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Today, I am going to showcase a few kids that I think merit some recognition due to some brilliantly intelligent “thinking”.  William Gaudory is a prime example of a child who thinks “outside the box!”

He  is a 15 year old French Canadian from Quebec who found an ancient city in the thick jungles of Mexico based on his theory that 22 separate constellations match the location of 117 ancient cities the Maya built on the ground.

William received confirmation from the Canadian Space Agency.  Based on his model and his predictions…, he was able to find a “lost city” in the Mexican Jungle which had not yet been discovered, simply by already knowing where the other Mayan cities were located in a single constellation that was incomplete.

He then predicted where the 3rd city would be…, according to Star Constellations…, and his location was then confirmed by Satalite Imaging.

He explains his research here:

Next is this boy…, 13 year old “inventor” Max Loughan…, who built a Free Energy device which pulls electricity from the air for under $15.00.

Here is his video.

Here he is again…



These children…, as with all children are born with love, kindness, and special talents.  They NEED our protection.

They are “just as important”…, IF NOT MORE important…, than cute cats and dogs…, who seem to gain the attention of every “NEW AGER”.  It would be my hope…, that in time…, those who call themselves enlightened…, will start to see the VALUE of our children…, and start to SPEAK OUT against…, the SATANIC TORTURE and RITUAL ABUSE of young kids.

NO ONE has been MORE SILENT on this issue and this subject than those who “claim” the highest spirituality!     I just “wonder” why that is???

Also…, NO ONE has been more silent…, than the “channeled entities”…, who have yet (as far as I’ve seen) to even mention this as a “problem” even ONE SINGLE TIME!  (And I read a lot of channeled messages)!

Thank you for your kind support!

For those who care about finding out about the “ritual abuse” that children can go through if born into a Generation Satanic Family…, I suggest looking up Jay Parker…, and his website at:




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  1. Great work about the free energy stuff. Knew about it for like 5 years. There is Keshe with his magrav energy generator. The tech exists and apparently it’s publication/implementation is either discredited or banned. The implications as for who would stand to lose, for the most part would be the ‘old status quo’, with intent of keeping slavery and pushing people down. Not sure what’s the rationality behind it(keeping people down). As for who would stand to lose, what could be lost could be easily regained. One thing that could surely be accomplished by using this tech, is travelling through stars. Is this thing kept at bay for this purpose? However, the best outcome is for people to, more or less, switch from ‘money oriented’ to ‘information and good logic oriented’. Because all the humanity’s bad decisions, have always been made because of bad logic and lack of information. You can just look at the majority of population’s decisions. Their decisions, in everyday life, are bad and lack vision, because of status quo grip on information control. The fun fact is that anyone could search on the internet for this information, as it is there. The current ‘giving in into pleasures’ mentality and severely lack of logical balance has made the population go into this direction. They gave in, into the ads, into ‘what everyone does’. Failing to see the big picture, or seeing it partially, and then, giving in into ‘everyday pleasures’ that are wasting both time and money, be it by society beliefs or peer pressures. The lesson is simple and clear. It made a contrast clear. Virtue versus Pleasure. Virtue achieves and ignores pleasure, and easily accepts whatever contrast appears, either Pain or Pleasure, never losing sight of the real goal. The pleasure minded individuals are like puppets, merely reacting to the status quo’s strings on the ‘Pain’ -‘Pleasure’ buttons on the society. The result is seen into our society. And a clear pattern emerges. That of those who are simply aware of this contrast(I think I realized this more clearly as I am writing this comment), are simply aware of the multitude of the potential bad decisions that appear into their lives, and, as a result of that, you can see, even the most highest people in our so called ‘society’, their potential mistakes. The most important pattern to notice, is the fundamentals of Life. Which is your Health, and the Time you have to act. At the highest levels, every decision that you make in every second, every letter you type, every word you say, every move you make, can be questioned, whether there was a better decision to make. And it all points out to how being Careless, can lead to a not so good decision than before. This reminds me of Tao Te Ching, describing people acting, as if walking on thin ice. However one thing is clear. There is a certain someone who is like a gatekeeper that through it’s power, manages to do this contrast. What is not clear, is this way of humanity’s evolution intentional by that gatekeeper, or is just a happenstance, because the creator of that gatekeeper made it so to be? Fun fact, this word ‘gatekeeper’ is connected to ‘shamash’ that is connected to ‘gabbai’ and also ‘annunaki’. And there was a story that pointed out, in wes penre papers, that this stands at the helm and top of the pyramid. This thing I knew for almost 2 years and at first it scared me because of the implications. Nevertheless, doesn’t change the fundamentals. This stuff is connected to that planet told by Sitchin. (Planet X). And this still asks the question, what are the routes that are sure to happen?
    I’ll make this a post, because It’s long enough to be an article.

  2. Eileen Lightfoot

    The true value of children is not what they can do but what they teach us as parents! It’s called loving service…Service to other’s that is. They teach us to be humble and to focus on the now moments, they demand it actually, because when the baby is upset everyone can hear it! They put our priorities into balance. They help us see the wonderment of our world! They help us see natural laws and they teach it all through love!

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