By: Bradley Loves


I will be otherwise occupied, but this morning…, I spent an hour reading over the headlines and shaking my head.

The complete and utter “disconnect” between human beings and REALITY…, is mind boggling.

I have never seen a MORE CONCERTED EFFORT to deny what is happening in front of you…, while trying to MAKE EXCUSES for such events.

It is as if the entire world is now living in LA LA LAND (Thank you Hollywood for telling us…) and can not THINK ANY LONGER.

Well…, I just have to shake my head.   I can point things out…, but can Not make people  think.

I went to about 25 websites in an hour…, read (quickly) about 30 articles…, (2 minutes to scan each one)…, and put up my hands in amazement.

Here is just ONE video…, that I know will draw thousands of DENY’ERS…, placed below just to prove that people would rather BELIEVE FANTASY (everything is OKAY) than take a good hard look at REALITY.

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