By: Bradley Loves


Taking the RED PILL is not easy, and even NEO (of the Matrix) did not like being exposed so suddenly to the whole TRUTH!

But we are out of time…, and for those who have been hitting the SNOOZE button over and over and over again, putting the pillow over their head and REFUSING to get out of bed…, they are about to have the mattress turned over on top of them!

You have no one to BLAME but yourself if by this time, you have NOT prepared!

In all likelyhood (within the next 60 days) things are going to get really intense as the SATANIC DEEP STATE is finally called onto the carpet for their crimes.

I’ve tried (over the last 4 years) to show my readers just how wide spread SATANISM has become across the world…, and just how many people (people that YOU KNOW) are invovled in the demonic take over of planet Earth.

You know the personality type really well.

These are weak human beings…, people who gravitate to anyone who is percieved as strong and seek protection from them, even if they are evil bullies.

So don’t be too surprised if and when you start seeing people you know…, people that you’ve respected…, people you thought were really cool…, suddenly being exposed as complicit with PURE EVIL!

You may have admired them…, but spiritually and morally…, they were WEAKLINGS, and did not deserve a single ounce of respect!

I had a conversation with my brothers girl-friend about certain Hollywood Actors and Music Industry Singers a while back…, and every name that I gave her (someone who was involved in Satanism)…., her response was:

OH…, but I really LIKE that artist and his (or her) music.  Or, I really LIKE that actor!  Dont tell me that.


This was the entire POINT.

They wanted you to fall in LOVE with certain artists and actors so that when these people came out as Satanist…, you’d either be willing to over look that.., or even JOIN UP with their cause!

Don’t be surprised if many Senators and Congressmen you thought were cool are ALSO implicated in the plan AGAINST America.

You are about to see the underbelly of the DEEP STATE…, and just how many of your friends and neighbors (secretly) signed up to destroy the country you love…, and the entire world (just for a paycheck and the promise of safety for themselves).

Football players, Baseball and Basket ball players are NOT HEROS!


They play games for a living and…, earn a KINGS SALARY just so that the Satanists could keep you DISTRACTED!

And sadly…, it worked.

Millions and millions of people watch TV and games…, while the world is being over-run with EVIL on a daily basis.



See the above clip at the 2 minute mark and tell me that this is not exactly what the CABAL has done in creating modern day sporting events!

And now it’s YOUR turn to say:

Oh…, but I really LOVE watching football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey or whatever ….


Yes…, if this is you…, then YOU fell perfectly into the DISTRACTION!

The Satanists are very pleased with you!

Whatever happens over the next 60 days…, I suggest being VIGILENT and AWAKE!

Keep a watchful eye…, and be VERY CAREFUL who you follow on the internet!

More and more people (looking to gain a following) are going to print ANYTHING that they think “sounds good”.

This is the TRAP that the New Age Channelers fell into.  They could not bring themselves to believe that words that SOUNDED SO NICE and SO ENCOURAGING were being given to them from beings who wanted to CON and MISLEAD them.

TRUTH does not always sound NICE and COZY…, and fit you like a warm blanket or lick your face like a cute puppy.

If this is your standard or your measuring stick for TRUTH…, then you are RIPE for every CON MAN and CHARLATAN that the world has in it to come and trick you.

Remember the loving and sweet words of THESE MEN???

(I wonder how many of these guys are wearing RED SHOES?)

And if you are weak, and overly sensitive…, and can not deal with this…, then you will curl up in a ball…, and wish the world would just go away.

You will not fight, and those whose intent is to enslave you…, will have a field day with you.

So next time you hear some Channeled Entity call you DEAR ONE…

Just remember that it can just as easily be a CON!

The reason for this is that these “MESSAGES” are coming from the lower ASTRAL LEVEL…, and that level is full of LIES and DECIET!

Countless out of body entites are looking for a good time…, and willing to say ANYTHING to whoever is gullible enough to listen.

Finally…, I will leave you with this!

Once you are MORE awake than most…, you will see that what I have been saying for 4 solid years is EXACTLY the TRUTH!

All CONTRACTS are MAGIC SPELLS and should never be used.

They are SATANIC because they are meant to BIND.

Here is Anna Von Reitz…, who (believe it or not) has finally made the jump from Grade School to High School!

She is now wearing her BIG GIRL PANTS!

Read what she says about MONEY and BUSINESS…


Satanism is the religion that gives rise to the Law of Commerce.

The Law of Commerce also known as Law Merchant, Maritime Law, and in more recent days in other “special” venues, as Roman Civil Law and as British Equity Law —are all different names for the same thing.

And they all derive from the practice and beliefs of Satanism.

So now you know why apprentice lawyers in Scotland are called “devils” and you know why the Office of the Roman Pontiff (vacant since 2011) required the Pope to sit on a throne surmounted by a giant snake.

Now the snakes are attempting to destroy the Church.


Welcome my dear Anna…, to the world of the REAL!

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