By: Bradley Loves


After re-reading what I had written today…, I wanted to make this clarification so as to make it very clear what I meant to say.

I don’t want anyone to think that I don’t believe in the power of prayer…, or the benefit of meditation.  I do both practices everyday!  I actually pray and meditate often…, and it needs to be clarified that these practices are good things!

However…, what I meant to show in the article today is that these things alone (without taking action) are NOT ENOUGH, and will NEVER BE ENOUGH!

Prayer and meditation…., even though they may help slightly are just NOT ENOUGH in the grand scheme of what is happening here on the Earth to stop the poisoning of the MORPHOGENIC FIELD!

Not unless we could somehow get every man, woman and child living on the planet…, (except the Satanists of course) to actually pray and meditate all at the SAME TIME…, and for a significant period of time!

And that would not be just mere hours…, but days, weeks, and even months of continuous prayer and meditation!

THAT level of prayer on a WORLD SCALE…, might start to repair the FIELD.

But either asking for…, or thinking that this could even possibly happen given that most people on the planet are complete sheep…, and only “pray” inside their churches…, which actually siphons off that energy into the grids, which is then used against us by the Satanists…, is a long shot even on the best day.

This is a very tall…, order…, and not likely to take place!

This is why I said that the ONLY other alternative is to simply “take out” the Satanists…, and put a stop to what they are doing!

So this is what I meant…, and I hope this clarifies it for everyone!

All my love…,


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