By: Bradley Loves

This is the post that I promised a few weeks earlier.  It has taken this long to get Bryan to finish it the way he wanted it, and to sanction the publishing of his personal story.  (He wanted to be as accurate as possible)

I will say just a few words beforehand in order to help clarify just a few things before you read it.

  • This is someone I personally know. He is real, and this is actually happening to him!
  • When he uses the phrase “mental impressions”, this is his way of saying he’s “hearing” voices (that are not his) entering into his thought stream, which are both evil and abusive.
  • His entire life is “very” distressed by this technological intrusion, and he unfortunately contemplates suicide.
  • The use of this type of technology is a “Cosmic Level Crime” for which there is NO forgiveness. (In other words…, it is straight to the Central Sun for the destruction of your Soul…, do not pass go…, if you are using this, because you are now breaking GOD’S HIGHEST LAW).
  • This is happening now!  Which means that all of the useless New Age internet posts about how all “bad players” have either been arrested, or moved off planet is 100 percent BUNK!

I will write an article of my own and refer back to this…, so here it is…, just as he wrote it. Finally, this information is so important…, please re-blog, facebook, and tweet this post, and MAKE IT GO VIRAL!


Bryan’s Story – Targeted Individual


My name is Brian but I go by Bryan, I’m 37, and I’ve been experiencing something over the last 10 months that defies any categorization by me up to this point in my life. Based on things I’ve read, people I’ve spoken to, and the experiences themselves, I believe that I’ve been a targeted individual since September of 2016. I wouldn’t wish this type of experience on my worst enemy.

Before we get started, though, I want to say that I’m a very spiritual person. I meditate and pray daily. I’m loving, caring, and thoughtful. Before the last 10 months, I was one of the most optimistic happy-go-lucky guys you’d ever meet. I’ve never been in any real trouble, and I only ever want the best for humanity. It appears, though, that being such a sensitive, caring individual may be part of why this is happening. ( Which, if true, saddens me. That there are beings out there that would specifically target spiritual people begs the question, why? What would that agenda be?  It’s a question we should all be asking.

An alternate name for this technology used for targeting is called voice of god.

‘Voice of God’ Weapon, ELF Technology & Mind Control : Dr. John Hall

And if you think about it, who would this technology tend to work most on, then, if not the spiritually inclined? But since most people tend to believe in God ( it follows that it can be very effective on most anyone.

After first talking about the technology and how it seems to work, I’ll get into this spiritual receptivity. I’ll talk about how it seems to make taking advantage of spiritual people easier, or at least how it made taking advantage of me easier in the beginning. I’ll also get into how they will use any authoritative persona to generate a belief that they’re looking for in the moment. I’ll talk a bit about the background I believe led up to my being targeted. Finally, I’ll talk about the effects this whole experience has had on my life, both short-term and long-term and offer a conclusion.

As an aside, I’ve always believed that love can and will triumph over all evil, but that idea is being sorely tested. How can this type of activity / technology exist? I’ve been experiencing such an invasion of privacy and a seemingly weaponized attack against my free will, consciousness, and sanctity of mind that it defies comprehension.

In the spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda writes what Sri Yukteswar says about interfering with another being’s thoughts,

“Unless necessary I do not invade the seclusion of others’ minds. Man has the natural privilege of roaming secretly among his thoughts. The unbidden Lord does not enter there; neither do I venture intrusion.”

That same book is replete with miracles which have given hope to millions. It’s not just that book, however, as most spiritual classics, including the Bible, have miracles in them, all giving hope to their readers. This point is important to remember when considering spiritual receptivity.

That said, men of God know that intruding on another being’s mind is a very grave transgression of that being’s free will. Unfortunately, many of the experiences I’ve had are so dark and often Satanic in nature, that God is apparently not part of their calculus. Targeting individuals in the way that has been written about on this post is something so treacherous, that it must be talked about.

As such, I feel compelled to talk about my experience. My hope is that by writing about it my life can return to normal, but honestly at this point, I don’t know if my life can ever truly be like it was. Anyone who has been through this type of experience knows that it effects you long after it stops.

What is it like?

Think of the brain like a radio, one that can receive and send out signals. Being targeted feels like someone is broadcasting thought signals into your mind onto your own private thought stream. It feels like what I would imagine telepathy would work like.

Needless to say, unlike telepathy, you know these ‘mental impressions’ (as I like to call them) shouldn’t be happening and wouldn’t be happening normally, but in this case you are seemingly powerless to do anything about it other than to shift your focus away from the thought(s) being inserted into your thought stream. Even when you do shift away focus, it only takes a few seconds for your mental signal to be ‘re-acquired’ and for this broadcasting to begin again.

When the mental impressions first started happening to me, I felt like I had to pay attention to them because I thought that every word contained something important for me to hear. This is the voice of god imperative I alluded to in my opening.  If something seems to be coming from an authoritative persona (a Deity, a guru, a historical figure, a mythical figure, or any authoritative sounding voice… really) it is only natural for the average person to believe that it has the highest importance and should be taken at face value. For my part, it didn’t occur to me for a significant amount of time that I could be being taken advantage of. Part of me just didn’t want it to be true, perhaps.  Also, who would do this? And why?

On this note, as I said in the opening, my spiritual background is such that I do believe in miracles, which should be a good thing, but unfortunately this type of belief can be used against a person in a targeting situation in order to get that person to believe in something untrue for the benefit of the targeter. I believe the average person’s willingness to believe in a ‘voice of god’ when broadcast directly into the brain in this way, is used against the target to not only modify behavior, but it can also be dangerous because of the average target’s likely willingness to believe the authoritative voice’s directive.

I can’t count how many times the mental impressions have come in the form of an authoritative source trying to direct me to think a certain way or convince me of a certain thing.  It’s most of the impressions truthfully, and if the mental impressions are indulged, it usually progresses forward eventually as a mental conversation (though, from the target’s standpoint it can obviously be verbal – i.e. speaking words that can somehow be heard by those targeting). This exchange between target and targeter can happen quite effortlessly, not unlike if you were standing right next to them and talking very normally. As such, I’ve had to learn to treat all thoughts coming into my mind as ‘suspect’ and filter them much more aggressively than I did previously.

The best way I can put it is that it seems like having a constant companion looking over your shoulder who is adding commentary and often back-seat driving while you’re trying to live your life. What has been happening to me is that I still have all of my normal mental functions, just with the addition of the added mental impressions into my thought stream.

Of note is that some mental impressions are subliminal in nature, appearing to have a background quality, meaning that they are muted and harder to hear. What causes this is not something that is easy to discern. Could the thought stream have different channels?  Alternatively, this difference in volume of perceived mental impressions could just be the targeter somehow adjusting the volume, intensity, or location in the brain. The important point is that subliminal (veiled / harder to hear) thoughts are used as well.

Anyway, you’ll be going about your business and all of a sudden an impression of something you weren’t thinking about is directly impressed into your mind. It’s often contextual to the situation at hand, but can also come quite abruptly, and out of left-field, often as a very derogatory comment seemingly only put there to mess with the target’s confidence and self-esteem. This has happened to me countless times.

These sudden abusive thoughts that flash across the mind without any seeming provocation are incredibly difficult to deal with. Particularly while trying to interact with people at a job or with people you love at a family function. This type of thing is different than a normal thought process as it comes up without any warning and is often much more negative than anything you would ever think of normally. Words like terrible, piss ant, little shit, bastard and much worse have all been projected into my thought stream, sometimes consistently for periods of time, up to days on end.

The effect on the self-esteem when this happens is considerable. It’s psychological torture.

It’s gotten to the point where I try not to think of anything at all, lest it be dissected or turned around, and then used against me to get me off on an unnecessary tangent I can only imagine is designed to destroy my confidence.

That said, thinking nothing at all is not easy to do, as it is one of the most natural things for humans to have curiosity and think about things. When you’re being targeted, though, you are denied the natural privacy that Sri Yukteswar talked about to freely and naturally explore your own mental vistas. I believe that an unspoiled mental landscape is necessary to grapple with hard and complex ideas. And over the last 10 months I have definitely been denied, against my free will, this basic human right.

If all of this wasn’t bad enough, it’s the subliminal mental impressions seemingly on backchannels of the thought stream that are really challenging. Mainly because they can make you think that someone / something is trying to ‘program’ you Manchurian Candidate style.  These softer in volume mental impressions can take any form.  Sometimes they’re declarative in nature (i.e. “You don’t want to do ____” or, “You are ____.”  But the content can come across as random and downright evil at times. I’ll be having a more pure thought that doesn’t conform to whatever agenda that has seemingly been set for my programming by the targeter, and there will be an immediate response very quietly in the background contradicting the thought I just had.

This alone is sad and makes you want to seclude yourself from other people.

Indeed, what all of this thought stream manipulation costs in terms of mental health is most tragic. You simultaneously know that you’re sane, but constantly feel like you’re on the border of sanity as well. It’s the oddest, off-putting feeling. And just when you get your confidence back up, it seems like something happens (seemingly by the design) to tear you down.

Seriously, imagine again having someone or something critiquing every thought you have, and using those thoughts to then direct your thought stream in a direction that it would not normally go. The targeter can take seemingly innocuous things and make them seem like a big deal (often through the use of authoritative personas) to make you believe you did something wrong, taking what should be a normal day-to-day positive experience and transforming it into a ‘controlled’ negative and fearful experience just to create the mental, emotional state desired.

Having gone through this myself, it would not surprise me if many people who seemingly have “lost their minds”, had nervous breakdowns, committed suicide, or done other things they normally wouldn’t have done, would not have done if they hadn’t been targeted or weren’t led there by targeting.

On that note, this targeting is so precise and so intimate, that every single thought seems to be immediately known by the person doing the targeting. One time while praying, I simply had the random thought, “I wonder if they hear these things”, and I got an immediate response placed into my mind, “we hear every word”.  Targeting, then, would afford great power in thought manipulation and overall behavior modification.

It gets much worse, though, depending on what is being impressed, and how well it matches my own thought patterns, it can be almost impossible to tell at times if a thought is originating from within my own mind, or if what is being “presented” into my mind is coming as a thought from the outside. This is when sanity gets stressed the most, having to examine and re-examine almost every thought I have 24/7.

Finally, in regards to the thought stream in general, there seems to be a way that they can ‘incept’ or magnetically attach thoughts into your own thought stream, but they do it in a way that it seems as though the word(s) are coming directly from you, when in reality, the thought came from them by using some sort of technology to insert it into the mind. This feels very strange, and it is very hard to resist this. It actually causes a physical reaction, where you want to physically ‘pull away’ from the magnetic technology that is being used on you. They seem to use this when they want you to ‘think’ something for their purposes. This is more a advanced targeting, but has also been happening to me.

In my case, at no point during this entire time did I feel like I was actually losing my mind.  The targeting can be 100% continuous at times, or sporadic depending on what the agenda seems to be for the target. I’ve actually had moments of mental quietude, usually, but not always, correlating with use of medication, which I’ve begrudgingly taken at times in order to feel normal.

Even while on the medication, though, it still feels like you’re being closely monitored, and some of the mental impressions do ‘leak’ through.  Coming in and out of sleep seems to be the most receptive time for the mind, as I’ll get some of the clearest mental impressions at that time, even while on medication. I’ve actually heard voices (seemingly talking to one another) as I’m waking up, “Be quiet, use only whispers now”.   So, I know that they’re still monitoring me.

One night after a particularly nasty night of sick demonic mental impressions where it seemed like some type of satanic ritual was being done in / on my apartment (Oh yeah, it can get downright nasty at times), I was naturally having a very hard time sleeping, and afterward my mind was having a hard time handling all that had happened. So much so, I was debating going to the hospital, because my brain felt like it was on fire. As I was about to fall asleep, I awoke with a start only to hear a conversation…, Is he okay?”  “Yes, we watch him like a hawk.”

There often seem to be two targeters. The worst is hearing them while they are laughing at you, taunting you, or trying to intimidate you once they’ve twisted you around mentally. Through all the above tactics, they can actually get you to start questioning anything you’ve ever done.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned is that most of what is being impressed upon my mind is disinformation, likely only given to confuse, intimidate, cause fear, or bring about other thoughts and actions that they want.

This disinformation can build on itself in a form of ‘storytelling’ that is particularly dangerous, as it can cause new beliefs to be formed based on inaccurate data. As always, it seems like the targeter(s) are there as a facilitator of the story, always working to keep the target off balance, and moving the target mentally in the direction of the targeter’s agenda.

Finally, whoever is doing this mental targeting seems to also be able to target the emotional and lymbic system in some way to tap into fear and fight or flight responses, meaning some of the darkest experiences can feel very visceral and take a physical toll on both your body and mind. I’ve even experienced exposure to something that made my entire body pulsate. Experiences like these have led me to believe that my experience must be targeting. What other explanation is there?

Which brings me back to beginning, as I said, I’m 37 years old and have never had any issues with these type of auditory hallucinations (the term used by the psychiatric community) before the past 10 months. This fact is highly unusual, and every doctor I’ve seen makes a comment about how this shouldn’t be happening to me at my age.

So why is it happening to me?


Besides being spiritual, in the lead up to September of 2016, I had started to do
research into the Sovereign Citizen Movement ( I got into this movement because I believe, like Bradley does, that the highest spirituality is Truth, and that the truth should be sought after, disclosed, and shared freely if known. To me, it seemed like there was much more truth to be discovered about the average person’s Earthly experience when it comes to commerce.

While studying about the Sovereign Citizen Movement, I learned about things like the Juristic Person (aka ALL CAPS NAME), HJR 192, the 14th Amendment citizen, Unam Sanctum, and the Cestui Que Trust. Bradley has talked about a lot of these things on this blog in other articles, but if you don’t know what all of these things are, I highly recommend doing research on them.

That said, it wasn’t until I found the work of Kurtis Richard Kallenbach ( and his insights into the birth certificate and the afterbirth novation (here are some videos that talk a bit about this ( that I really felt like I started to see how deep the rabbit hole goes regarding the financial system. His work inspired me to create some paperwork to prepare for recordation to declare my sovereignty as an American National.

I spent months wrapped up in Black’s Law 5th Edition looking for the legal framework for how all the above things fit together. If you really look at the definitions and follow the bread crumbs, it all appears to be in there. It appears to be all about real estate, and it appears that legally, the human body is considered real estate? But who owns it? Who has the jus in re (right to a thing) over your own body?

If you read Unam Sanctum, the Catholic church believes that all human creatures need salvation. And it appears that there is some connection between jus in re and any person who doesn’t come forth to claim their own real estate – the body? This could even be codified in the Cestui Que Act of 1666, the Constitution of the United States (article 1 section 9), and the United States Homestead Act?

After reading through all the above, the way it seemed to me is that without a $10 import tax paid within 7 years of a child’s birth, the afterbirth novation and identification with the juristic person is presumed. Such a person it appears can then only enjoy jus merum, ‘bare’ rights, as a certificated individual?  That seems to be what the birth certificate means, and why it’s written on bonded paper?

I can’t stress enough here to do your own research on this vast topic as it seems to be at the heart of our entire Earthly experience. I also don’t recommend dabbling in any legal paperwork in this area unless you really know what you’re doing. Given my own experience, you can see why. That said, I believe investigation into this topic to be very important.

Ultimately, I took a chance and put together some legal paperwork claiming my
sovereign citizen status as an American National. I then recorded this paperwork and sent copies of it directly to the Vatican and to the US Secretary of State. Of course, this is where everything turned with regards to my mind, and I began experiencing everything previously talked about, and was seemingly being targeted in the most heinous ways possible.

And if I’m completely honest, I had some early symptoms of these mental impressions and feeling like I was being monitored even before I sent the paperwork out, seemingly as if there was some sort of comprehensive thought monitoring technology that was aware of the archaic language that I was looking up and using in some sort of ‘precog’ capacity.

Throughout the above process, all I was trying to do was to get to the truth, no matter how‘out there’ it might be. No one wants to believe these types of things at first, but what do you do when everything inside of you tells you that there must be something more to the way our commercial system works, effecting our Earthly experience in such fundamental ways?

I chose to try and get to the bottom of it the best that I could using the information available to me.

The Fallout

So, needless to say, something I did really made someone mad, or made a difference at some level because I immediately went from living a very normal life to having endless mental impressions suddenly inserted into my mind, many of them very dark.

Those first few weeks it was very hard sleeping, as there was a constant barrage of very dark mental impressions. I would say bordering on the demonic.

But I really believed that I stumbled onto something here with the paperwork I recorded. Even if I didn’t get all of the details right, why would this level of scrutiny and harassment follow me?  It just doesn’t make any sense unless something that I did by doing this type of investigation was worthwhile and at least got close to the mark.

In the initial few weeks after sending in the paperwork, I got many mental impressions as clear as day telling me to destroy all copies of the paperwork, leading me to believe that there was definitely something in the above process I had gone through that the targeters didn’t want to get out.

Unfortunately, in line with the spiritual imperative that I’ve already talked about concerning listening to what authoritative voices are saying, I did, and I sent apology letters to all of the same places hoping to get this targeting experience to stop, but all to no avail.

You have to understand how terrifying something like this can be when you’ve never experienced anything like it ever before in your life. Also, I like to believe in the good in people, which is why learning about all these things, and having these experiences troubled me deeply and made me believe that I needed to share my story.

But to experience what I’ve experienced? To have my life turned into a living hell? No one deserves this type of treatment.

Lasting Effects

Any time the targeting diminishes, like it occasionally (but not always) did while I was on medication, it’s like learning to walk all over again. It’s hard to be sure of myself and hard to be around people again. You have to learn to be comfortable with your own unspoiled thought stream again.

The best way to describe it is that even though the mental impressions stop, the shadows or emotional imprints of their effects fade much more slowly, and vestiges seem to pop up at random and inopportune times.

Just as you’re starting to feel whole again, something will remind you of the horrible experiences you went through, and you’ll have to deal with a piece of the whole all over again. It’s similar to what I imagine war veterans deal with as far as PTSD effects.

I worry about the effect this targeting is having on my brain. I’m not a neurologist, but it really seems like one of the goals of the targeters is to get a target as confused as they can via emotional trauma and disinformation. It seems like the more they can make the target believe in the outlandish thoughts they present (ala storytelling), the more new neural pathways the brain creates to deal with it. Then, if they can pull the rug out and get the target to question him or herself, those same neural pathways are destroyed having a more deleterious effect on the target’s brain and cognitive function.

This happened many different times where they would get me moving in one direction only to spin me around and take me down emotionally, usually leaving my brain in a very receptive and vulnerable state, with the brain literally feeling hot, my ears red, and my senses dulled from this torturous tactic.

This pendulum swing in the mind, then, seems to open it up to some of the most harmful types of psychological torture. It seems to leave the mind in a hyper-suggestive state where they can try psychological experiments, like trying to effect the target’s very consciousness, subconsciousness, and mental states on.  Only, unlike normal experiments done at Universities that require the consent from the participant for his or her participation, these experiments seem to have no oversight, are done from behind the scenes, and which I believe to be a total transgression of the target’s free will.

During these moments of targeting, the conversations that have come into my thought stream from the targeters have been bizarre. It sounded, from what I could gather, like I was being tested on, with a entire panel of people monitoring me and hoping to ‘steer’ my consciousness in some unknown direction for their undisclosed purposes.

Especially in these moments, I have made it very clear verbally that I did not consent to what was being done to me. No one deserves to live in this type of fear of hidden psychological experimentation and torture.

And what is a target supposed to make of these types of moments? How do I feel confident and comfortable that my consciousness and mental states were not messed with in some unknown and irreversible way?  How does a target plan for their future with this in their past? How can they be confident their hopes and dreams are attainable and that their own previous and potential future abilities are retained?

All of this when the emotional trauma they’ve sustained via targeting would make it seem that they’ve now have been ‘trained’ to question and doubt everything?

This all gets into the unfortunate arena of messing with a being’s very soul and soul purpose. It’s one thing to seemingly claim the body for commercial purposes, but it’s a whole other level of treachery to venture into the sacred states of a being’s divinely granted soul, consciousness, and mental states. And, a still more serious thing to tarnish free will and agency through such behavior modification.

This type of activity must be known about, talked about, and hopefully stopped. No one deserves to have to wonder if their very essence has been compromised in some fundamental way as a result of technological targeting.

Recent Developments

As I started writing this blog post and getting it ready for publication, I was trying to get off my medication for the latest time. It has been some of the most frequent and sustained targeting I’ve experienced with much more intensity. In general, it seems they don’t want their targets having the return of their full mental functionality, but rather to remain docile on medication.

Medication, while not working 100% of the time as I talked about above, does seem to mask certain aspects of the thought stream that they can project these mental impressions onto, making the impressions harder for the target to hear. When the medication starts to take hold, then, the mental impressions take on the more subliminal quality I already mentioned. It seems they like to have the ability to suggest things in this background way to direct those they target as much as possible through suggestion being made just below the surface of the targets normal consciousness.

Off the medication, it was initially nearly impossible to sleep, as every time I was about to fall asleep they would wake me up by saying something derogative toward me. In this way, they can create sleep deprivation in the target, making normal functionality like going to work almost impossible. Is it any wonder targets turn to medication for a way to get through their lives?

But medication is not the answer because the problem is not with the target, it is with those doing this targeting. I’m confident that if the targeting was stopped, many targets could stop taking medications, and their mental state would return to normal.

As such, I’ve stopped taking all medication for almost a month now. Off the medication, I’ve had periods of less symptoms and periods of more symptoms. Not that different than when I was on the medication to be honest. I’ve even had a two week stretch of mostly silence, but then alas, the targeting returned with a vengence.

What this last month proves, to me at least, is that the medication was never the answer, or truly helpful in dealing with the root of this issue, not when ‘voice of god’ technology seems to be involved.  That said, I am dealing with some of the worst mental impressions I had during this entire experience.  I am determined to be off of medication.

Finally, one of the most recent developments is the manipulation of my dreams. While I’m sleeping they’re somehow able to insert and direct my dreams in order to further create sleep deprivation and add another layer of psychological torture.


In conclusion, I’ve tried to come up with all sorts of other scenarios that might be causing the experiences that I’m having / have had for the past 10 months, but I always come back to the fact that I must be being targeted. Nothing else makes sense to me.

By whom?  Who is doing this?  Many of the darkest moments seemed to be Satanic in nature. But who has this level of technology to do everything described? And for what purpose?

Does it come back to the targeting of spiritual people referenced at the beginning? I’ve long believed in the idea that the human body and human consciousness are meant to evolve. Could the targeters be trying to stop this?  All I can do is tell my story honestly as I’ve perceived it.

As touched on previously, I’ve consistently verbally stated to those targeting me over the course of the targeting that I DO NOT consent to the things being done to me, but unfortunately, they have continued anyway. But, no matter what happens I will always do my best be a loving, spiritual being because I believe that is what is right. I believe that love is the most powerful force in the universe, and I have to believe that it will carry me through this. I hope that all spiritual people reading this will continue to have faith.

Through this single blog post, I’m trying to get my story out there in the hopes that it can help me to be free of this experience. I also hope this will inspire people to do more research on targeting and who is responsible for it so that targeting as a whole can be stopped. I believe it to be torture, plain and simple. And if I’m going through this, how many others are going through it as well?

As I said in the ‘Lasting Effects’ section, I believe very strongly that targeting and the technology being used to achieve it gets into the area of infringing on a being’s free will. The sacred states of a being’s divinely granted soul, consciousness, and mental states deserve to be protected. And every being’s free will and agency must be preserved.

This type of activity must be known, talked about, and hopefully stopped. No one deserves to have to wonder if their very essence has been compromised in some fundamental way.

I believe that no one deserves the type of experience that I’ve been technologically forced to go through. No one.


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