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Yep…, you heard it right!  Men and women wanting to tell the truth are the “criminals”…, and those who LIE to you…, are the decent and upstanding human beings.

And…., as the fabric of civilization burns…, those who have the eyes to see it…, play the fiddle!

Based upon this story from THE DAILY BELL:

Upcoming British Legislation Could Jail Journos for 14 Years
By Daily Bell Staff – February 11, 2017

Business Arrow Policy Planned Espionage Act could jail journos and whistleblowers as spies … Proposals in the UK for a swingeing new Espionage Act that could jail journalists as spies have been developed in haste by legal advisors, The Register has learned.

The proposed law update is an attempt to ban reporting of future big data leaks. The British government has received recommendations for a “future-proofed” new Espionage Act that would put leaking and whistleblowing in the same category as spying for foreign powers.

That threatens leakers and journalists with the same extended jail sentences as foreign agents. Sentences would apply even if – like Edward Snowden or Chelsea Manning – the leaker was not British, or in Britain, or was intent on acting in the public interest. – The Register
Britain is doing what one of the things it does best, which is thinking of how to punish people. Now it’s figuring out ways to throw more people in jail for longer periods of time for exposing various kinds of government crimes.

That’s right. It’s not thinking about lessening those crimes, only covering them up.

The British government has received an updated Espionage Act that is a good deal stronger than the act on the books. It puts journalitsts in the same boat as foreign agents when it comes to spying and also does not differentiate between those who are citizens of other countries and those who come from Britain.


The proposals have been slammed by journalists who faced down British and US government threats after publishing Edward Snowden’s sensational revelations in 2013. The UK Law Commission’s recommendations are contained in a 326-page consultation paper titled Protection of Official Data [PDF].

“It is alarming that such a far-reaching proposed reform of laws which could be used to jail whistleblowers and journalists should have been drafted without any adequate consultation with free speech organisations”, Alan Rusbridger, the former Guardian editor who published the Snowden revelations, told The Reg.

According to the commission, the proposed “redrafted offence” of espionage would “be capable of being committed by someone who not only communicates information, but also by someone who obtains or gathers it”. There should, it says, be “no restriction on who can commit the offence,” including hackers, leakers, elected politicians, journalists, and NGOs.
The journalists who helped Edward Snowden with thousands of GCHQ documents and who visited him in Hong Kong in 2013, could be thrown in jail for long periods of time under this potential legislation.

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Upcoming British Legislation Could Jail Journos for 14 Years


You know…, I for one have totally “had it” with these ELITES and government officials who think that it is OKAY for them to do anything they want (crimes) and then punish people who tell the truth about that!


See this Declaration and Contract:


Any (that means any) living human being who “follows orders”…, which by doing so may IN ANY WAY have a “negative” effect on me personally…, NOW AGREES TO THIS CONTRACT…, AND IT’S PENALTIES!

Unless a separate contract is negotiated with me personally…, (face to face)…, one that I personally get compensated for ahead of time!

Without a negotiated contract in place…, the one linked above is AUTOMATICALLY engaged for eternity!!

I HAVE FREEWILL…., and NO ONE IN THE WORLD can “legislate” whether or not I can, or can NOT tell someone else THE TRUTH!

Have a nice day!

All my love….

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