By: Bradley Loves


Today, I am going to showcase a few kids that I think merit some recognition due to some brilliantly intelligent “thinking”.  William Gaudory is a prime example of a child who thinks “outside the box!”

He  is a 15 year old French Canadian from Quebec who found an ancient city in the thick jungles of Mexico based on his theory that 22 separate constellations match the location of 117 ancient cities the Maya built on the ground.

William received confirmation from the Canadian Space Agency.  Based on his model and his predictions…, he was able to find a “lost city” in the Mexican Jungle which had not yet been discovered, simply by already knowing where the other Mayan cities were located in a single constellation that was incomplete.

He then predicted where the 3rd city would be…, according to Star Constellations…, and his location was then confirmed by Satalite Imaging.

He explains his research here:

Next is this boy…, 13 year old “inventor” Max Loughan…, who built a Free Energy device which pulls electricity from the air for under $15.00.

Here is his video.

Here he is again…



These children…, as with all children are born with love, kindness, and special talents.  They NEED our protection.

They are “just as important”…, IF NOT MORE important…, than cute cats and dogs…, who seem to gain the attention of every “NEW AGER”.  It would be my hope…, that in time…, those who call themselves enlightened…, will start to see the VALUE of our children…, and start to SPEAK OUT against…, the SATANIC TORTURE and RITUAL ABUSE of young kids.

NO ONE has been MORE SILENT on this issue and this subject than those who “claim” the highest spirituality!     I just “wonder” why that is???

Also…, NO ONE has been more silent…, than the “channeled entities”…, who have yet (as far as I’ve seen) to even mention this as a “problem” even ONE SINGLE TIME!  (And I read a lot of channeled messages)!

Thank you for your kind support!

For those who care about finding out about the “ritual abuse” that children can go through if born into a Generation Satanic Family…, I suggest looking up Jay Parker…, and his website at:




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