By: Bradley Loves


One of the things that helps the Main Stream Media “control” people all over the world more than anything else is the ILLUSION that “nothing strange” is happening out there…, or rather…, the ONLY thing happening is what WE SAY IS HAPPENING!

This is why they constantly “badger” normal thinking people with ridiculous made up “problems” that don’t matter to anyone!

The “trans-gender” problem which is such a NON PROBLEM for most people living in the world…, that MORE PEOPLE actually get stuck by lightning every year around the planet than those who want to change their gender…, demonstrates this perfectly!

The same goes for the personal pronoun NON PROBLEM…, which the MSM wants every college student to think is the BIGGEST ISSUE and PROBLEM of our times!  (College students are so easily led!!)

There are dozens of NON PROBLEMS in the world which are being shoved into the faces (and down the throats of normal people)…, by the MSM…, in order to force the perspective that BUSINESS AS USUAL is happening in America…, and thus “we have plenty of time” to focus on tiny, miniscule NON ISSUES which are there only to distract our attention from what is really happening!

This is called:  MIND CONTROL through use of ILLUSION


Don’t let them DO this to you!

You’ve GOT to be smarter than this!   You’ve GOT to be better than this!

  • The Media is NOT your friend!
  • Hollywood is NOT your friend!
  • The Music Industry is NOT your friend!

The truth is that these people LOATH YOU!

Can you imagine going to a party like this where heads are sticking up out of the tables as “decorations” and the “cake” is a naked woman?

Can you imagine the lady that is cutting the cake STABBING IT FIRST and then removing a fake heart and holding it up in triumph?

Can you imagine the sick, sick, sick people in attendance taking pictures thinking this is ALL SO COOL…, they need to send their freinds on Snap Chat messages about the great time they had??

HOLLYWOOD hates “normal people”!



Anyone who would blatanly LIE to you each and every single day…, does not care about YOU!

To my friends in Germany…, to my friends in the UK…, to my friends in Austrailia and South Africa…, PLEASE…., don’t give in to your GOVERNMENTS attempts to CENSOR…, to CON…, to PUSH FAKE AGENDAS!

It is far worse there than it is here!

You’ve got to be strong…, because as bad as it is here in America…, I see the GLOBALIST AGENDA being pushed much more intensely in Europe and in other places…, becauase the GLOBALISTS have more control over those places!

All my love….




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