By: Bradley Loves


The last few posts (which includes the video from Kevin Shipp as well as Kerry Cassidy’s Blog observations) have dealt with what they both have termed…, “THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT”.

This is all very James Bond-“ish”…, and makes it seem as if some of it is all very necessary, and not really evil!

This is FAR FROM the TRUTH!

Instead of calling it the “Shadow Government”…, let’s just call it what it really is:


That is what it truly is…, and truly has become…., Purely Satanic!

If you what the entire video of Kevin Shipp…, and listen to what he is saying…, millions and millions of human beings in America alone are being “HELD BOUND” by Secrecy Agreements!

When you hear what he says in the video…, “being held bound”…., think:

Magical Bindings

Luciferian Bindings

Other Worldly Beings and Principalities being “summoned” to enforce what is written on the page.


The sheer number of people who have done this in America at this point according to Kevin Shipp is STAGGERING!

What have I said and written on my blog about “contracts”??  

They are DARK MAGIC!!

And who is it that “uses” DARK MAGIC anyway??

The followers and supporters of LUCIFER!  The Illuminati…, the ones Jay Parker has consistently told us in his interviews are born into the “Generational Satanic Families”….

Are we all on the same page finally??

Do all of these men and women realize that BY SIGNING THIS CONTRACT…, they are actually signing up for HELL ON EARTH??

They are signing up for LUCIFER TO TAKE POWER??

Here is the video again

More will being coming…

Watch the video!

All my love….




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