By: Bradley Loves

This post is something that I’ve been thinking about for some time now.  It’s a letting off of steam so to speak.

Before I start…, let’s get one thing clear…, I have the deepest RESPECT and the utmost LOVE for each and every person who comes here to read!

So…, to those who are reading this…, it is NOT about YOU!  I truly cherish my readers and supporters.

Rather…, this post is about mankind in general…, and his cowardess and apathy…, and also his unwillingness TO LEARN!

Okay…, so where to I even start?

If you took the time to watch the latest videos I’ve posted…, including the material from: Miles Johnston, Harald Kautz Vella, and Peter Paget…, then you would see that some VERY DEEP things are going on.

In april of last year…, (2014) I was doing interviews on CCN NETWORK with Dani Mckinney and Lisa Harrison on Lisa’s show called: THE ONE PEOPLE.

Back then it was clear to all three of us that the “war” going on in the middle east was more about ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY buried in the desert there than anything else.

It was about the ANCIENT PORTALS, STAR-GATES, and COMPUTER SYSTEMS that were still buried there from thousands of years ago.

I had some sources back then…, and Dani had some sources and we were diving deep into what was really going on.

Later on in 2014…, we connected all of that with the A.I…, the Chem Trails, and the Black Goo…, that were all attempts to take over  humanity by subtle means.

But…, no matter how much real TRUTH gets put out into the blogosphere…, 99.9 percent of the people reading in the “alternative media” RUN and hide from it…, with their hands over their eyes and ears going  la la la la la la la la …, don’t want to HEAR THAT!


Not only do I do hours of research every day…, but I also read dozens of alternative media blogs so that I can keep up to date with what is going on as far as what type of information is getting put out there.

All I can say is that I am flabbergasted that so FEW ALTERNATIVE MEDIA writers have picked up on the serious issues and are talking about them.

Do you really want to know what I see instead…

  • Thousands of articles about the pending RV!
  • Articles about the money and Gold Backed currencies
  • Hundreds of Channeled Messages from dubious so called Masters
  • Endless “how to Ascend” articles
  • Daily “Astrology Reports”
  • Hundreds of Distraction Articles written to “blame” our current problems on the mafia or the mob, instead of placing the blame where it belongs which is with those are NOT FROM HERE.

All I can say is that the depth of the misdirection is absolutely staggering!

And yet nothing, nothing, nothing about the real HISTORY of our planet that has been discovered, and the real DANGER of an ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE takeover of all of our computer systems world wide.

In my humble opinion…, there are only a FEW DOZEN OUTLETS LEFT in the alternative media that are breaking real news and telling real truth any longer…, and NO…, the continued saga of the RV does not count!

Please watch the video’s that I posted for today and for yesterday.

The Lecture in Warsaw Poland is excellent!  Even if it had to be translated…, there is MUCH INFORMATION there.

What we are facing IS FAR MORE SERIOUS than the blogs that cover the endless channeled material would have you believe.













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