By: Bradley


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for those who thought to send me Christmas Donations!

Laura, George, and Bernie.

Some of you have sent donations in the recent past as well!  Thank you so much!

Your deep affection for what I do is appreciated and the money will be well spent!

Paypal is still allowing donations to get through – so please make use of it if you wish to send love donations to help me do this important work – however please do NOT use GOFUNDME any longer because several donations have been given and then returned to the sender by GOFUNDME.

They are not getting through – and Q Anon has said that GOFUNDME is a Democratic/DeepState creation that was started to help launder kickbacks and payoffs to their own people!


Donald Trump fired Andrew McCabe just before his official retirement so he could not get a pension – and within days after starting a GOFUNDME he had half a million dollars “given” to him.

This could only happen if the DEEPSTATE sent the money!

It “appears”  (in my case) that they have eyes on what I am doing and have decided to DENY any money that gets sent to my account and send it back to the donors.




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