TOTAL MENTAL DISCONNECT…, and a complete unwillingness to admit that the managed system we live under is a CORPORATE SYSTEM – and that this system is and has always been a LUCIFERIAN/SATANIC SYSTEM.

Where did all of the “sane” people go???

I watch here as Catherine Austin Fitts is literally describing the END OF HUMANITY as we know it – and the Camera guy is giggling about diagrams and what kind of shot he is getting of her talking.  Is he even listening to what she is telling him?  Is it making a dent?

From my point of view – as I watch – he really does not “get” what she is actually telling him.

The man just is not putting 2 and 2 together…

Why isn’t he appalled?

The complete and total mental disconnect between what is happening here on our World  – and the World’s human participants couldn’t be greater.

It’s as if they are about to get their heads chopped off – and simply don’t understand where they are – or why the guy with the ax is even standing next to them.






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