By: Bradley Loves




This is why the BATTLE that we are currently waging is a real world battle of GOOD vs. EVIL


For it is not the humans (at the end of the day) but instead the UNSEEN FORCES which wage the battle here on Earth…, and they are using humans as their proxies!

If you become a “proxy” for the darkness and for the evil forces…, then you are surrendering to them, and as such, you have taken up arms against the forces of good, and against the forces of LOVE that are fighting for the world!

You have “chosen” UNWISELY!


All you need to do in order to “take up arms” with the forces of Darkness, is to become POSSESSED BY THEM!

This is far easier than you might think, and far less noticeable than you might imagine (at least at first).

All you need to do is to come within their range of frequency/magnetic sphere of influence…, and they will ATTACH themselves to you.

Remember…, these “spirits” or these “entities” if you will…, are UNSEEN.

But those who can sense them or feel them…, KNOW they are there!


You can have them attach to you in TWO very different ways!


You can engage in and undertake “thoughts”, “behaviors”, “actions”, “deeds”, and even “emotions” which bring you into their sphere…


You can willingly “open” up your energy/aura to them and INVITE THEM IN!

This could be done as a result of a ritual, a se’ance, a channeling gone wrong, a bad meditation where you forgot to protect yourself, the use of various magic spells, or any number of ways where people try to contact the “SPIRIT WORLD”.

Many Hollywood celebrities have talked about the Rituals they do on purpose in order to TRY to become “Possessed” by these Dark Forces.

They claim that the Dark Forces bring with them POWER OVER OTHERS…, and this is what they WANT…, but they have to “pay” (read sacrifice) to them in order to get any rewards!

NEW AGERS are treading on very thin ice in these difficult times because they are IGNORANT (and willfully so) of the real dark forces that are out there…, and just what can happen to them if they make a mistake.

I have dealt with people who are quite “good” people…, and have been told horror stories about them doing a bad mediation, or opening up to some BEING or ENTITY that they “thought” was an ANGEL…, only to find out that this was a very DARK entity, and it actually forced itself upon them!   (Like an Astral form of RAPE)

These rather foolish people then told me of their LONG and DIFFICULT road back to health and sanity after having to GIT RID OF and DETOX from the presence of what was most likely a DEMON.

Demons always manifest inside of their new found “host” in the same fashion.

  • The hosts thinking becomes erratic!
  • They become irritable
  • They “lose it very quickly” when they don’t get their way.
  • They seem to get angry over tiny provocations
  • They become unreasonable and seem “unhinged” at times.
  • They turn to violence or abuse as a way to get what they want.
  • They seek out others who have the same negative feelings.
  • They began to do self harm and self damage.
  • They turn to drinking, drugs, porn, or some other addiction as daily therapy.

Now…, does this sound about right for many who are following the Democratic “party” at the moment?


Could it be that the “party” has become “Satanic”?

See this:

Demonic Leftist Mobs Move In For Kill Against Trump After Historic Fracture Of Christian Church

One of the main demonic globalist leaders in the United States preparing to destroy Christianity and all of its peoples, this report notes, is Hillary Clinton—whose husband, former President Bill Clintonconfessed to a rapturous crowd of devotees that Hillary regularly communes with the dead spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt—with it further being revealed in leaked emails during her failed 2016 presidential campaign that her campaign manager and top aides all practiced the satanic occult ritual known as “Spirit Cooking” involving the use of menstrual blood, semen and breast milk.


After Hillary Clinton was defeated in her bid to rule America, this report continues, her satanic occult guru Michael M. Hughes gathered her defeated forces around him—who were eager to follow his guidance after he declared “Fuck every single one of you who couldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton because of (insert your bullshit here). Enjoy the crumbling of our democracy and the continuing rise of homegrown fascism.  Hope your vote for Jill Stein or Harambe or Bozo the fucking clown was worth it.”—and who wrote for them the demonically inspired book titled “Magic for the Resistance: Rituals and Spells for Change” that each month is used by thousands of anti-Trump leftist witches and sorcerers who cast spells against President Trump.


Magic for the Resistance: Rituals and Spells for Change


There is only ONE ANSWER when faced with entities or demons…, and the human people who have become the “hosts” for demons!

This is the TRUTH……

More is coming…..




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