By: Bradley Loves

Have you ever heard the saying, “HE CAN’T SEE THE FOREST FOR THE TREES”…

Did you ever think about what that meant?

When you are right inside the “forest”…, all you can see is TREES!  

You can’t really “see” anything else!

Even the blue sky is mostly blocked from your view…, because there is so much “stuff” in the way!   We could call all of the “stuff” distractions of life!

So regardless of your ability to see…, you really can’t see much if there is a whole lot of stuff in the way…, now can you?

Then something happens…, you hit a clearing where there is less “stuff” in the way…, and you can see more…

But the truth of the matter is this:

As long as you are stuck in the trees…, you can NEVER REALLY SEE THE FOREST!

The truth is that you have to RISE ABOVE the trees so that you can see the forest!

And in the same way with life, you have to rise above all of the “Stuff in the Way” to see what is really going on!

So you have to seek HIGHER GROUND if you really want to see things clearly.

In the physical world, you need to move upward!  You need to climb up a mountain to see more of what is out there.

In the spiritual world, you need to move upward as well.  You need to see things from a perspective that is FAR ABOVE what is happening on the ground level.

When you  get high enough…, you are no longer stuck in the trees and can actually see very far!

The higher you go…, the more you can see…

So, sadly and in all honesty…, here is where most people living on Earth are as we speak!

This is what they see…, and this is all that they see!


There are many of us who have come!  We have come to teach and come to make free those who have been enslaved.

However…, there are also those who know we are here!   And they are ALSO “pretending” to teach!   But their “teachings” always lead you right back into SLAVERY!

There are tens of thousands in the New Age Movement…, and in the Christian Religion who are there only to MIS-LEAD!

Millions of seekers are trying to get out of the forest and they are simply being led into a different kind of forest where they still can not see…

Who is it that is “handing out” these fake teachings?


Who is it that is willingly regurgitating all of these fake teachings as if they were something important?

GULLIBLE CHANNELERS – who have no clue who it is that is communicating with them and through them.

J.Z. Knight

Just like the countless “channeled entities” who told the entire world that Barack Insane Obama was a “very high soul”, and that he was here to “save the world”…, they LIE to anyone who will listen to their messages because the people of Earth have still not learned that messages of this sort can and are being sent telepathically by advanced beings who have a very DARK and EVIL AGENDA!

Remember this guy?


This is the entity that spoke with Aleister Crowley and told him that the NEW AGE was coming, and the the whole of the LAW was to do whatever he wanted to do.


(No matter what the cost, and no matter who it hurts…)

How many other “channlers” out there in the New Age Movement are “channeling” someone just like this guy?

Just because they “seem” to deliver messages in a nice way…, does NOT MEAN they are telling you the truth!!!

Regardless of which BOOK is being Channeled…

Or this book….

Or even this book:

But there are REAL PEOPLE…, living here on Earth as we speak…, who actually KNOW THE TRUTH.  We do not need to “channel it”.  We have it inside of us just as Jesus did!

Furthermore…, we can see the suffering of humanity and see every single Satanic Act being carried out against the Children of God!

We are standing here:

From this point of view…, almost everything becomes visible…

We are no longer “blinded” by stuff standing in the way….


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