By: Bradley Loves


After reading the article that I left for you as a link in my last post…, I’m wondering just how many of my readers are FINALLY starting to see what I see??

CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW…., is what I’m trying to say!


My blog should have more than a MILLION readers by now!  And in fact…, there are some VERY intelligent people out there…, people in the know, that have asked me WHY I don’t have a million readers since EVERYTHING I write is so truthful!

Yet…, the WORLD is under a “SPELL” of ignorance!

They do not (yet) see that DARK RITUAL MAGIC is being performed on Earth at an INDUSTRIAL SCALE…, and that “Captains of Industry and Banking” have gone off the deep end toward PAGAN MAGIC and DARK DEVIANT SEXUAL RUITUALS to try to control the ENTIRE UNIVERSE!


Yet due to “distraction” and the MAIN STREAM MEDIA, which serves up FAKE NEWS on an equally Industrial Scale…, all of humanity is hopelessly decieved and thus IGNORANT of what their so-called LEADERS are actually doing!

One thing is clear!

We can NO LONGER afford to remain ignorant!

And…, as outrageous and distrubing, and gut wrenching as these subjects are…., WE HAVE GOT TO LEARN ABOUT THE THINGS WE NEVER WANTED TO KNOW!

If for no other reason than to SAVE the entire world from the fate that ATLANTIS, BABYLON, and other great cultures endured!

GOD is watching…, and his creation will NOT be toyed with!

I ask my readers to mentally “prepare themselves”.

PLEASE search out your inner strength…., because MORE OF THE THINGS that you never wanted to know…, are coming!







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