By: Bradley Loves

Back at it!

After all is said and done…, the most important thing to take away from my blog is a feeling that you’ve BEEN EMPOWERED!

I would only take the “time”…., to do this day after day…, (and trust me…, writing an alternative blog is one of the lowest “paying” professions on Earth)…, so I would only do this, if with all my heart…, I wanted those who come here to realize how POWERFUL they really are!

My “bed-side manner” for lack of a better phrase…, or the ways in which I “teach” may indeed be questioned (by some) simply because they are intense!

However…, sometimes a mental “shock” is the only way to grab people’s attention!


Our “reality” (the world of smoke and mirrors) in 2016 has been intentionally constructed to “assault” both your senses and your emotions to the point that you either CLOSE OFF…, or build energy barriers around  you that keep you from feeling and sensing the subtle.

This has been done with a purpose!

Guys like me…, who actually have a “thimble full of truth”…, in a world that has had truck loads of lies dumped on it for centuries, would scarcely be “heard” by ANYONE if I did not use such methods.

Not only has the TRUTH been hidden from you…., but the “powers of psycho” wanted to make sure that you did not have the ability, the time, or the strength to “hear” anything but their LIES!

Bombarding you daily with very LOUD, CRAZY, and “DISTRACTIVE EVENTS” keeps you off balance so that you keep your energy barriers up high at all times, and on full force!

Then, (in their hope) you will not let the truth in…, because it will be drowned out, or covered over by the mountain of their systematic assault upon your senses!

My bedside manner needs to be a little “intense” in order to shake people loose!


Unlike the New Ager’s…, who would have you “believe” (be careful of that word)…, that you can just simply blankly “forgive” everything that happened here…, and then (cue Angelic Choir)…., ASCEND….., (Angels sing)…., without first knowing any of it…, or how it was actually done…, I’m going to set you straight!

How…, pray tell…,  HOW…, can you LEARN ANYTHING…, if indeed this is all just a lesson…, if you have not really SEEN and understood what was going on here on the Earth behind your backs for the entire time?

Not only was this going on behind our collective backs…, YOU (and I, until I awoke)…, yes each and every living man,woman and child living here…, SUPPORTED (blindly and with consent) our OWN ENSLAVEMENT…, because WE did not ask questions, or think for ourselves!

To think that we can somehow just “learn” without “knowing”…, is like saying to a professional cook that you can make “cake” without flour, sugar, eggs, and flavoring.

It can’t be done!

Can anyone see the ludicrous NATURE of what the New Age is trying to tell us?

They say:  FORGIVE EVERYTHING…, you’ve graduated…, but…, there is NO NEED to know or understand the very nature of every tiny detail of what happened here!

This is deceptive to the MAX!

Let me give you a similar thought as an example….

I’m now going to build a boat…, (a very sea worthy boat) and it will go across great oceans (cosmic oceans)…, but…, I’m going to leave out all of the bolts, the rivets, the screws, the nails, and the glue!

These are only “tiny” parts…, “tiny” details…, how important could they POSSIBLY be to the building of my very SAFE BOAT?

My boat won’t sink the very moment it gets into the water…, will it??


You…, WE…, need to know every tiny detail of what happened here.  We need to LOOK AT ALL OF IT!  We need to understand the hows…, the whys…, exactly in the tiniest nature of HOW WE WERE DUPED AND DECEIVED…, so that it NEVER happens again!

Only then…, can we (cue Angel Choir)…. ASCEND…., (Angels sing) to the higher levels…, because we both understood…, and LEARNED what we did wrong (or correctly) while we were here!

So my job…, (and it’s a nasty one) is to uncover…, every ugly bit of the NATURE of how we’ve all been lied to…, how they did it…, what “they” did behind our backs…, how “we” (in our blind ignorance) supported EVERY BIT OF IT!

*We supported it by not “wanting to know”…, there by giving “tacit consent” to all of it.

And when finally every man, woman and child KNOWS…, and I mean really KNOWS the nature of what took place here, and how this “reality” got so screwed up…

(with their unquestioning and order following help)…,

…then and only THEN shall we…, (cue Angel Choir)… ASCEND… (Angels sing)…, to the higher levels…

Because we will have “earned” the right to be there

AND (this is a big one)

We will be smart enough to both protect and defend the higher realities, because we LEARNED CLEARLY and COMPLETELY what happens when you don’t act, think, and behave properly… in the lower realities!

Once this is achieved…, then…, and ONLY THEN…, “must we” forgive ourselves and “others” for we put ourselves through..

FORGIVENESS is the last part of the process…, not the FIRST!

The New Age uses DECEPTION…, to teach us to “forgive it all now”…, because by doing that…, we are “tricked” into thinking that we do not NEED to be “awake” or “aware” of what is going on…, nor do we have the “responsibility” to make important “choices” while we are alive and in the body.

This is INCORRECT to the maximum!

We are in the body to learn and make choices NOW!  We have a duty and obligation to weed out the lies and the deceptions!

We MUST…, KNOW…, WHAT is going on…, in the tiniest detail!

For now…, I ask you to think on these things!

All my love

















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