By: Bradley Loves


WASHINGTON, DC- JUNE 08: Former FBI Director, James Comey appears before the Senate Intelligence Committee in the Hart Office Building on Thursday June 08, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Matt McClain/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

James Comey, “dip-stick extradinaire”…, has given us “insight” into the serious psychopathic mentality of the FBI and all “agents” of his basically retarded ilk!

In a recent interview…, he managed to squeak out a highly dubious personal opinion that the FBI has “NEVER” spied on anyone at all…, but instead they merely conduct “Court Ordered Surveillance”!

Really James???

So that is how you think?

Well here is some MORE logic that is right up your alley then!

The MOB “never” really murders anyone…, they just conduct “Mob Boss Sactioned Hits”.

That all!

Nothing to see here.., move along!

And in the same vein of ludicrous thinking that you have espoused…,

The Luciferians never really sacrifice young children to Molech…, they are simply performing “Satanicly Prescribed Magic Rituals” to certain spiritual deities from whom they seek favors!


What could be MORE simple than this?

Yes, James…, apparently YOU (and you alone) have it all figured out!

As long as “someone else” orders you to do it…, then it’s perfectly LEGAL!

So there is no problem here then is there?

You see…, in a sick, sick world…, there is NO SUCH THING AS A CRIME…, if someone else tells you to do it!

So…, one can only ASSUME…, that if Comey was “told” to sell STATE SECRECTS to the RUSSIANS…, or to SELL VALUABLE URANIUM TO OUR ENEMIES, or maybe to even hand over “NUKES” to the enemies of America…, all these things would never be CRIMES if someone else ORDERED him to do it!

Comey must have learned at a very early age that if “someone else” told him to push a little girl into a mud puddle (and he did so) that he was completely innocent of any wrong doing…, because HE WAS ONLY FOLLLOWING SOMEONE ELSES ORDERS!

Isn’t that right James Comey?

Have a listen to a “wise man” who once was a Priest in the Church of Satan…, and then opened his eyes to how crazy that was!!

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