By: Bradley Loves


Call me cautious here…, but, I want to put out a little “warning” to those who are trying to seek truth and justice in this world! (After what happened today with the RT/C-SPAN thing)

It is my opinion that the next four years are going to be one FAKE STUNT after another with these Globalists and Luciferians!

(Maybe with a “real” one thrown in here and there…, just to show people how serious things are…, at least until they can get Donald Trump out of political Office!)

What we are seeing is a TURF WAR…, and it has spilled out into public view!

You may have to put on your BIG BOY BOOTS to wade through all of the lies and cons we may being seeng on a daily basis for the time being.., (far more than the normal lies and cons).

The reason this is going to happen MORE THAN NORMAL…, and will suddenly become very noticeable is that in a TURF WAR…, the gloves have to come off…, and it spills over into the public where all can see it!!

Not that we weren’t always being conned…, but now…, WE THE PEOPLE are being used by both sides in the turf war…, just like angry parents who are getting a divorce will use their innocent children and put them in the middle of their battle!

What you have to realize is that it is second nature for these people to lie, distract, and con others!   They take JOY in it…, and they are all very well financed and well paid!  They have all the time in the world, and they love to screw with people’s minds!

And that is when they aren’t engaged in a TURF WAR for the highest office in the world.

The title of this piece is CHASING GHOSTS…, and is so titled…, because I want to caution people who are going to spend ALL OF THEIR TIME trying to prove or disprove the things coming out in the Media right now as the Turf War goes on.


The Cabal laughs at this!

The CABAL is group of psychopathic men and women in the best of times (which is bad enough) but they are also pathological liars as well.

For those readers of mine who have never actually “met” a pathological liar…, you really need the pleasure of this experience just once in your life to really KNOW what I am talking about.

I had the experience years ago, to meet a couple of people, who were such human beings, and I can tell you…, it’s NOTHING like you’ve ever experienced before!

These people very seriously were NOT ABLE to tell the truth!  AT ALL!

At first…, when you meet someone like this…, you are quite taken aback because surely you think that not EVERYTHING they are saying is a lie!

And…, even though most of what they are saying is quite “fantastic” in nature…, you simply feel you have to believe “some” of it…, otherwise you’d be discounting ALL of it!

The person you are talking to at the time even SEEMS nice!   He or she seems to be very amicable and conversational…, and does not strike you as crazy at all!  And yet…, over time…, you begin to see that many things they have told you (this usually takes a few weeks or so) may NOT actually be true.

Then you begin to find other people who have dealt with the person in question who say that NOTHING he or she says can be trusted and you start to get suspicious!

BUT THIS PERSON IS SO NICE!!  You tell yourself….

And…, so….,  it can’t be true!

Then more time goes by…, and weeks turn into months…, and you began to find out that not just a few things that this person has said are untrue…, but very literally…, ALL OF IT was untrue!

The person was lying 100 percent of the time…., ABOUT EVERYTHING!

If you have never met someone like this…, then I know it seems hard to believe…, but trust me…, they are out there!   I know…, because I have personally met two people (not related) like this in my life!!

This is when you seek help to find out why it happens…, and you find out that it’s called: PATHOLOGICAL LYING!

The person in question seemingly can’t help it, and lies about EVERYTHING!

They do so with a smile on their face, and a look of earnest simplicity in their eyes!  They don’t bat an eyelash as the lies pour from their mouths!  There is no remorse, no guilt, no feeling of shame…, just cluelessness.

There is most certainly something WRONG with the brain…, or the mind…, of these people.., and it is something most honest people can not comprehend!

The ILLUMINATI consists of men and women who are born into GENERATIONAL SATANIC FAMILIES (like Jay Parker)…, and they are beaten, tortured and raped as children!

This happens so that they can be PROGRAMMED to do great evil with smiles on their faces!  Trust me…, Jay Parker has been through it…, and can vouch for it!  So has Cathy O’Brien!

Not only are these people psychopathic in nature…, but they become pathological in their need to LIE and CON others!

What most of you do NOT realize is that the ILLUMINATI trains all of it’s future agents (which will end up in MI-6 and the CIA) right from the time they are children…, and that these are the men and women (after they are adults) who are then put into the leadership positions!

Naturally there are CIA/MI-6 agents who were not “born” into generational Satanic families…, but they will NEVER be put in charge of anything important!

So when you start to see men and women.., who are at the VERY TOP levels of the CIA/MI-6…, you have to know that they are both Psychopathic (made so by their training) and also Pathological (made so by their training).

They could NOT tell the TRUTH if their lives depended on it…, and that is just the way that they are!

This is why…, when you are faced with the choice of believing or not believing one of these “high up agents”…,  who is saying this or that on television or in some so called “secret report”…,  choosing to NOT TRUST them will almost certainly serve you better 99 percent of the time…, because they very literally can NOT tell the TRUTH any longer!


The ONLY master they serve is the ILLUMINATI and no one else!  No government…, no system…, and person holds their loyalty except those who PROGRAMMED THEM!

If you could just start to “get” how deep this goes…, and how REAL this is…, then maybe we’d have a chance of beating the CABAL for good.

When you “treat” any of these men and women who grew up in Satanic Families as “normal”  excluding those like Jay Parker who got out…, you really are messing up in your approach to how to deal with this…, because they would rather “eat their right leg” than tell you anything that was truthful!

So my advice to you today is to STOP CHASING GHOSTS!

Realize that TRUTH is not part of any of these men and women’s capablities.

You will save yourself a lot of time in the long run to just tell yourself they are LYING right off the bat…, than waste your time trying to figure out if they are being truthful or NOT!

Know as well that many of the MEDIA personalities you see on television were “born” into Generational Satanic Families…, and so they as well find it almost second nature to LIE TO YOU!

Anyway…, I gave everyone a break from the Commentary of Mark Passio’s “De-mystifying the occult” today…, only because it can be too much to take in all at once.

I will be back tommorrow with MORE!  So get ready!  This stuff has GOT to be understood!

All my love…, all my heart…, all my blessings!




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