If you noticed the article just posted from the Conservative Treehouse…, then you’ll have already understood what it means to be maneuvered into a LOSE/LOSE Situation!

What Donald Trump did to China over the last 2 years…, I have done to the Luciferian Cabal in the same amount of time.

MY DECLARATION OF FREEDOM AND REMOVAL OF CONSENT has set the trap where the Luciferian Cabal faces a certain LOSE/LOSE situation, and neither prospect looks good.

Just like in the China situation…, the prospect of “negotiating with me” is the very best option…, and they can settle the debt they owe to me and my family for all of the Cosmic Level Crimes they have committed for pennies on a dollar…, BUT…, they would have to negotiate with me, and break their long standing ARROGANT POLICY of never talking to one of the lower commoners!

In other words…, they would LOSE FACE!

On the other hand…, they can wait until I pass over to the other side of the veil where I am no longer driving around in this human body suit…, and WHERE ALL OF MY POWER IS…, and I hit them so hard with everything that the Universe has…, that they SQUEAL FOR THE NEXT MILLION YEARS!

You see…, on the one hand…, they are going to lose if they deal with me in the here and now…, BUT…, it will cost very little!

It is the very same situation that XI JINPING is in at this very moment.  He either deals with Trump at the G20 and talks to him (and loses face) or Trump destroys China’s economy!


In the very same way…, the Luciferian Cabal/Vatican/et al is going to contact me and negotiate for peace and pay pennies on the dollar for all of the EXTREME DAMAGE done to my bodily health and life…, or when they leave their physical bodies and come to the other side where I will be waiting for them…


(Take the loss boys…, it’s going to be far cheaper for you!!)




57) Now, if you deny THIS CONTRACT, then you have NO defense for everything else that you’ve ever done in your life, because everything that you’ve ever done to any other living being is based upon the ancient LAW OF CONTRACTS!

Thus, you will most certainly convict your own self, by REMOVING YOUR BLANKET OF CORPORATE IMMUNITY for all of those acts, if you deny this one simple contract when you leave your physical body.

57.1) You can only wiggle out of all of those actions that you’ve done (to countless others) by acknowledging the LAW OF CONTRACTS, but in so doing you, YOU will first have to acknowledge this contract as legitimate, and therefore you will end up paying me everything that this contract demands!

As of now, I win either way!



63) All those who projected and focused countless frequencies upon my living body and mind, and who used unlawful and illegal implants to torment me, an innocent living being throughout my natural life, (secret underground boys) are going directly to the Central Sun after they die!

I hope you are all prepared for that!  And no, Satan/Lucifer can NOT save you!  Nor can the Draco’s, nor any other beings with whom you’ve made treaties!  You MUST come to me and ask for my forgiveness! I WILL petition the higher Universal Councils to destroy these men and women who have tortured me throughout my entire life, and those who gave the orders to them to do so, count on this! This will occur unless you ask forgiveness from me, and HE who sent me. You cannot ask for forgiveness however, and then continue to harm me in any way after.


The clock is ticking…, you have my e-mail addresses…, contact me to make arrangements to send your negotiators to settle this debt…, if not…, when you  finally do die…, you will wish that GOD had never created you!


(Takes a lot of intelligence to force the Luciferian Cabal into a LOSE/LOSE situation…, don’t you think??)


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