By: Bradley Loves


Here comes the World of  the Bubble Dwellers!

Bubble dwellers are people who dwell in their own little reality bubbles, and who do not seem to see the greater or the larger reality around them!

You call tell exactly who they are by the phrases they say, and the words that they use!

That is not MY truth!   That is not MY reality!

Is just one of many phrases that these men and women use to “define” themselves as “virtual reality – bubble dwellers”!

Cutting themselves off from what is happening to the rest of the world around them, they fatasize that somehow they are living in an individual world (self contained) that can never be effected by anything that happens outside of them.

Their lives and their experiences thus become quite subjective and here again, become quite the oppisite of the higher spiritual goal of SERVICE TO OTHERS, and lends itself more easily to path of SERVICE TO SELF!


Because you can never adequately understand the needs and the lives of OTHERS, unless and until you are experiencing life in the same way they are experiencing it.

Therefore, you must out of necessity be “living in the same reality” as those whom you are going to SERVE!

Does this make sense?

If you are going to continuously think, say, and feel that YOUR REALITY has nothing to do with the common reality of the rest of humanity…, then you will NEVER CHOOSE to serve those who appear to be stuck in that reality, concluding the THEIR REALITY is fictional!

Once again, SERVICE TO SELF rears is ugly dark head out of the f0lds of what would otherwise seems to be a pure white blanket made of sheeps wool!

If a person maintains that “THEIR TRUTH” and “THEIR REALITY” is something other than what the common man is experiencing, then as one might expect, the over riding attitude of that person toward others will simply become:  CHANGE YOUR REALITY!

They will therefore not TRY to serve others, nor will they expend any effort in HELPING OTHERS, but instead they will gear their talents and efforts toward convincing others that they are simply “WRONG IN THEIR ATTITUDE”!


If there was ever a RELIGION that was all about the MIND…, this is the one!

More psychological than spiritual, the very basics of this RELIGION at it’s core are telling you to DENY what you see in front of you and to wish for and “imagine” something else!

This practice, which is all well and good for a few moments a day, does NOTHING to deal with the world as it is in the here and the now!

However, too many people who are into the NEW AGE have taken these psychological “mind bending” teachings to their ultimate limit that they are now beginning to “live” as if they are not really here, and are somewhere else completely!

The problem here is that this effectively CUTS THEM OFF from the rest of humanity and therefore any and all of the problems humanity is suffering from!

This is why you hear such ludicrous things like:

That is not my truth,  and that is not my reality, coming from their mouths!



Living inside of a “personal reality” that is “safe” from negtivity, discord, dark truths, and uncomfortable situations does not lend itself to having either CARE or CONCERN for the world!

What is does is to close off, and to shut down these negative, discordant, and uncomfortable situations so as to make THEIR LIVES easier to tolerate.

However, at it’s very core, this is a SERVICE TO SELF APPROACH to life.  It is the left handed path of LUCIFER.

Once again, it can not be said enough times, that it is and was the LUCIFERIANS who started the NEW AGE.

Now, here is something that I have never said yet to date, and this is the first time I will put this into print!


Believe it or not, the LUCIFERIANS knew that there was NO WAY that they would ever be able to gather followers toward the left handed path of SELFISHNESS if they “told” everyone they were starting a brand new religion based on SERVICE TO SELF!

So, what they actually did is to start this brand new Religion called: THE NEW AGE, and tell everyone that it was a SERVICE TO OTHERS RELIGION!

They did this by yelling it out loud and clear.  Come one, come all to our new SERIVCE TO OTHERS RELIGION…, the right handed path back to GOD.

However, what they did next was very clever!  They started teaching come very simple and some very core tenets of the SERVICE TO SELF/LUCIFERIAN path, and simply called it:




You’ve seen this before in the way that the ILLUMINATI and the FREEMASONS operate!

UP is DOWN, and DOWN is UP!

(It isn’t really…, but if you SAY IT to yourself enough times, then it becomes so).

A COURSE IN MIRACLES – which is one of the more prominent books that the NEW AGERS base their ideas on, was written by a New York City Clinical Psychologist!

You see, the NEW AGE actually has far more to do with the MIND, (and how to control it) than it does with the SPIRIT!

Even MORE strange however,  is the fact that both Helena Blavatsky, founder of the NEW AGE, and Helen Schucman, writer of A COURSE IN MIRACLES, were both named HELEN!

Helen (as a Goddess) is spread far and wide throughout all Mystical and Mythic Ancient literature, especially within MAGIC CIRCLES and within ESOTERIC teachings and writings.  (She really is a “big” deal!)

Thus “HELEN” – just like “COLUMBIA” would be a very important name to use when putting out anything of esoteric importance!

This is right up the LUCIFERIAN’S ALLEY, and something that they would most certainly do as a “nod” and a “wink” to all of their own followers!

A COURSE IN MIRACLES is not the only NEW AGE book that contains teachings or writings that many FREEMASONS have thrown their support over to however.

THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY (created by L. Ron Hubbard) based almost all of it’s teachings upon a single book called:


This book is almost 100 percent Psychlogical, and deals exclusively with the aspirant’s MIND, and his or her way of THINKING, and how to change it!

But, what did L. Ron Hubbard’s own son have to say about his Daddy’s religion called Scientology after he was an adult??

Then of course there is that book written by Helena Blavatsky where she says LUCIFER is the only GOD of this Earth!

All very “psycho-logical”…, all very MIND orientated…, and guess what else…, ALL clearly written to place the individual into “reality bubbles” which have little or nothing to do with the reality that is actually happening around them!

And thus, once again, you get these strange comments from NEW AGE people like:

That is not my reality…, NOT MY THING…, I don’t “live” there…, NOT my cup of tea…, Doesn’t “belong” to me…, etc!

As if they are living in a BUBBLE of their own making, and not in the same reality where the rest of us live!

This creates a specific problem however!!

How can we possibly HELP OTHERS…, if we are not actively experiencing the world on the same level THEY ARE?

Something to think about!

Remember…, the RIGHT HANDED PATH is called:


The left handed path…, the dark path.., the SATANIC PATH, is called:


Which path NEW AGER are you really truly on???

All my love….




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