I would like to call attention to my readers that for the next few weeks, I am going to run a CHRISTMAS DONATION DRIVE.

Due to the extra-ordinary amount of time – many HOURS per day, that I spend on research and writing…, it is necessary to ask for help.

For those who are new here, I don’t have a “donation button” simply because I would have to UPGRADE and REGISTER this blog as a “vessel” operating in commerce in order to get that option.

They have tried many times to get me to REGISTER LOVE TRUTH with wordpress…, PAY A FEE…, and then I can have the expanded package of bells and whistles!

Since I have not actually REGISTERED “LOVE TRUTH”…, I can not get the “package” that allows me to place a donation button here.

I tried to do that, without the expanded package…, and it won’t work.

However…, because I have never REGISTERED “LOVE TRUTH”…, and I also have never surrendered my work to the QUEEN…, or to admiralty law…, which means they can’t do a damn thing about what I say here!

Have you noticed that there is now a “DROP DOWN” banner (designed specifically for this site) placed there by WORD PRESS that cover up the TITLE…,

LOVE TRUTH so that it gets hidden under the AD BANNER!

Don’t think for one second that was accidental!


They hate TRUTH…, and they HATE what I write here…, and so…, their back handed SLAP to me is to put a DROP DOWN AD BANNER RIGHT OVER THE “LOVE TRUTH” TITLE….

They are…, however…, FORBIDDEN from actually censoring me!

I have never REGISTERED THIS BLOG…, and have thus never surrendered ownership of it!


This…, they HATE as well…, because I am on to their game of “owner” – “ship”.


The SHIP IS OWNED by it’s creator…, UNLESS…, you REGISTER the ship…, which GIVES IT AWAY.

They have turned EVERYTHING into a SHIP…, yes…, even your own body!

Thus…, when your parents “registered” your name on your BIRTH CERTIFICATE with the bank…, they unfortunately and unsuspectingly handed over your body vessel …, to a NEW OWNER.

Thus…, those people now OWN the ship…, your body “vessel” …, which is why everything here on Earth is about OWNER-SHIP!

The SHIP of LOVE TRUTH (an actual vessel that I have created) has never been “registered”…, and thus I still very much OWN THIS SHIP!

Blogs that REQUIRE you to “REGISTER” your name just to join them are feeding the MATRIX…, not freeing you from it!

But more on that later.

For now…, any donations that I get will have to come from “asking”…, and not from the placement of a DONATION BUTTON!

I hope you will be willing to help and give generously over the next few weeks.

All my love….


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