Posted on February 22, 2017

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We received an email tonight from an unconfirmed CNN insider. Since we JUST received this information, we have not had time to fully vet everything, but we are currently working on confirming the source.

What this insider has told us is:

John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Tom Cotton and other republicans are in regular contact with Wolf Blitzer and Tapper, leaking negative info on Trump.

The talking points against Trump are handed down by Jeff Zucker, and his lapdog is Brian Stelter. Everyone here is mad as hell at being accused of pushing fake news. But that is what they do.

The insider claims on Sunday (2/19/17), the order came down to smear Trump with anti-semitic accusations. The insider says “They decide what subject to smear Trump with and it’s always Zucker telling Stelter – and Stelter works with Wolf, Cuomo, and Tapper, and sometimes Gloria is consulted.”

Our unconfirmed insider claims what they (CNN) always discuss off camera is PizzaGate. CNN treats it like fake news, but they are all scared of it. Our insider claims Anderson Cooper was seeing an 18 year old man in NYC not too long ago and was terrified this would get out.

According to the source, as of the past week, they are frantically worried about the James O’Keefe leaks, and are wanting to temporarily focus on smearing him, to prevent him from crippling CNN.

According to the insider, “Chuck Schumer has been really active – calling CNN at all hours and demanding to speak to Wolf. Schumer is always asking if there is news on Anthony Wiener and his laptop. Everyone here knows Chuck Schumer is a pedophile.”

The insider claims they have overheard conversations where someone heard Jeff Zucker tell Brian that if the

‘Schumer thing leaks, it’s over!’ We are not even allowed to mention Podesta, or PizzaGate, but that’s all everyone discusses here. It’s one big cover up.

The insider has offered to send us photos of the memos and notes that are used during the meetings.




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