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This post will only make sense if you choose to read:  Children of the Harvest.

That link can be found in the previous post.


This book is deeply “meta-physical” stuff.   So be careful when you are reading it.  When I say meta-physical, what I mean by that is that it is BEYOND the physical, and reaches into the realms of the “non visible” or the “non physical”, but it still very much pertains to us.  It is for those with “spiritual eyes” that can “see” beyond what is right in front of them.

So please keep this in mind!

On page 29, John (the author) talks about “truth” being equal to our Father.

Like myself, and like Mark Passio, John believes that TRUTH is a real and substantive thing!   He says that the “word” which was first spoken forth as a creative force, both “came from truth” and therefore “is the truth”.

They are the same thing!

If we think of Earth as not just a “rock” floating in deep space, but an actual living thing, then we realize that just as Earth (which is made of dirt) is made up of physical “fields” into which SEEDS can be planted, then on an “unseen level” the Earth also has a MAGNETIC FIELD surrounding it, into which “non physical” but absolutely real SEEDS can also be planted.

It would be correct to say that since every human being has an AURA which is simply the visible (to some) manifestation of their own personal magnetic fields, then every human being that walks on the earth is also “A SEED” that has been planted into that “magnetic field”.

Interesting to note here is that SEEDS themselves are not the plant, and SEEDS are not the tree.  SEEDS do not bear fruit, but must actually DIE in order that something else might grow out of them.


  • Why is there so much manipulation of “Earth’s” magnetic fields?
  • Why was CERN created, which is essentially one gigantic MAGNET?
  • If you “change” the “magnetic field” of the Earth, then are you essentially “changing” what the SEEDS (or rather the CROP) that was “planted” into that field will develop into, or rather was SUPPOSED TO develop into?
  • Are there ALIENS, FALLEN ANGELS, or even DEMONS who would do anything at all to CORRUPT the seeds that were planted into the field?   (Those seeds being you and me)
  • What do “THEY” want those seeds (us) to turn into?
  • Why are there “towers” that are broadcasting “waves” all over the Earth day and night? (Especially GWEN and Micro-wave Towers)
  • Why is all of HUMANITY being drenched and drowned inside of adverse waves and frequencies mostly having to do with ALIEN TECHNOLOGY.
  • If the “field” (the magnetic field of Earth) that we are all planted into, gets corrupted…, then what happens to the SEEDS?
  • Do they grow properly?
  • Do they become what they were supposed to become?
  • Is a “harvest” even possible?
  • Have most of the SEEDS already been too CORRUPTED to produce any fruit?
  • Has an entire “CROP” been lost?

Keep this in mind if you continue to read John’s first book CHILDREN OF THE HARVEST.


If we as human beings have physical bodies, and those bodies are more or less “anchors” for our “magnetic or spiritual bodies” here on Earth, which have been PLANTED as seeds into an “unseen” field surrounding the Earth…, then could you say that it is really our own magnetic or spiritual bodies that are the most IMPORTANT parts of us…, and it is THIS that was actually meant to be planted (as SEEDS) in the first place?

If this is a “meta-physical” question (meaning it goes BEYOND the physical) and into realms which can not be physically seen, then would we require or rather NEED a “special” kind of sight  (SPIRITUAL SIGHT) in order to “SEE” the answers to this question??

Since we are dealing with “unseen” things here…, then our own physical eyes are of NO USE in giving us the answers, and thus we are required to depend upon the “second sight” to learn of these things, which is the SPIRITUAL SIGHT.

This SPIRITUAL SIGHT is what John calls: THE WORD

He also says that “the word” comes directly from our FATHER and because it comes from the FATHER it is: THE TRUTH.

More coming as I read more…

All my love….








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