By: Bradley Loves

I sincerely hope that everyone listened to the entire Dan Burisch interview.  There are several incredibly important things that he revealed in the 2 plus hours of that interview that are critical for this series.  Please do not neglect it.


What kind of things do we need to look for which would show us for certain that either one side or the other (“good” or “pure evil”) is actually tampering with the time-line” and attempting to SHIFT REALITY.


Please put your thinking caps on and see if you can grasp this concept:

As TIME moves forward, reality “SHIFTS”!   It shifts mostly as a result of things that either happen – or do not happen – within the “time-line” in question.  But the most important aspect of these “events” that either do or do not happen – is the people around the events!

It is PEOPLE who drive events…, not events that drive people and this is why human consciousness is always the KEY!

Because reality (shifting time-lines in particular) are “built” totally from human consciousness…, or said in another way…, because it is the collective human consciousness when measured as “frequency” in the aggregate that builds reality for the shifting and changing of time-lines –  then it stands to reason that it is “certain select people” and not just “world events” that drives the forward moving engine of shifting reality within the varying time-lines.

Therefore, it is PEOPLE that are very important in creating either a good reality or a negative/bad reality!

Furthermore, individual people can be (and sometimes are) specifically “designed” to be the “movers” and “shakers” of building a LOVING & CHRIST LIKE REALITY within our Earth space in order for the entire species to grow and progress.

These PEOPLE would be very necessary to lifting reality and human consciousness during specific spiritual or evolutionary growth spurts.

This is where the wholly diabolical world wide industry of TARGETED INDIVIDUALS (TI) comes from – and WHY it is still in operation as we speak!

In other words, the “WAR” to shift the “Time-line” (or to change our reality) is still not over!


The changes that just these two men (whose lives were cut short) would have brought into the world during their brief time here would have been enough to totally shift our reality into far better circumstances for everyone living on the Earth.

This is just how things work.  It is mathematical.

This is why “TIME TRAVEL” has become (whether you think so or not) such an integral part of the WAR that is being fought behinds the scenes!

Reality can not be adequately or effectively steered toward the negative time-line if there is an over abundance of loving, kind-hearted people living on the Earth who are putting up a fight against the Dark Side!

Those “Christians” and “New Agers” who are just “ignoring everything” never actually become targets of the J-Rods or the Illuminati because their “just forgive it all attitude” does absolutely NOTHING to stand in the way of Dark-Sides on going manipulation of people and thus world events!

This is why THEY are left alone! 

They, their children, and their grand-children will all automatically end up by DEFAULT in the negative Time-line…, if the time-line can be SHIFTED.  

They will never know that it happened, and will only slowly began to see the horrible reality of darkness unfolding all around them as time moves forward.

Only those who FIGHT BACK are targeted by the Illuminati and their off world allies, because they (like Powerful Angels) are standing in the way, and are using every means they have at their disposal to keep the negative side from shifting reality towards the DARK TIME LINE.  

They are the real HEROS of THE STORY…, not the New Agers and Christians who sat there and did NOTHING.

If you want to know exactly what TIME-LINE TAMPERING looks like from the SATANIC/LUCIFERIAN side…, you need look no further than the incredibly advanced technology that is currently being used each and every day to TARGET really loving and innocent men and women around the world as we speak.

  • From V2K (Voice to Skull)
  •  DEW (Directed Energy Weaponry)
  •  MK-ULTRA (Mind Control)
  • Alien Abductions
  • Physical and Astral Implants (More Mind Control)
  • The use of Black Magic, Spells, and Demonic Possession by Illuminati Sorcerers.
  • Private Contractors (agents, cops, private detectives) interfering in peoples lives and their ability to earn money
  • Mental Interference and Thought scrambling (even more Mind Control)
  •  Gang-stalking

 …and countless other SAP (Special Access Program) tactics and advanced technologies that are being run by the NSA/CIA/Mossad/MI-6/NRO/The Deep State/THE VATICAN…, etc, aka FREEMASONS, aka Secret Societies.

All designed to specifically ATTACK CERTAIN PEOPLE…, who are dang blasted, and gosh darn standing in the way of having the “time-line” shifted from the positive time-line that we are all living in now onto a very negative “time-line”…, TIME-LINE 2…, where 2/3 of all of the people on the planet die!


It is “GOOD” against “EVIL”…, nothing more…, nothing less!

This is not about religions or party affiliation.
EVIL is everywhere.
There are no drawn lines.
No boundaries.
Good vs Evil.

Now…., read below:

Almost all of the secret projects and programs that TARGET INDIVIDUALS – are completely hidden from the public and being run out of Deep Underground Military Bases in order to actively harass and torment millions of good and decent human beings across the entire planet!!

These millions of people (regardless of what the idiot agents and private contractors being ordered to attack them with unseen weaponry are being told about them) have almost always been SELECTED for targeting by the Luciferians mainly due to their probable contribution to the shifting nature of reality toward the positive side or the Christ Like Reality here on Earth.

Dr. Dan Burisch talked about this extensively in the interview with Kerry Cassidy!

It is mainly the rogue P-45 J-Rods (P-45 = plus 45,000 years) from Time-line 2, along with other off world Allies (Draco Reptilians) and unseen Demons (Archons) who are desperately trying to SHIFT our reality onto a very destructive and Satanic Time-line.


The science of how this works is explained in this post that was written in February of 2015:


It is my opinion that each of the very negative players involved has a reason for trying to shift the time-line we are living in over to the destructive side…, most likely because they all have benefited in some way from that particular version of history.  Possibly even far into the future from where we are now!  Still that does not matter…, because their “benefits” from the destructive time-line will not happen if we stay on Time-Line One!

So they are ALL working together very hard (and in secret) to steer it in that direction.

Good men and women very naturally have a huge potential to change or rather to “steer” our Time-Line onto a more loving and Christ-like reality by the very nature of who they are.  This is why GOD Himself put them here!

However, this is NOT what the Luciferian’s want!  

They want a dark, Satanic style of reality here on Earth where slavery still exists, children are sex toys, and only the few can profit off of the many and have absolute control of all of the money and all of the technology!

See Hollywood and their Satanic – Sex Rituals for details:

It takes a very dark and sustained commitment of PURE EVIL to create the kind of reality that the Luciferian’s want to achieve here on Earth.

This is the one and only reason that so many good and loving people are being continuously targeted and tormented by the Luciferians! 

Their very presence here on Earth is making it difficult to shift the time-line we are all on (Time-line 1) over to Time-line 2, which is the time-line where things go really bad and 2/3 of all humanity suffers and dies.

Now…, as we talked about in earlier installments of this series…, hidden advanced technologies like: PROJECT LOOKING GLASS – as well as other forms of Quantum Access (Star-gates and the like) would have to be used almost daily in order to identify exactly which individuals were having the greatest positive effect on the time-line through their good works and deeds (aka consciousness) in order to then attack them with the several different versions of advanced unseen weaponry that I have listed above!

This is why I have said many times that it is imperative that my readers come to grips with what is really happening when honest and loving people are “targeted” by the Secret Military Industrial Complex/Deep State, and also why you are seeing the complete CIRCUS of INSANITY all across the entire world, and especially in Washington DC.

As an aside here, it is wholly UNFORGIVABLE for the Militaries of the World (Warrior Class) to sit by and do nothing while so many really good and decent SOULS (sent for the benefit of mankind) are being ritually abused, attacked, tortured and tormented by the LUCIFERIAN FREEMASONS – DRACOS – J-RODS – and other off world groups by means of exotic and unseen weaponry just because they all have a stake in the negative Time-line.

There will be a huge cost to these “warrior” souls once they die and pass over to the other side for allowing the “innocent” to suffer so much when they had the power to do something about it!


None of this is accidental!

None of this is just “happening”.

Those that are creating CHAOS are desperately trying to FORCE the regression of humanities forward progress!   They are using arcane and magical knowledge to try to stop the wheel of positive evolution – and to RIG THINGS to move the entire planet’s consciousness downward.

CERN was a huge part of their plans!  That entire installation is nothing but a huge MAGNET!

More will be coming….


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