By: Bradley Loves


This article says alot about the back-channel DIS-INFORMATION antics of the Globalists.

They are not only pushing their progressive lunatic base to hate Donald Trump…, they are now pushing their NEW AGE/UFO and ET  believeing base to hate him as well!

They are pushing FEAR and TERROR everywhere they can push it!

See this just posted article:

This article basically says that unless all people who believe in UFO’s and ET’s (and love the world) start pushing back against Trump, his policies (and all people who support him) …, a nuclear WW III will be started by Trump in October of 2018!

All of these sources converge and agree. Their powerful message is this.

A global nuclear disaster will occur in the Fall, 2018 unless we act now. Only a small number of humans would survive that war. We need to stop that war from starting.

The Zeta Reticulans are irradiated mutants, the result of radiation mutations to Humans over the centuries since this nuclear disaster.

The Zeta Elder [NSA-designated as EBE-3] who was interrogated in that video warned 54 years ago that in 2018 a world-wide nuclear war would occur, involving nations where political and religious dogma is used to justify terrible actions.

The Zeta Elder stated that the male leader of the United States in that [2018] time period would have a brief tenure and weaken democratic institutions by appealing to people’s most primitive instincts: fear, tribalism, and political and religious dogma.

This will lead to international condemnation of the President. In reaction to this condemnation, President Trump will then order a preemptive nuclear strike. After that first strike, the heads of certain other nuclear powers will retaliate.

This will escalate into global nuclear war. The resulting radiation will spread widely, killing millions, polluting the Earth with fallout, and causing a mass die-off of most humans.

We know North Korea’s Kim Yong-Un has nuclear warheads and intercontinental ballistic missiles, as do leaders of other nuclear states: Russia’s Vladimir Putin, China’s Xi Jinping, and Pakistan’s Imran Khan, etc. The potential ingredients for global nuclear war this Fall are present unless we avert it.

Humans must move quickly and firmly to prevent such global nuclear war from happening.
We can change that terrible future.

EBE-3 told us two things to stop that world war from happening: 1) “Protect your democracy from political and religious dogma”; and 2) “Protect your democracy from rejection of objective fact.”
So, we can stop the looming global nuclear war from happening.

Here is my thinking about how to go about protecting our democracy. Everyone who cares about our world not becoming a radioactive horror must take it upon him or herself to take personal action at every opportunity to challenge anyone who spouts political-extremist or racial-extremist statements.

And we must challenge people who claim fact is false, or who make false propaganda statements as though they were fact.

For example, it matters not whether the political extremist be someone who favors attacking immigrants, is a local conservative in a MAGA cap flaunting racist white superiority ideas, a robed Klansman or White Supremacist, a commentator on FOX News, a person at a local meeting making disparaging remarks about people of color, or Donald Trump himself [the President, for now].

They are harming our democracy. What they’re doing needs to be challenged.


Maybe NOW…, my readers will believe me when I say that the ILLUMINATI and the LUCIFERIANS are running the NEW AGE!



Please get it through your heads!   The Globalists were and are using CHANNELING and UFO’s and ET’s to predict and CON good men and women into following them into the NEW AGE OF LUCIFER!



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