By: Bradley Loves


The word cause is simply defined as:

a person or thing that acts, happens, or exists in such a way that some specific thing happens as a result; the producer of an effect:

All adepts in ESOTERIC KNOWLEDGE know that everything that exists starts out first as a “THOUGHT” in someones mind!  It can not be otherwise.

NO affect or effect is EVER seen or manifested unless it has FIRST been a fully formed thought PERIOD!

No accidental manifestation can possibly occur in the physical realm…, and IF you BELIEVE that there is such a thing as an ACCIDENTAL MANIFESTATION in the physical realm, you are utterly and totally mistaken!

Now…, you can BE HERE in the physical and experience AN EFFECT of someone elses mental creation…, which would be something you may NOT HAVE THOUGHT OF…,  OR WANTED!    But that experience would be the result of a continuously focused mental intent BY SOMEONE here in the physical, on either that particular, or a similar OUTCOME.

I know…, (because I’ve read such things) that there are countless CHANNELERS out there who “claim” in daily, weekly, or monthly posts that everything that happens here was CONTRACTED FOR AHEAD OF TIME!

And, unless you are totally BLIND…, (and a fool) you will see how completely out of place that word IS…, when talking about pure spirit and its relationship to SOURCE!

See below!


  1. an agreement between two or more parties for the doing or not doing of something specified.
  2. an agreement enforceable by law.
  3. the written form of such an agreement.

275-1325; (noun) Middle English (< Anglo-French) < Latin contractus undertaking a transaction, agreement, equivalent to contrac-, variant stem of contrahere to draw in, bring together, enter into an agreement ( con- con- + trahere to drag, pull; cf. traction ) + -tus suffix of v. action; (v.) < Latin contractus, past participle of contrahere

Synonyms:    reduce, shorten, lessen, narrow, shrivel, shrink. Contract, compress, concentrate, condense…, imply retaining original content but reducing the amount of space occupied. Contract means to cause to draw more closely together: to contract a muscle. Compress suggests fusing to become smaller by means of fairly uniform external pressure: to compress gases into liquid form. Concentrate implies causing to gather around a point: to concentrate troops near an objective; to concentrate one’s strength. Condense implies increasing the compactness, or thickening the consistency of a homogeneous mass: to condense milk.It is also used to refer to the reducing in length of a book or the like.

All of these words above indicate some sort of BINDING! 

To BIND is a term that seeks to imprison or enslave that which is bound…, not to set it free!  A BINDING is also a magical term that denotes an “effect” that has taken place upon some living being or soul that causes them to experience suffering and pain that they would NOT have normally asked for!

Why is the word CONTRACT…, (A Banking and Business Term) being used by Channelers and Channeled Entities who have NO IDEA what that word really means!

You “contracted” for this…, and you “contracted” for that…, is all I hear from these people…, who have no actual idea…, that the very word CONTRACT is basically SATANIC in its origins and in its effects!

Who on the EARTH “uses” the word CONTRACT daily and on a moment by moment basis?


And who on Earth is behind the NEW WORLD ORDER?


What religion do most of the Worlds Top Bankers follow:


Now…, can anyone…, anyone with a brain that is…, tell me WHY all of these so-called Ascended Masters are using a term (CONTRACT) which is almost solely used by the Business and Banking World to describe “our” necessary experiences here upon the EARTH?

Because…, “THEY” are also BANKERS!

Not Spiritual Masters and certainly not working for SOURCE!

As above…, so below….,  as below…, so above!

The Bankers here on Earth deal with CONTRACTS…, because the BANKERS on the higher levels also deal with CONTRACTS!

But “they”…, (those beings) are NOT GOD!     They are impostors!

There is no…, (let me repeat that), no such thing in the realm of SOURCE/PRIME CREATOR   as a “contract” that must be fulfilled!



Because it is ultimately a BINDING that is EVIL and cancels out HIS most precious gift of FREE WILL!

So please…, next time you hear a New Ager tell you that you “contracted” for this or contracted for that to happen to you…, RUN! 

RUN FAST…, or…, if they keep on saying it to you…, slap them…, and see if you can wake them up!

There is no such THING as a:   SPIRITUAL – CONTRACT!

The term itself is a huge oxymoron!

Let’s look at some oxymoron’s in our world:

  1. Fast-creep
  2. Cold-heat
  3. Soft-kill
  4. Military Intelligence
  5. Spiritual Contract

This is the best of deceptions of the New Age!

It seeks to convince you that just like here on the Earth, in the business world, and in the Banks…, somehow…,

Heaven, or the “other side” makes us sign CONTRACTS before we come here…, and tells us that somehow EVERY single thing that is/was going to happen to us in our lives has been shown to us…, and that we sign up for all of it!

Oh and by the way:


This then is the atmosphere of TOTAL error and abject stupidity where in you can get a so-called NEW AGER…, or self proclaimed deeply spiritual person to actually say that young children who have been anally raped…, “contracted for that experience” and therefore…, there is nothing they need to DO about that because they don’t want to deprive the child of what they need!

Likewise…, when babies and children are being ritually sacrificed on the Alter with huge blades being pushed into their chests and their innards cut out of them while they are still alive…,

the NEW AGER will tell you that there is NOTHING they should do or even think about that…, because that child CONTRACTED for that experince!



If I was Jesus.., and a group of New Agers came to me saying this…, I would get a switch and take it to their backsides…, just like Jesus did to the money changers inside the TEMPLE!

No child agrees to be anally raped…, and no child agrees to be Ritually Sacrificed!

Every Channeler, or Channeled Entity, that says this is even possible is NOW EXPOSING ITSELF as an agent of EVIL from the other side!


However…, the trick…, the spell, and the magic trick is that YOU…, the reader have got to figure this out for yourself.  You have to be able to realize that this is a preposterous LIE…,  and then choose to move away from it.

Other wise you are still very much under MIND CONTROL!

















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