By: Bradley Loves


In a break from tradition…, I’d like to do this post…, as a heart to heart, friend to friend piece, instead of an informational expose’.

Because of the research that I have done, the people that I have talked to, the scientific studies which have exposed seriously hidden and advanced technologies…, I have to conclude that a very LARGE percentage of human population who THINK they are experiencing “channeling” are in fact experiencing a man-made technology called:  VOICE TO SKULL.

The totality of all my research, my conversations, my understanding of advanced science can not be placed in this article!  It can’t be placed easily into 100 articles…, probably not even in 1000 articles!

So, the “NEW AGE” and I have come to a sort of impasse!

I can’t convince New Agers that there is SUPER ADVANCED technology, given to us by OFF WORLDERS…, and developed as early as the 1950’s and 1960’s…, and “perfected” in the 1970’s and 1980’s…, which forms the basis of a sort of TOTAL MIND CONTROL NET over our planet….

And the NEW AGE, can’t convince me that “most” of what is currently being channeled is true…, instead of being the absolute NON-SENSE that I understand it to be!

We are now at polar opposites!

I’m trying to “save” humanity…, by pointing out the technological MIND CONTROL that has been placed here…, and the endless stream of whistle blowers and intelligence people who have come forward to tell us of it.

And the NEW AGE…, is trying to “save” humanity by “believeing” ever word that comes out of a human beings mouth…, “given to that person” by means of “telepathic transmission” from an ENTITY WHICH CAN NOT BE SEEN!

Not only can’t the entity be seen…, but there is really NO WAY to verify if what the entity is saying is the TRUTH.

I have tried to point out the flaws, the inconsistencies in the data…, and the trouble with the “logic” and “reasoning” of the messages.

I have tried to say things like:

Okay…, if  this “idea” were really the truth…, then this must also be true!  One can not exist without the other….

In these cases…, usually it is a very “spiritual” sounding idea…, that is flawed, because if you DIG deeply into it…, then it is usually standing right next to a very DARK and SATANIC idea…, which is the result of the first idea.

Most (but not all) people who “read” channeled messages,  are actually “spiritually” seeking souls…, who no longer trust organized religion…, but that being said…, they know NOTHING of our current day science, (much less the super advanced and hidden science) and are absolute children when it comes to street smarts and “worldly wisdom”.

This is a huge problem!

What I mean by this…, is they just have NO CLUE about just how EVIL…, EVIL can get…, and have never really “faced” it, and therefore have never had to deal with it!

These are the people who really believe the just by “electing” a new “leader”…, goodness and tranquility can come back to the Earth!

These are the people who know so little about the world around them, that they fail to see that the ENTIRE SYSTEM…, and by that I mean ALL OF WHAT WE KNOW as our way of life…, IS SATANIC!

From the Banking System, to our Justice System, to our Educational System, to our Police System, to our Corporate System…, NONE OF IT supports life any longer…, but instead supports ENSLAVEMENT.

“Electing a new leader” can not fix that!

There are several well known channelers who have claimed for the last 8 years, that Obama was here to save the planet…, and I have consistently argued against that…., in fact making “enemies” of many New Agers that “hated” me simply because I dared to challenge a particular “channeled entities” words.


They would ask me in e-mails, and in comments to my posts.

And yet…, we are basically 6 months from the END of the Presidency of Barak Obama…, and “nothing” he has done has helped the world!   There has been:


Okay…, have I made my point finally…, (after 8 long years of saying it?)

What there has been is an escalation of endless WARS and PROXY WARS…, going on in the Middle East and Ukraine…, let’s list the achievements of Obama:

  1. A CIA supported and managed Coup’ of the Ukraine
  2. More troops sent to Afghanistan
  3. A Proxy Army invasion of Iraq (supported by the CIA)
  4. A Proxy Army invasion of Syria
  5. The decimation of Lybia
  6. An overt Invasion of Yemen by Saudi Arabia (our Ally)
  7. The “fake” capture and killing of Osama bin Laden (who was already dead)
  8. The killing of all of Navy Seal Team Six to cover up the lie of the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden
  9. Far more power given to DHS, FEMA, and the Police State to hurt and control Americans.
  10. The hiding of high crimes by the former Attorney General, and the former Secretary of State…, and the blocking of the Justice Systems investigations of such crimes.
  11. The blocking of “most” investigations of any and all BANKS which have perpetrated endless fraud on the American people.
  12. Endless other Executive Orders signed to remove freedoms from the people.
  13. Continuing the LIE of 9/11…, the greatest crime against the American people ever perpetrated.
  14. The continued hiding of all intelligence and information concerning the on-going criminal activities perpetrated DAILY against the American Public…, activities that Edward Snowden had to tell us about.
  15. The branding of Edward Snowden as a “traitor” and the pursuing of one of Americas greatest hero’s around the world in order to catch him and throw him in jail.

Now how do all of these behaviors and actions taken…, square off with a man who CHANNELED ENTITIES told us was here to save the world???????

Come on people…, just quit already!

Please…, will you people just STOP IT!   For the love of the world…, and the love of humanity…, will you please just STOP IT?

They say that love is blind…, (and stupid)…, because once you get it into your head that you are in support of a certain person…, then no matter what that person does…, you will over look it, and justify it!

This is the kind of thing we are looking at when we are dealing with “channeled messages” and “channeled entities”.

It changes people opinions and views in such a way as to get them to SUPPORT EVIL…, while blindly “BELIEVING” they are supporting good!

This is the most perfect DIVIDE AND CONQUER method that has ever been used against the entire population of a planet…, and if you CANT SEE THAT…, then you can no longer SEE PERIOD.

For now.., I simply ask you to think on some of these things!
















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