By: Bradley Loves

How bad was it really?   How close was the entire World to falling?

How horrible was it all – and why are these measures now being taken the ONLY measures possible to take??

These CIA/Deep Staters and Hollywood Celebs are IN YOUR FACE about what they do!  They think they are untouchable!!

Baby Q – calls them the ROYAL DEATH RACQUET – being led by Queen Satan!

I’m not certain if he means Hillary (most certainly Queen Satan) or Queen Elizabeth – also another candidate for Queen Satan.

What I do know – and HAVE KNOWN for five long years – ever since I started writing – is that America and the entire world was really in DEEP TROUBLE from these people and they HAD to be stopped!  At any and all costs to humanity!

In case you have not watched this video from Baby Q – about the Quantum Internet – I’m gonna post it again because whether Austin Stenibart is Q or not – this information is WAY TOO IMPORTANT not to watch!

In my conversations with Shane Bales aka THE RUINER – we’ve discussed stuff like this and ALSO many “targeted individuals” who have contacted me – Byran Alexander included – has described EXACTLY THIS KIND OF THING.


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