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By: Alexandra Bruce

Alexandra Bruce – Last week, while I was unable to broadcast my newsletter after being de-platformed by MailChimp, Catherine Austin Fitts delivered what many have been calling her greatest interview of all time, when she joined Daniel Liszt on his Dark Journalist podcast.

The interview is over three hours long but I’ve set the start point to two hours in, to a part that grabbed a lot of people’s attention, when she begins sharing her insights about spiritual warfare.

Fitts talks about growing up in downtown Philadelphia and becoming a target of psychological operations after stumbling upon serious corruption where she worked at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. She describes her “A-ha!” moment, when she realized that the most powerful way to protect herself was to attend Bible studies and services at an African-American church, because of what she describes as an advanced spiritual technology that exists within the African-American community to outwit genocide.

“They know how to live in a culture where you have all these forces arrayed to kill you and to outwit it.

“All wars, all battles, first and foremost originate in the spiritual realm. When another human being is coming at you to try and kill or destroy you, they’re channeling Evil and the problem is not they’re trying to kill you, the problem is Evil has taken them over. In other words, your enemy is not that human. Your enemy is the is the Spirit of Evil that’s coming through, alright? And winning means that you separate them out from the Spirit of Evil and save them and yourself, in the process.

“So, it sees Evil as a spiritual force and you must win, first and foremost on the spiritual plane. And you know something? I studied spiritual warfare and used the techniques of spiritual warfare, because that’s all I had. You know, I couldn’t call the police, they were after me. I couldn’t call the FBI, they were after me. I couldn’t call the Department of Justice, they were after me.

“I tried to hire private security firms but they would check me out – three of them came back and said, ‘Lady, it’s way too dangerous. We can’t be involved.’

“So, you know, I had the Angels, that’s what I had…What did Leonard Cohen say? He said, ‘Only drowning men can see Jesus.’ So that’s what I tried and it worked. When I did it, I didn’t think it would work – but it worked.”


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