this has happened.

Each of these actions and behaviors “attracts darkness”:


Let’s break this down.

Under Barack Obama…, the FBI and the DOJ participated in Lying and Deception when trying to “save” Hillary Clinton from her criminal acts!


For now…, I will skip the magnetic and harmonic reasons why this is true.  Suffice it to say that due to magnetic and harmonic LAWS that were cosmically broken…, the entire DEMOCRATIC PARTY became responsible for the crimes of Hillary Clinton once the entire government was used to hide what she did.

This is why Donald Trump was able to win the election.

It was simple HARMONICS!     I’ll bet almost no one thought that this was the case…, but for those of us who really “get” magnetics and harmonics…, it was INEVITABLE!

Once the entire government (FBI – DOJ) became involved in hiding what she did…, that immediately opened the door for EVERY DEMOCRAT who became involved in her support to be literally ATTACKED by dark and demonic, malevolent forces, which then ATTACHED to them.

Remember…, dark and malevolent forces to not NEED your permission and request to attack you.   They do not play by the same rules that the “good” forces do!

In the bird example we gave above…, they (the Democrats) simply STOPPED FLAPPING THEIR WINGS…, and so…, they were no longer flying…, but falling!


And now.., you see almost every Democrat out there spewing out irrational…, nonsensical, insane ideas and well as turning to VIOLENCE.

This is due to the attachment of these very dark, unseen forces which have attached to the entire party!

These people are no longer in their “right minds” because they are being motivated by demonic and unclean “spirits”.

Remember, for the umpteenth time:


Now here again…, the DEMOCRATIC PARTY can heal from this…, it is not a permanent condition.

It simply means that THEY collectively would have to give up HILLARY CLINTON!

They would have to admit every single crime…, and every single diabolical scheme she did while in Government.

They would have to truthfully ADMIT…, and ask forgiveness for their DECEPTION!

The entire Barack Obama Administration would also have to admit how it used the entire Government to cover up countless crimes of Treason against the people!

This would balance out the very negative Harmonics  and reboot their ability to fly.


Here is the long and the short of this “political” viewpoint:

DEEPLY EVIL and DARK DEMONIC FORCES have attached themselves to the Democratic Party!  They will  NEVER win anything, ever again…, until they “collectively” repent and come clean with what they did to the American People and the Entire World while Barack Obama was in Office!


The Democratic Party will IMPLODE into a BLACK HOLE of darkness and anyone who stays connected with that party will be taken over and possessed by the “unseen” Demonic forces which have now attached themselves to that “party”.


Now…, for some reason…, (in the higher energies we now find ourselves in) the Republicans…, for whatever reason…, have found themselves in a beneficial position.

However…, if they use the entire Government to hide high crimes and misdemeanors…, then the very same HARMONIC LAW will come smashing down on them!

So far…, Donald Trump has rescued the Republican Party from itself.

To prove this, I leave you will something Q posted:

This is not about religions or party affiliation.
EVIL is everywhere.
There are no drawn lines.
No boundaries.
Good vs Evil.



More is coming…..


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