I know this a tough time of year for everyone due to the extreme amount of money that gets laid out for the holidays.  However if any of my readers have a little to spare, I would appreciate if you would consider helping with an extra LOVE DONATION in the spirit of helping me to continue this blog.

I am seriously thinking about starting to take “Bitcoin” as donations, and am working on that.

However, the only way I have for now is still through PayPal.

If you’d like to donate, you can do so by using paypal and sending your donation to:

[email protected]

If anyone has any advice on how best to Start using Bitcoin…, please send a comment.

All my love…

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  1. Interesting how I’ve read a book on bitcoin and watched university course about it and I never felt angry like the choir has been echoing over Bitcoin these last few days.

    I never knew I’d like PayPal until I used it and that works similar.

  2. John

    Dear Brad,

    the ONLY advice I would like to give you is NOT to get into Bitcoin or any other kind of that sort.
    It’s exactly the same as ” fiat money ” which is also “air”.

    It’s NOTHING BUT AIR and a GIANT BUBBLE which eventually will collapse sooner or later…and you’d be left with nothing.

    Emil Oldenburg, who is the co-creator of Bitcoin just recently got rid and out of Bitcoin because ( this are his own words ! ) ” the bitcoin has become as good as useless as currency “…

    If payment in gold coins would be an option, I would advice that but since it’s not available as an option online…

    Also think about this : It’s not because the “mass” is doing it, it’s the way to go. On the contrary…



  3. K. Vaughn

    Bradley — Bitcoin is used more for a storage of value, Litecoin is faster for transactions–it will overtake Bitcoin. Jsnip4 on YouTube has some videos on how to get started for the common man. How-to vids are around July, 2017. Here’s one:
    I’ve read your blog for years now and am greatly appreciative of your knowledge. Struggling myself in the financial world, I’ve been unable to donate. Jsnip4 helped me get started in cryptos and hopefully by spring, 2018 my very small investment will ease this burden. Definitely invest now, rather than later; the growth is beginning its explosion now. The next few months can yield you good profit just by buying and holding. ~many blessings!!!

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  5. Bradley,
    please read this article about Bitcoin:

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