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I will be otherwise occupied, but this morning…, I spent an hour reading over the headlines and shaking my head.

The complete and utter “disconnect” between human beings and REALITY…, is mind boggling.

I have never seen a MORE CONCERTED EFFORT to deny what is happening in front of you…, while trying to MAKE EXCUSES for such events.

It is as if the entire world is now living in LA LA LAND (Thank you Hollywood for telling us…) and can not THINK ANY LONGER.

Well…, I just have to shake my head.   I can point things out…, but can Not make people  think.

I went to about 25 websites in an hour…, read (quickly) about 30 articles…, (2 minutes to scan each one)…, and put up my hands in amazement.

Here is just ONE video…, that I know will draw thousands of DENY’ERS…, placed below just to prove that people would rather BELIEVE FANTASY (everything is OKAY) than take a good hard look at REALITY.

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False Light Constructs



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  1. Muslimgirl

    Hi Bradley,
    I’m a muslim and I’ve been reading your blog for years. I’ve found your blog through Jean’s blog. I like reading your blog because as you said you are writing about truth. I’ve always wanted to know the truth and what is actually going on in this world. But the video you posted above is not the whole truth. It is a biased video made by the jews to portray Islam as a barbaric religion.. but it is not. The people portrayed in this video are radical muslims and not all muslims are radical. Most of us are moderate muslims but the radical ones are louder. Take a look at muslims in Indonesia, Malaysia, most of us are moderate. We do not agree with the views of the radical muslims. We honor other people as well even if they follow a different religion. And we condemn killing other human beings, regardless of their religion. In my own family my father is a Christian, my grandmother and some of my uncles, aunts and cousins are Christian, and I don’t have a problem with that.

    I do agree however that radical Islam is a problem. But it is being used by..shall we say.. The cabal.. To forward their agenda. They are clearly pitting us against each other. Everywhere I look, the divide and conquer method is being used by the cabal against us, against humanity. The only thing they want is war, and we are allowing them to continue the wars if we fall for something like this video.

    Islam has been used as a scapegoat.. Ever since 9/11..and now Islam is used to forward their agenda of WWIII. I believe that behind those radical muslims are CIA and FBI agents, brainwashing them into believing that Islam is like what this video portrays..brainwashing them that it is okay to kill others who don’t have the same views as you do, even those who are also muslims. But that is not what we moderate muslims believe.. Not at all. We honor other people and other religions and condemn killing, raping, etc.

    Going back to what you said, that this is reality, yes, radical muslims killing others are real. But please be aware that not all muslims are radical. And that we feel our religion has been used, has been interpreted wrongly, to forward the agenda of the cabal of WWIII. What we should continue to do is exposing the cabal, exposing the off world connection to the cabal. They’re the real threat to humanity. And please be aware that radical Islam is not the true face of Islam, it has been distorted by the cabal so they can use it to continue the wars and the killing.

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