By: Bradley Loves


A plot, a plan, a diabolical scheme so sick, who would believe it to be true?


This is what Q – Anon keeps repeating over and over in his intel drops.

A Nuclear Weapon going off – that was built by ROGUE ACTORS –  and then blamed on Russia!



There may have been a very good reason for Donald Trump to nix the Iran “deal”.    A deal, which Trump continuously has claimed was NO DEAL at all.

Since the “other side” is speculating non stop about what will happen because the deal is dead, there is plenty of room to speculate about what COULD HAVE HAPPENED, if the deal was left in place!



Barack Obama sent 1.7 Billion (yes Billion) dollars in cash to Iran.

He did so without the approval of Congress.  Instead of doing a wire transfer to the country of Iran, (money which could have been traced continuously no matter where it went after it left the US) cash was sent on a cargo plane in the middle of the night.

This is money which can NEVER be traced to it’s final destination!

This is not just a tiny bit of money…, it is enough money to START A WAR WITH.

According to those who have seen the “Iran Deal”…, two MORE payments of approximately 2 Billions dollars each was going to be sent as well.

Supposedly sent by Hillary if she would have become President.

So let’s just “speculate here” since that is what the LEFT is doing.



Q- Anon has said in his intel droppings that rogue elements from Iran (perhaps not the government itself) but rogue elements – working in SYRIA were going to use that money to build a Nuclear Weapon using some of the very “same” Uranium that was being sent to Russia!

All Uranium has a signature (almost like a fingerprint) which can tell people “which batch” of uranium it came from.



You see, it may not really be Iran, Syria, or the Russians who were planning to do this, but it was in fact the GLOBALISTS!

It was the Luciferians/Satanists who are very desperate to start World War III.

Now, according to Q-Anon’s suggestions, the reason that Threasa May, Angela Merkel, and Emanual Macron were so desperate to keep the “Iran Deal” going – is that “they” were in on the plot!

They needed those next PAYMENTS to happen!

As sick as this sounds – these people are SATANISTS!   Starting World War III was simply going to be a step in bringing in the New World Order!

Q always said that these people’s “need” to use symbols would be their undoing!  Well, Macron just could NOT help himself!  The idiot that he is, he just HAD to flash the devil horns when he got his picture taken at the White House!

Yep…, Hey MACRON…, why don’t you just paint a target on your forehead that says:  I’M A SATAN WORSHIPPER!

It might have been more subtle!



Q Anon has suggested that Merkel, Macron, and May (the 3 “M’s”) – were in on the plot to NUKE the world!

And by the way, could the “M’s” be symbolic for “MAGICIANS or MAGI” ?

Each of these people have literally FLOODED their respective countries with millions of MUSLIM migrants, and have bullied, fined, and arrested anyone who speaks out against this as a growing social problem!

There is a very sick reason for doing this however!

So let’s “speculate”!

It was probably part of the plot to destroy these countries once WW III started!

Merkel, Macron, and May were planning to “unleash” HELL inside their own countries once the planned NUCLEAR DEVICE actually went off!

Once Russia was blamed for the blast, and WW III was officially created (I mean started)…

Then,  millions of Muslims “immigrants” (most of whom were young men) were going to be instructed to start raping, looting, burning, murdering and pillaging!

Why do you think countless European governments were simply paying them welfare to live on until the proper time came?  They NEEDED these people to do their dirty work for them!

The goal was to create MAXIMUM chaos within these countries at the proper moment!

The poor British, French and German citizens would have been overwhelmed and begged their Governments to step in.



This was probably always part of the PLOT!

Now, they can simply arrest, detain, and disappear anyone who does not agree with the Government, just like happened in NAZI Germany, under STALIN in the Soviet Union, and under MAO in China!

Are you starting to “get” the picture here?

It would not have been the Muslims that were being “arrested” but any citizen who tells the TRUTH, or says a word about the New World Order!

When “Q” says these people are SICK, he really means it!

If we are to connect the dots that Q seems to be dropping for us here, then THIS is exactly what Merkel, Macron, and May were up to!

Here is Q’s latest post:

So here, Q puts it cryptically for now, but the dots are there for us to connect!

He asks:   Why are they panicking?

He probably should have said – Why is everyone who is a SATANIST panicking instead!

Here is a photo of John Kerry (who was doing the Shadow Diplomacy behind Trump’s back), with Anton LaVey – head of the Church of Satan!

Next, Q asks:  Why is UK, France, and Germany so involved?

Well, I’ve just told you…, THEY were part of the plot!   A plot to Burn the World by Fire!

And isn’t that exactly what a Satanist does in the first place!  They are all very heavily involved in the “idea” of Ritual Sacrifice to demon gods (for favors)!

The GLOBALIST BANKERS have stolen and pillaged from the world for years, and now…, they are inches from being caught!  They NEED a World War to hide their crimes!

A Nuclear WW III is exactly the kind of MASSIVE BLOOD SACRIFICE they would also want to perform to LUCIFER…, (for the favor of protecting them from Justice).

These people are REALLY SICK and INSANE!

Further more, “these people” already have their own underground bunkers, cities, and mass transit system in place for when the War starts!

If we are to believe Phil Schneider, there are already hundreds of DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases) all over the world.

Connected by super fast MAG-LEV (magneto levitron – magnetic levitation) trains that can go as fast as MACH TWO  (1400 miles per hours) they are high tech bases which can each hold somewhere between 30 to 60 thousand people each.

So let’s just say here that the “THREE M’S” are not worried in the least about their own families, if they start World War III!

However…, the people of the UK – the French, and the Germans should be looking to string their leaders up from the highest lamp post if what Q has been saying turns out to be the TRUTH!

Apparently, the “plan” was to throw the innocent people of these countries to the WOLVES for sacrifice! (Muslim Wolves).

See more Q Intel Drops below that hint at what I just wrote above!


More will be coming!






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